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Louis XV refused to wear the stone, but lent it to his mistress, the countess Du Barry who would later be hanged. Louis XVI dared to wear the diamond and also lent it to Marie Antoinette; perhaps it was the stone that sealed their fates during the French Revolution. In the cursed gem disappeared in major burglary. The stone would resurface decades later as a The stone was passed down through several generations until it finally had to be sold to pay off debts.

Legend has it that each of the Hope family members who owned it suffered a tragic death. The next year the sultan was dethroned by his brother, and two years later he sold the diamond to Edward McLean who would die on the Titanic and whose son and granddaughter would tragically perish years later. In the jeweler Harry Winston bought the diamond and a decade later donated it to the Smithsonian Institution. They fall in love.

The Curse of the Hope Diamond

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Quick View. Stumbling in the sand …………………. A body. A body rotting in the water! A hard way to die. And for what?

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I should have just let her go. Today, his global operations are at the forefront of the industry, recognised in diamond capitals from Mumbai to Tel Aviv and Hong Kong to New York. Market Update. In The Press.

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May sale of Sotheby's: The Blue Diamond of Elisabeth Farnese, queen of Spain | Klvin Mag

Remember me. Forget Username Reset Password. Ehud Arye Laniado. Wednesday, 08 June Las Vegas Aftermath. About the author. Do We Need it? Your Name:. Your Email:. I agree that my email address will be used for ad targeting, including through Facebook Custom Audience. Subscribe to our blog. The diamond industry pipeline starts with mining, then rough trading, manufacturing, jewelry setting and finally retailing. It may look like a short and efficient journey, however it is anything but t The World's 6 Biggest Diamond Producers.

We have seen how the industry has undergone significant changes over the past 20 years and how smaller companies have emerged to play an increasingly important role in supplying rough diamonds to the Gray diamonds. It might surprise people to know that there are only around 50 active diamond mines in the world. These mines never seem to be found on the outskirts of major cities.

Instead, they are usually located In the last two decades, much has been said about an impending demand vs. Huge mines discovered over the past 40 years are nearly mined out, some argue, and n Diamond Mining in Namibia — Past and Present.