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I really want to understand what he writes about. This function has been disabled for Reality Creation. Illumination of Consciousness.

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This field of infinite energy over-lights and sustains the entire multiverse through the Heavenly Presence of Unconditional Love. The Cosmic Kryst projects itself through the universal laws and sacred sciences governing all Source creation: also known as the Law of One.

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The internal path of Ascension is the spontaneous alchemy of Liberation. This golden pathway of complete spiritual sovereignty is humanities birthright and privilege. Liberation is the renunciation of the personal illusionary self ego and returning to the infinite supreme Self within. This can only transpire by the relinquishment of any attachments and desires that bound and limit the supreme self from becoming fully illuminated within.

Illumination of Consciousness

The difference between the teachings of our brotherhood and the concepts of mankind which revolve around the ego is quite simple — simple enough for a child to understand. We who understand the meaning of illumination are not so much concerned with rote — with the memorizing of earthly formulae, flights of fancy or poetry, a grasp of flora and fauna, or even an understanding of history itself. Unless the motive behind the acquisition of knowledge be an exercise in the expansion of consciousness and memory in order that the finer and more subtle senses of the individual may become God-attuned for the purpose of cosmic revelation, the real purpose of academics is not fulfilled.

Without cosmic revelation all men would be ultimately dead, for the goals of men artificial and superimposed by society as they are in most cases which they esteem so highly are played out in threescore and ten plus.

A Blessing of the Illumination of the Christ Consciousness by John Morton

Here in the Grand Teton Ranges the high and holy vibratory action of the sacred fire pulsates within our temple.