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In the paragraph below, taken from the original typescript, we can easily see Charlie using some of this rhetorical oratory quite well:.

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Many of these codes are in operation, and are satisfactory and just to both parties. Others are still in abeyance, but to help those who have already adopted their codes, we must do our part and give them our patronage. Press clippings from the Chaplin archives. So let us Buy Now to make that program a success.

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Let us all do our part. Capitalists, industrialists, workers, men of all classes, let us unite in one great cause—a cause that will relieve the misery of the unemployed, a cause that will shorten the hours of labor and raise the standard of living, so that all classes of enterprises can survive—all classes of men can enjoy the fruits of their labor—abiding in harmony side by side, each of us striving for the common good of all. The Great Dictator, We see Hynkel standing before a row of radio microphones, understanding then that his nonsensical diatribes are reaching the airwaves as well as the hearts and minds of those standing before him.

And then, again, we hear Hynkel in just such a broadcast after banker Epstein has refused to make Ptomania a loan and Commander Schultz has betrayed the Phooey and been taken into captivity as a result. The radio-worthiness of this final speech, or at least the rhetorical expertise of it, caused it to be utilized and re-performed many times.

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This was supplied by Mr. Chaplin who left behind the accessories and mannerisms of his famous tramp character, and instead delivered the concluding dramatic speech from his film, The Great Dictator. Charlie himself describes his experience that night in My Autobiography.

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Having endured a tense meeting with the President in which he downed too many martinis, Charlie found himself too dry to make it all the way through his speech at Constitution Hall later that evening. Sure, we can call it progress that gays are no longer arrested for having relations. Moreover, members of our society have conspired to lie to us and suggest that homosexual relations are as healthy as heterosexual ones. We must note that by any objective review of reality, homosexuals suffer greatly as a result of their choices. Inevitably some will respond that the only reason gays suffer is because of people like me.

They do. Society has failed to tell them the truth.

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A whole generation or two has been failed by our current culture. According to the CDC, men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than straight men. A March CDC press release reported that active gay men were more than 44 times more likely than non-gays to contract HIV and more than 46 times more likely to get syphilis. The theme for the Joseph H. George Distinguished Lecture Series is servant leadership.

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Good leaders, they say, are those who make others around them better. The pair will also spend time speaking to Drury students in class on Monday afternoon and address invited middle school and high school students on Tuesday morning, October 16, at Clara Thompson Hall. The Joseph Henry George Distinguished Lecture Series was established to provide thoughtful discussion about the principals of servant leadership and raising up servant leaders.

It honors the legacy of Joseph H.