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I was outraged when the judge handed down the decision, seemingly without any regard to the special circumstances the case presented. Adult providers and caregivers who were prepared to advocate for the child, were not allowed to speak on her behalf. They were prepared to demonstrate with documentation and anecdote, that the girl perceived as "a danger to society" has in fact been working hard, successfully and with great promise.

Jeffree Star Calls James Charles a “Danger to Society” Amid Tati Westbrook Feud

If allowed to pursue her dream, we know that she can do it. Rather than her being a danger to society, the juvenile justice system is a danger to her. She was released with an ankle monitor.

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Upon her release, she told me that she never wanted to go back there again. She proved it by improving her grades; staying away from negative peers; attending therapeutic groups and by becoming an effective mediator working with her peers. Further proof was in the several letters written on her behalf, and offered to the court by teachers, advocates and mental health providers.

Judge Maddock did not appear to take any of this into consideration. He didn't see the need to read those letters, or to hear from adults who could attest to her motivation to do well.

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According to one of the advocates present, J. Larochette a mindfulness teacher who shares his teaching, through his Mindful Life Yoga program, with Richmond children , Judge Maddock's decision was made up without reviewing any of the documented support for this youth. Nor did the judge hear from any of the advocates in the room.

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