Manual Bowhunting the Dangerous Bears of Alaska

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I didn't have it on my first grizzly, but picked up a policy to cover everything and then some for my wife and kids in case something happens. You gotta know who you are playing this game with. The thoughts do go through my mind out there that I could definately be killed, and knowing that they would be taken care of financially helps with the mind games. Last fall we were practicing upto 65 yards so that our 45 yards shots were very consistent But i think my range is 45 and below and really hope for a I think total combo weight Where do you suggest shot placement other than the obvious quartering away and Not through the shoulder blade and direct thick brisket shot.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

What are bears eating or looking for this time of year 1st week of may is what I got? I heard its cause they are bigger and can last longer during hibernation? Stalk: wind effects smell and sound nearly the same I assume smell is most important They are color blind in part I will have a gun man for protection yds out.

I got 2 younger kids. I am glad people are so eager to give thought and comments Grizzly bears usually come out before blacks, not after. They will start showing in early-mid April, and by the 1st week of May most should be out.

I Took a Top-10 Grizzly Bear at 15 Yds

They'll be looking for the first green shoots of the year and carrion from winter-killed animals. A good place to look is on hillsides where you may find them still at the mouth of their den or at the base of avalanche shoots where the first greens will be starting to sprout. Camo is far less important than scent control and generally being careful with your stalk. I agree with Brian, scent control and playing the wind is far more important that camo. On my brown bear hunt, we were trying to get to a large rock outcropping when I spotted the bear come down onto the beach from on top of it.

We were walking close to the waters edge, and all we could do was crouch down and wait. We stayed perfectly still, and the bear walked by at less than 10 yards. I let it pass just a little, then drew back and sent the arrow quartering away. The best way to describe the hunt it to watch Chuck Adam's record brown bear bowhunt and then just lose the rock that Chuck was hiding behind. The bear was a bit smaller too. Bowhunting the Dangerous Bears of Alaska eBook: John E. Phillips: Kindle Store

I had a gun backup over my shoulder on the coastal brownie hunt, but the only backup I had on the grizzly hunts were the extra arrows in my quiver. Each stalk will be different, so I'd play it stalk by stalk regarding where your backup is. You could be in a situation where he won't be able to see you from 10 yards away. The camo pattern isn't as crucial as it is just not to be seen.

2 Giant interior Alaskan Grizzlies! - Limitless 35

If the bear does catch your movement and just stares, stay still. I've found that they will generally lose interest on the movement they just saw and go back to what they are doing. Here are a few video's that I have up on youtube. Unfortuantely no good kill shots.

The first video was of the bear I shot in the chest but the bear never died. My mistake on that bear was too much movement when I drew the bow. I should have waited for him to go more broadside, but he was headed right towards me for the most part. You can see right before I drew that his body gets more broadside in the frame. He swung his head back at me, started popping his jaws and stood up.

I always wonder what would have happened if I let him come back down to all 4's, but at the time I didn't want to wait and see. There are a bunch of other grizzly video's on youtube to watch as well. Brian Griz out first Are their dens higher than the blacks Probably 1st week of May they are in and out of thier dens off and on I looked at the videos Great info thanks. Does anyone have any thoughts on using a preditor call for Bow hunting Griz?

But where I likely hunting I wont' have trees to climb in What do you think? What do ya'll consider the max bow range for a Brownie? Max range is totally dependent on the archer, equipment and conditions at the time of the shot. As long as an arrow is carrying enough KE, maximum range is determined by the skill of the archer and the precision of the equipment. I expect to set my max at 70 yds without a lot of wind. With a bunch of gusty wind We took turns napping.

Within a few hours, the bear came back out of the woods exactly where we thought he would. We had the wind in our faces, and the bear started walking toward us. I told Mark not to move, because I thought the bear would pass within 30 yards of us. I let the bear walk just past us and drew my PSE bow.

The bear never saw me move and I shot him while he was walking. I hit him 6- or inches-farther back than I wanted, and the arrow passed all the way through and landed in the water on the other side of him. The bear growled and took-off running down the beach, then turned and crashed into the woods.

I retrieved my arrow, and we waited about 45 minutes, which was as long as we could stand to wait. I was so excited about taking my first brown bear with my bow that I got quite a distance in front of Mark.

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I was on the ridge before Mark caught up to me, and I spotted the bear about 30 yards in front of me. Apparently, he had heard me. The bear sat-up on his hindquarters. For what seemed like 3 days, I looked at the bear, and the bear looked at me. Neither one of us could decide if the bear was about to charge or walk away from me. Finally, he decided to walk away from me. Mark caught up to me about then. We watched the bear lay back down about yards away. We decided to leave him overnight. I was wondering if we would find the bear or not the next morning, but when we got to the spot, he only had moved about yards.

Apparently, he had expired quickly after we had left, because he was stiff when we found him. I never will forget looking that big brown bear in the eyes when he was yards from me, and neither one of us being able to decide what would happen next.

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This was one of those times when I think my enthusiasm out ran my brain. Mark would have been my backup, but I had gotten too far out in front of him for him to see me or the bear. That brown bear weighed about pounds. To get John E. John Phillips, winner of the Homer Circle Fishing Award for outstanding fishing writer by the American Sportfishing Association AMA and the Professional Outdoor Media Association POMA , the Crossbow Communicator of the year and the Legendary Communicator chosen for induction into the National Fresh Water Hall of Fame, is a freelance writer over 6, magazine articles for about magazines and several thousand newspaper columns published , magazine editor, photographer for print media as well as industry catalogues over 25, photos published , lecturer, outdoor consultant, marketing consultant, book author and daily internet content provider with an overview of the outdoors.

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