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We love using leather on our chairs. Nothing sits and swaddles like a well designed and built club chair in a great leather. And properly maintained, leather will last — and look terrific - four times as long as fabric.

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Caring for leather is straightforward. It is easily applied with a sponge followed by wiping any excess with a dry cloth a few minutes later.

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For a full aniline or nubuck leather only use cleaners and conditioners specifically formulated for those leathers. And finally, bear in mind that over time and with use your leather will develop a unique and welcoming patina, giving it a distinctive appearance and further softening as it ages. Much like all of us. Naturally, wipe up any spills and spots as soon as you see them.

Using the small attachment for your vacuum cleaner you can quickly keep your upholstered furniture clean and dust free.

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A steam cleaner can help provide a periodic, deeper clean. As with all valuable pieces of furniture and antiques, avoid placing them in direct sunlight or within two feet of heat sources. Sun and heat can dry out wood and finishes, crack leather and fade upholstered fabric. Of course, water can also damage wood, leather and fabric surfaces. If you have a spill, dry the area thoroughly and promptly. We are committed to offering industry-leading quality and selection at a surprising value. Chosen for their consistency, luxurious hand and, importantly, value, WILLEM SMITH leathers have been aniline dyed, and most have received a light topcoat for depth of color and protection against the realities of life.

Certain series have a more pronounced grain while others may be typically smoother, have a glossier finish or even, hold onto your socks, appear to have a sparkly iridescence. Some of our favorites exhibit a degree of what is referred to as a pull-up burst; these wonderful hides celebrate the character marks that make each piece of furniture undeniably unique.

Choose your favorite colors, and then contact us to learn about the distinctive characteristics of each collection. Now let's make sure you can get it there. Entryways: height and width of all areas. Take into consideration the space that the door takes up. Are there any fixtures in the way? Twists and Turns: consider ceiling height if you need to stand the sofa , lights, fans or other ceiling fixtures, banisters.

Remember that each Brisa version is available with wood arms that are just the right height.

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Peruse them here. This class is held every Thursday from - pm at the Northgate Community Center.

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Meadowbrook Community Center. Phone: The Northgate Community Center. The Magnolia Community Center.

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Charla has danced with Cornish Dance Theater, acted in plays and shows and has done many dance competitions. She is a member of Terpsichore, S. Content copyright. All rights reserved.