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Some accurate. Some not so much. Regardless, I put my mom and myself on a plane to go visit a place I had previously never heard of in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. That short trip opened my eyes to new possibilities. Far less than perfect but the presentation of a change I desperately needed.

I returned home and made the arrangements. It took months but I again boarded an American Airlines plane, this time with my two Chihuahuas in tow and my personal belongings reduced to just three suitcases. But, I am happy. I've grown tremendously as a person and I am more open and understanding than I have ever been.

Being thrown into the unknown does that to a person. I've learned many things. Most importantly I've learned that taking the risk to live an unconventional life can lead to true happiness. It is something deep that getting the latest iPhone just does not give. The unconventional life is not for everyone but for those who are brave enough, it can be amazing.

You don't need a vanilla frappuccino on your way to work every morning. You don't need a walk-in closet full of clothes you hardly ever wear. You don't even need a bed with a memory foam mattress. They sure are nice though. People who are ready to adventure with you, who think differently. People who love you just as you are.

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. A way to grow and expand your mind. Things to learn and get those creative juices flowing. You need information that will keep your heart and mind alive. That will keep you expanding. Not just to sit and dream, though it starts with that, but to get up and do. But so is staying stuck and never living up to your true potential. Wherever you are, whatever state you are in, you need to be able to accept it and breathe through it. Yes, strive for more. Yes, grow. But also know that where you are right now is a step in your journey and it is okay to embrace it.

This can be both frustrating and enlightening. Do what you love, the rest will take of itself. But only, if you really believe in it. Find people who do that too, connect with them, exchange and inspire each other. Do epic shit. Yes seriously. Go and do stuff no one or hardly anyone has done before.

Like walking backwards around the world. Or pushing a pram with your baby across your country. Or reading a book a day. Or living with nothing. Get inspired!! Go and find people who live a life you admire and find out how they are doing it. Then figure out a way how you can make it happen for yourself. Remember to pick and chose. Combine what inspires you with what you believe in and feel comfortable with.

Get in touch with your creativity. Creativity is a major driving force and can take you to incredible places in your mind and life. We all have a source of creativity, all you have to do is find it and tap into it. Figure out your mission in life, then go live it. And share it. You want to impact the world awesomely? Find a way to do that. Figuring out your mission means also figuring out the values you live and believe in.

Find a cause that you believe in and integrate it in your life. You want to save the oceans? Become part of an ocean conservation organisation and take part in their activities and projects. Start a bloody blog and spread your message.

The Happiness of Pursuing an Unconventional Life: RVs, Hourly Jobs, and Seeing the World

Take risks and be ok with failures. When you experiment with unconventional lifestyle you might end up walking on unstable or unproven ground. But taking risks means being ok with whichever way it turns out, which could also be down and out. Just take failures and mistakes as they come, get over them, try again or try something different. So this is. This is all I have.

What do you think? What does being unconventional mean to you? How are you living an unconventional life that shows the mainstream the middle finger? Share in the comments! Would you be willing to share this post using the buttons below or to your left? There are about 5 posts here. Thought provoking. Perhaps this would be too conventional? Looking fwd to reading more of this post.

Hope I make it back to this one. I alternate with blogposts length. This one is a massive one because there is a lot to say about it. Yes, I could have cut it up into several posts, true. I could have also turned it into a little ebook. I appreciate all that your creative work inspired you to share. It was just what I was looking for. How refreshing! This is a awesome blog post!

I had no problem with the length of this article. Please go deeper and turn it into a eBook. I would be the first to buy such a book from you. Thanks so much for excellent blog Conni. Wonderfully done. Fantastic grasp of the language is evident in your writing ability. Hey there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

I like this. It is very much in line with my way of thinking. Certainly living an unconventional lifestyle may be a difficult thing to do, but so is realizing and accepting, in the end, that we lived a life without taking any risks. It is best, in my opinion, to just be ourselves and live life with abandon. Nice post! Its great that you live the lifestyle that suits you. I think the most important decision one can make for oneself and the world is living deliberately. Your lifestyle is the result of this, however it is not necessarily the only outcome of living deliberately.

As long as they have awareness of how their decision impacts themselves and others any conclusion that they come to is good. I am a junior in college and I feel highly optimistic about the future but I will acknowledge that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows. My vision for the future is to teach English abroad and spend the majority of my life traveling the world and dedicating my life to personal development and achieving my highest potential. I have no intention to participate in the rat race, constantly burn myself out and make my life only focused on my work and completely devoid of any happiness.

I love work that allows me to think unconventionally and creatively. I define conformity as living a miserable and work-filled life where people sabotage their own happiness, become miserable workaholics who are money rich and time poor, who are always constantly rushed and stressed, who sabotage their own happiness, who are unable to relax, and who have so many regrets about life but their biggest regrets involve working too much and being unhappy.

I refuse to become the miserable workaholic as an adult. I strongly admire highly eccentric people who dye their hair a wide variety of colors, who have a wide variety of creative outlets, and who have a bubbly and contagious enthusiasm without being obnoxious or overly chipper. I strongly respect people like you Conni and I see you as a potential friend.

I really enjoyed reading this, Very honest and genuinely inspiring Thank you Vicky. Convention thus dictates your habits. I enjoyed this very much.

"Here I Am: An Unconventional Life."

I am also an unconventional person. I see being very conventional as an obstacle to intelligent living. Why live a life doing things simply because they are traditions? Seems awefully empty and disconected way to live. Gift-giving should be the natural result of a friendly relationship, not something forced in a social and work-setting. So, traditions like this are unnatural and coerced.

Not very inteligent: Just follow along people.


Very little brainpower required! Home About Start Here! What is an Unconventional Life, Like, Really? Living an unconventional life means you think out of the box , you chose different ways of thinking Being unconventional for the most part is taking up the courage to do something different and swim against the flow. Unconventional VS. However, you can ask yourself these questions to determine how unconventional you are: How often do you seem to be similar to those around you? The Evil Mainstream Here is what I believe to be the mainstream , although things are changing slowly: People have jobs that they attend to mostly Monday to Friday from or any other combination that equals 40 hours a week.

They have a certain amount of vacation days a year. They are born in one country and it remains the centre of their life until they die. They have relationships with people from the opposite sex from their own country. They own a TV and use it regularly. They travel to comfortable and safe places. They criticize people who are different.

I enjoy leftist politics, Marxism and believe in a base wage for every living being on this planet. Not in a world in which inequalities abound and intensify. Not in a world in which the majority of people struggle to make a living. I have strong opinions and express them.

I have had many more international lovers and partners, male and female, than from my own country. I despise the and sitting in an office all day every day.

Living an Unconventional Life - REVISED - Alan Watts & Charles Bukowski

I now work for myself, when I want, where I want. I have lived, travelled and worked around the world since the age of 15 and have no plans to settle down. I have been a vegetarian all my life. I find eating dead animals disgusting and feel sorry for how we treat them to eat them.

I hold an M. Most of my friends are scattered all around the world. For 28 years I never thought I would go down the solopreneur route. And here I am, doing it anyway, despite all odds.