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To me, nothing is more important. Humans live in a society because there is safety in numbers. Now, a crisis or disaster scenario can flip that—but having a group you can trust will put you in a much better survival situation. And, the neighborhoods that rally to their own defense are typically left alone by the bad guys!

Beyond the added defensive capacity—you gain access to more resources, skills, and the support a group gives you will be beyond valuable when and if the SHTF. Many preppers are surrounded by family and friends who do not prepare.

Brushfire Plague: Reckoning

What advice would you give them? Give them a copy of Brushfire Plague or other prepper or apocalyptic fiction. Please tell us a bit about your background.

Nah, just kidding. And, in my adulthood, I work with groups that experience a high degree of stress and challenge to achieve their goals.

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So, that really helped me focus on group dynamics in the Brushfire Plague series. When is the third book scheduled for release? Any plans for other books? My plan is to release it by early I take my relationship with my readers as a bit of a sacred trust, so this is important to me. And, then, I hope they return the favor and do reviews online and tell their friends! But, I might continue in that world with some or all the characters. Or, I might launch into a new story. In any case, I will definitely keep writing!

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Get your newsletter subscription today. You get a digital download and even more. Go to JasonHartman. Ruggiero to the show. He is the author of Brushfire Plague. And it delivers some useful lessons about survival that are woven throughout the novel. Ruggiero: Sure thing, yeah. Number one is communication. Amateur radio or at least CB radio I think.

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Or at least family walkie-talkies if nothing else. But the other area is community. And the area of organizing with community, with neighbors and such. And there are some good lessons in Brushfire plague of how the main character organizes, right? But the second point is actually a great one. And that certainly is a strong thread throughout the novel. I think it really, again in terms of this genre, is going to add a lot of value that people may not have normally seen in other works of a similar nature.

Jason Hartman: Well what are some of the lessons, communicating with people, working with other people — certainly important, but maybe drill down on that a little more if you can. And the protagonist Cooper Adams and Calvin have a lot of tension at the beginning and a lot of it is around ego. Another one I think that goes into survival aspects that plays out in Brushfire Plague, is the notion that some people will not figure out fast enough that the rules are changing and what worked in sort of a normal functioning society, those same rules are not necessarily going to work in a society that is confronting a huge crisis that is unraveling around them.

Jason Hartman: And beyond community and organization, what are some of the other things that he encounters and lessons people can learn? Real life lessons in terms of how to handle those things? Ruggiero: I think a lot of it I think to cover a lot of the basics that sometimes get forgotten. You mentioned communication.