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Revisiting Louis Sullivan's Small-Town Legacies

SKU Add to My Cart. Add to My Wishlist. These flat backed jewels can be attached with glue to any fabric or craft project. Perfect for adding shiny interest to your creative work or renewing your wardrobe. Pack of Colour: Emerald. Care Instructions No Size No. In addition to their continuing value as commercial structures, the banks are much visited by architecture-minded tourists. The banks vary in their conditions. Some, such as the ones in Owatonna, Columbus and Sidney, have been meticulously maintained over the years. Others have endured successive waves of modernizing and renovating but remain basically intact.

One of the worst maintained, until recently, was the Adams Land and Loan office in Algona.

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The structure -- a 1,square-foot brick shoebox of a building -- is one of the simplest Sullivan ever designed. Its defining features were a series of 12 large stained glass windows on the front and side facades along with a pair of terra cotta urns that originally flanked the front door.

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View all New York Times newsletters. Inside, apparently, was even simpler, though no one is entirely sure what the place looked like when it opened. The original plans have disappeared, as have any photos that might have been taken at the time. What does exist is a series of drawings done by an associate of Sullivan's for an addition that was never built, showing the approximate layout of the building. Aside from a beamed ceiling and a mosaic tile floor, nothing of the original interior survives.

The late Hugh Morrison, who wrote the first biography of Sullivan back in the 's, thought it was one of the architect's best buildings. Nothing seems to have gone right for the Adams building from the very beginning. It was built to be a bank in , but the owner never received a charter. Instead it became a real estate office and then the headquarters for the Pharmacists' Mutual Insurance Company.

Then, in the 70's, it became a haberdashery.

Louis Sullivan Building of Newark

In , the store went bankrupt and the owner sold the windows and the urns to a salvage dealer in Minneapolis. Nine of the windows are currently in the bank's executive dining room in downtown Chicago. As for the urns, they were purchased by Thomas S. Monaghan, the founder of Domino's Pizza, who displayed them in a gift shop he operated at Domino's headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich.

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He later sold them, but a spokeswoman for Mr. Monaghan said he could not recall the buyer. Several years ago, the Adams building was acquired by the Sullivan Building Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of saving and restoring it.

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The idea, he added, is ''to recreate the way it looked the day it opened. To do this, the foundation found a clay artisan in Des Moines to hand-make the 1, bricks needed to repair the facade. In the next few months, work will begin on the interior. The big question is the windows. They are the thing that makes the whole building work.

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Right now, the window openings are covered by plywood and clear glass. The foundation has so far been unsuccessful in raising the money to buy the originals back. An alternative the foundation is considering is offering the bank replicas of the windows in exchange for the originals.

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A spokesman for Bank One said the company would have no comment until a formal offer is received. That's why this building is so important.

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