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The melody appears there in an elongated form eleven phrases owing to the repetition of lines 3, 4, 5, 6, of the stanza, followed by another repetition of line 6. For use as a Hymn tune the melody has several forms. It is by Peter Sohren Johann Georg Elector of Saxony:. He accompanied an Imperial embassy to Greece as interpreter, and there assumed the name Melissander. In he became pastor and General Superintendent at Altenburg. The Hymn was written in , when he was private tutor to the children of Duke Johann Wilhelm of Saxe-Weimar, and was taught as a prayer to the Duchess Maria, then aged three.

The Choral Chorus S. The Recitativo passages are sung to orchestral ritornelli, always the same, but differing in key Corno, 2 Ob. The melody also occurs in Cantatas 86 and Simple Tromba, Ob. Extended 2 Ob. The Tromba has the cantus. The words, melody, and form of the Choral concluding the Second Part are identical with those of a supra. Extended Tromba, Strings, Continuo. The opening Chorus of the Cantata introduces a Choral melody that does not appear elsewhere in the Cantatas, Oratorios, or Motetts. While the Chorus is worked out in quavers from the first line of the melody, the lesser commandment is stated by the Tromba da tirarsi, which announces the tune in crotchets, while the greater commandment is emphasised by the Organ, treating the melody in minims as a cantus firmus.

The reconstruction of the tune may be attributed to Walther. There is a harmonisation of the tune in the Choralgesange, No. Choral Fantasia Tromba da tirarsi, Strings, Continuo 1. Simple 4. With that Hymn it has been particularly associated ever since. For lines 7 and 8 he uses more than one form. Elsewhere his eighth line follows Telemann Choral Fantasia 1 Corno, Flauto, 2 Ob. Rinkart was born at Eilenburg in Extended 2 Cor. The monotony of the tune suggests that the Tenor is the true melody there. Versions of the former, equally monotonous and derived from the text, are set to the Hymn in other collections between and The melody occurs also in Cantatas and It was first published by Klug in [] infra.

That the melody in its present form is by Luther is generally agreed; but the extent to which he was indebted to Gregorian material is in dispute. The melody does not occur elsewhere in the Cantatas, Oratorios, or Motetts. There are two harmonisations of it in the Choralgesange, Nos. The cantus is treated freely and fugally 3 Trombe, Timpani, 2 Ob. Simple Continuo 2.

With considerable probability the tune may be attributed to Luther. The melody occurs also in Cantatas 95, , and In the second movement B. The melody occurs also in Cantatas , , and For the second and third notes following the middle double bar there is early authority. For his version of the final phrase of the tune in the concluding Choral of Cantata there appears to be none.

A translation of the Hymn is noted in the Dictionary of Hymnology, p. The melody has been attributed incorrectly to Bach. He has not used it elsewhere and material is not available to enable the originality of his variations of the tune to be tested. Homburg was born near Eisenach in He died at Naumburg in Soprano Unison Choral 2 Ob.

Simple Oboe, 2 Ob. The melody of the three Choral movements of the Cantata is that of the Hymn see Cantata Choral Fantasia 2 Cor. An Alto Unison Choral 2 Ob. The movement, intersected by Recitativo passages for all the vocal parts, is of the Extended Dialogus type Continuo. All its stanzas seven are introduced, Edition: current; Page: [ ] but in some cases are subjected to considerable alteration. But its use is not restricted, as in Cantata 4, to the regular Church Choral forms. Certain numbers, for instance, the fourth and seventh, present the melody clearly.

The Bach-Picander stanza reads:. The Violins and Violas in unison have the melody Strings, Continuo 1. Similarly, only fragments of the tune appear, the fifth and sixth lines of the melody. The Bach-Picander text is as follows:. Soprano Aria, with fragments of the melody Oboe, Continuo. Simple Flauto, 2 Ob.

The melody is not found elsewhere in the Cantatas or Motetts or Oratorios. There are harmonisations of it in the Choralgesange, Nos. His treatment of the last line varies: sometimes he uses the form, and sometimes Choralgesange, No. The two Choral S.

The Unison Choral follows a short Recitativo of twelve bars 2 Ob. The words are the fourth stanza of the Hymn:. Embellished Corno, 2 Ob. The melody of the opening and concluding movements is that of the Hymn see Cantata The cantus firmus is with the Altos. O Welt, ich muss dich lassen. Embellished 2 Ob. A Bass Aria, with snatches of the melody 2 Ob. Embellished Cornetto, 3 Trombones, Flauto, 2 Ob.

Simple Tromba, Flauto, 2 Ob. Extended 2 Corni, 2 Ob. Into the opening movement Bach introduces a melody which he has not employed elsewhere in the Cantatas, Motetts, or Oratorios. Bach uses it in the orchestral accompaniment of this movement. The descant melody was appropriated to the same Hymn in and is used by Bach in Choralgesange, No. Choral Fantasia 2 Fl. Bach uses the latter in the first and last movements of the Cantata see Cantata Choral Fantasia Corno da caccia, 2 Fl. Extended Corno da caccia, 2 Fl.

Choral Fantasia Corno da caccia, 2 Ob. Simple Tromba, 2 Fl. Choral Fantasia 3 2 Ob.

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Meusel was born at Dieuze, in Lorraine, in In he entered the Benedictine monastery at Edition: current; Page: [ ] Lixheim, near Saarburg. He embraced Lutheranism, and in became chief pastor of the Cathedral Church of Augsburg. In he settled at Bern as Professor of Theology, and died there in Ringwaldt was born at Frankfort a. Oder in In he became pastor at Langfeld, or Langenfeld, near Sonnenburg, in Brandenburg, and died there c.

He was one of the most prolific Hymn writers of the sixteenth century. The melody is treated freely 2. The Choral words of the fourth movement are the fourth stanza of the Hymn:. The words of the seventh movement are a paraphrase of the seventh stanza of the Hymn:. Simple 2. Johannes G. Gigas was born at Nordhausen in He died at the latter place in A Soprano Unison Choral Continuo.

Freystein was born at Weissenfels in He was educated at Leipzig and Jena Universities, practised at Dresden as a lawyer, and died there in The melody of the opening and concluding movements was first published in the Hundert ahnmuthig- und sonderbahr geistlicher Arien Dresden, He had recent authority for the variations he introduces into bars 3 and 4 of the original tune.

Main in , practised as an advocate, and died there in Choral Motett Lituus 1 and 2, Cornetto, 3 Trombones 2. The melody printed above is that portion of the Plainsong to which the clauses Bach uses here were sung. The melody is an adjustment of that of the Latin Hymn, and in its simplified form may be attributed to Walther.

The original Plainsong is printed above from Psalmen und geystliche Lieder, die man zu Strassburg, und auch die man inn anderen Kirchen pflegt zu singen Strassburg, Bach has not used the tune elsewhere in the Cantatas, Oratorios, or Motetts. Schneegass was born at Buffleben, near Gotha, in It may be attributed confidently to Vulpius himself. The Choral words of the fourth movement are the third stanza of the Hymn:. The former alternative is the more probable. The tune is very freely treated in the Hymn books.

His substitution of an F sharp for A natural as the third note of the third bar of the reconstructed melody supra is found in a version of the tune in For his treatment of bars 5 and 6 also there is authority. A translation of the Hymn into English is noted in the Dictionary of Hymnology, p. Hamburg, The melody appears first in the Geneva Psalter, Pseaumes octante trois de David, mis en rime Francoise Geneva, , where it is set to Psalm cxxvii.

Psalm cxxvii, included in the Geneva Psalter of , was one of the thirty-four recently translated by Theodore Beza. The melody must therefore be assigned to Louis Bourgeois see Cantata Wegelin was born at Augsburg in , and was successively Deacon, Archdeacon, and pastor there. In he was appointed pastor at Pressburg. Its proper melody dates from and appears to have been little used.

Avenarius was born at Eisenach in , became Cantor at Schmalkalden in , pastor at Steinbach-Hallenberg in , and died in Choral Fantasia 3 Trombe, Timpani, 2 Ob. Extended 3 Trombe, Timpani, Flauto, 2 Ob. The tune in its present and familiar form, therefore, must be attributed to Louis Bourgeois see Cantata Claude Goudimel harmonised it in There are harmonisations of the tune in the Choralgesange, Nos. Choral Fantasia 3 Trombe, Timp. Embellished 3 Trombe, Timp. Duetto for Soprano and Bass, the former having the Choral melody, while the Bass independently sings verses iii and iv of Psalm cxxx Oboe, Continuo 6.

Ziegler was born at Leipzig in , and from was Professor of Law in the University of Wittenberg. He was distinguished as a lawyer, teacher, scholar, and poet. That the tune is by Bach himself has been stated, and the following considerations support the conclusion. The tune is not found in any Hymn book of earlier date than the Cantata, i. The melody is not found elsewhere in the Cantatas, Oratorios, or Motetts. Choral Fantasia Cornetto, 2 Ob.

Simple Cornetto, 2 Ob. For the B flat which Bach substitutes for D at the eleventh note in the second part of the tune, and for the C natural in place of G at the penultimate note, there is early authority and respectively. Choral Fantasia Trombone, 2 Ob. The words of the concluding Choral are the sixth stanza of the Hymn 2 :.

Neander was born at Bremen in In he was appointed Rector of the Latin School at Dusseldorf, and five years later returned to Bremen as unordained assistant in the Church of St Martin. Unison Choral for Alto. The cantus is treated freely Violino Solo, Continuo 2. Tenor Aria, the cantus being in the Tromba obbligato Tromba, Continuo. The tune which Bach uses in the first, third, and last movements is that of the Hymn see Cantata Choral Fantasia, with orchestral and Recitativo interludes 2 Ob.

The Choral S. Rube was born in , his father being then pastor near Sondershausen. He died at Battenberg in The B flat which Bach substitutes for A natural as the third note of the tune has earlier authority. Main, , with the melody. The Hymn is a reversed acrostic, the initial letters of its three stanzas, W. The Hymn probably was written in , during the pestilence at Unna in Westphalia, where Nicolai then was pastor.

The melody was published with the Hymn in Whether Nicolai composed it cannot be determined positively. Unison Choral for Tenor Vn. I and II and Viola in unison, Continuo 2. Extended Flauti, Oboi, Strings, Continuo. The words are the first stanza of the Hymn 1 :. Unison Choral for Soprano Violini, Continuo. The words are not a stanza of the Hymn. Choral Fantasia 3 Cor.

The cantus is in the Soprano part. Perhaps the Praxis version the second supra is a reconstruction of the Runge melody. His variation of notes 3 and 4 of the second bar of it supra has earlier sanction. His treatment of bar 3 varies here and in the Choralgesange. Simple 1. The melody of the concluding Choral B. The words of the Choral are lacking in the ms. The Hymn is sometimes attributed erroneously to Johann Scheffler Janus was born c. He was precentor at Sorau and later at Sagan. He died about at Ohlau, where he is said to have been precentor.

Extended Tromba, Oboi, Strings, Continuo. There does not appear to be earlier authority for the F sharp which he substitutes for F natural at the fifth and thirteenth notes supra in this movement, nor does he repeat it elsewhere. The melody, of which Herman was the composer, appeared first in a broadsheet published in It is set there to his own words:.

The melody occurs also in Cantata and there are harmonisations of it in the Choralgesange, Nos. Simple Strings, Continuo. It was written in for the funeral of Margarita Werner, the wife of a Edition: current; Page: [ ] Leipzig Town Councillor, and was published in that year as a broadsheet, with the tune. I and II and Viola in unison, Continuo 3. Duetto, for Soprano and Bass. The Soprano has the cantus Oboe, Violino solo, Continuo. Bach uses it in its reconstructed form. The F sharp which he substitutes for A natural at the seventh note in the second bar supra has earlier sanction His variation of the last bar is general to his use of Edition: current; Page: [ ] the tune, and is found in an earlier text.

Christoph Knoll was born at Bunzlau, in Silesia, in He was successively schoolmaster, Deacon, and Archdeacon at Sprottau, and from was pastor of the neighbouring village, Wittgendorf. It is clear that the tune is a derivative, and with great probability may be regarded as the Tenor of an original setting now lost. All three probably are derived from a common source.

It is therefore improbable that he should have gone out of his way to invent a tune for a Hymn which had its own melody, with one of which, too, he was familiar 1. The circumstances surrounding this case are, in fact, very similar to those attending the doubtful melody in Cantata Of both tunes a large number of variations exist in the Hymn books, evidencing either their composite origin, or their derivation from some common original. In the Orgelbuchlein, N.

The statement would appear to be conclusive. Simple Corno da tirarsi, Fagotto, Strings, Continuo. The ms. Score give no Hymn stanza. The melody is neither in Erk nor the Choralgesange. In the fifth movement of the Cantata B. In the second movement of the Cantata B. The words are not a stanza of that Hymn. Simple Fagotto, Strings, Continuo. Extended Clarino, Oboe, Strings, Continuo. The melody also occurs in Cantata , and there is another harmonisation of it in the Choralgesange, No.

Extended 3 Trombe, Timp. Embellished Fagotto, Strings, Continuo. Embellished 3 Fl. Agricola was born at Eisleben in He was educated at Wittenberg, where he was befriended by Luther. The Hymn is attributed erroneously to Paul Speratus. The melody, which was published with the Hymn supra , occurs also in Cantata Jonas, the son of Jonas Koch, was born at Nordhausen in He was educated at Wittenberg and Erfurt and became Rector of the latter University.

The words of the Choral in the second movement are the second stanza of the Hymn:. The words of the Choral in the fifth movement are the fifth stanza of the Hymn:. The words of the concluding Choral are the seventh and eighth stanzas of the Hymn:. Tietze was born at Wilkau in , became Deacon and Archdeacon at Hersbruck, near Nurnberg, and died there in The words of the Choral in the third movement are the fourth stanza of the Hymn:. After seven bars of introductory Recitativo, the rest of the movement is a rather free treatment of the melody as a Unison Choral Violoncello piccolo, Continuo.

Choral Fantasia in fugal form Flauto, Strings, Continuo. The author, who died in , was one of the strongest supporters of the Reformation at the Saxon Court and signed the Augsburg Confession. In the opening movement of the Cantata B. The insertion of the melody transforms the Cantata, whose burden otherwise is a lament over human frailty. The tune practically had assumed the form in which Bach uses it before the end of the sixteenth century. He seems to have been a preacher in or near Heilbronn c. It is doubtful whether he was the author of the Hymn, whose ascription to him arose from the fact that it stands in the Index immediately under another Hymn to which his initials are attached 1 :.

Simple 3 Ob. Embellished 3 Ob. Delete which For Johann Cruger read Paul Wagner. For of read in. For Weltgenrichte read Weltgewichte. In the ninth stanza, line 2, the original text has Erbarmung for Erbarmen. For nun read in. For Eucharistic read Ascensiontide. But it is difficult to point absolutely to the texts which are by him, since he published none but those in the collection of His Cantata libretti show facility rather than sincerity and poetic expression. His power of pictorial representation commended him to Bach, and there can be little doubt that he put his texts together in the form in which Bach required them.

See Spitta, ii. See infra the section on the Cantata. He died at Hamburg in He was a very prolific Hymn writer; over are attributed to him. Of his Cantata texts Bach set eight. On Neumeister see Spitta, i. Helbig, at Eisenach, in He was born at Weimar in , and, after holding public appointments at Arnstadt and Jena, was appointed Curator of the Ducal collection of coins and medals at Weimar in He died at Weimar in He was a prolific Hymn writer, but none of his Hymns appears among the which Bach used for his choral works. The texts of the following Cantatas are by Franck: Nos.

Of these twenty-one Cantatas nine Nos. The author of the libretto is not known Wustmann, p. Schweitzer ii. See Bachjahrbuch, , p. Text by Bach? The subject of the Cantata is remotely suggested by the Gospel for the Day. See Spitta, i. Text by Picander. See Wustmann, p. See the Epistle for the Day. Perhaps Picander. Spitta, iii. The authoress was the widow of an officer and resident in Leipzig. Spitta iii. The following are the Cantatas for which she wrote the texts: Nos.

See the Cantatas discussed in Spitta, iii. D 2 Gott der Hoffnung erfulle euch. A commentary on the conduct of Nicodemus in the Gospel for the Day. Donnerwort 1 , 5. Bach himself arranged the latter part of it. Also for Rathswahl use. The text perhaps is by Bach. Also for a funeral. In the form in which the Cantata has come down to us it is not exactly congruous to either occasion. The score does not indicate the occasion for which it was composed. The occasion for which the Cantata was composed is not stated in the score.

But see Wustmann, p. Wustmann, p. U 3 Herr Gott, Beherrscher aller Dinge 6. D 1 Gedenke, Herr, wie es uns gehet 1. See Spitta, iii. See also No. The score does not state the occasion for which the Cantata was composed. Choral Cantatas, The Embellished Choral Closely related to the Simple Choral is the Embellished, or decorated Simple, form, of which there are thirty-five examples in the Cantatas: Nos. The Aria Choral The term Aria, as Bach used it, connotes a song in rhythmical proportions for one or more voices. Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied 2.

Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf 3. Jesu, meine Freude 4. Edition: current; Page: [ 46 ] 1 Psalm cxvii. Neither the date nor the occasion of the Motett is ascertained. Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden 1. The following are the Hymns, tabulated under the names of their authors: Johannes Agricola The Hymn Tunes used by Bach During his Cantorship at Leipzig Bach systematically collected, harmonised, and in some cases refashioned, Hymn tunes whose qualities attracted him.

Therefore, excluding his own compositions, it appears that he introduced into the works that have come down to us the following one hundred and thirty-two Hymn tunes: Johann Rodolf Ahle Es ist genug; so nimm, Herr, meinen Geist. Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier 1. Heinrich Albert Gott des Himmels und der Erden. Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf. Das Jesulein soll doch mein Trost. Edition: current; Page: [ 68 ] At the outset, it is advisable to clear the ground by eliminating tunes which have been or are asserted to be by Bach and demonstrably are not.

Philipp Nicolai Cantata II. Second Sunday after Trinity c. Cantata III. Second Sunday after the Epiphany c. Der schmale Weg ist trubsalvoll, Den ich zum Himmel wandern soll. Wo soll ich mich denn wenden hin? Zu dir, O 1 Jesu, steht mein Sinn. Cantata IV. Cantata V. Wo soll 1 ich Rettung finden? Cantata VI. Cantata VII. Feast of St John Baptist c. Johann Walther Cantata VIII. Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity c. Und dann selber Erde werden.

Cantata IX. Sixth Sunday after Trinity? Sein Wort lass dir 1 gewisser sein, Und ob dein Herz 2 sprach lauter Nein, So lass doch dir nicht grauen. Cantata X. Denn er hat seine elende Magd angesehen. Da riickte Prinz Heinrich heran, Wohl gar mit achtzigtausend Mann. Noth, o Noth, o grosse Kriegesnoth, Schwerin der ist geschossen todt. Sieg, Sieg! Der alte Fritz war selber da. Military songs by anonymous authors are common thronghout the "wara of Frederick the Great. The rough eiTusion given above, and another of the same character, describing the taking of Belgrade by Trince Eugene, have retained their popularity to the present day.

Father, I cry to thee! Father, oh lead thou me! Lead me as victor, by death when I'm riven. Lord, I acknowledge the law thou hast given ; E'en as thou wilt, Lord, so lead thou me — God, I acknowledge thee! God, I acknowledge thee! So when the autumn leaves rustle around me, So when the thunders of battle surround me. Fountain of grace, I acknowledge thee — Father, oh bless thou me! Father, oh bless thou me! Into thy care commend I my spirit ; Thou canst reclaim what from thee I inherit ; Living or dying, still bless thou me — Father, I worship thee!

Father, I worship thee! Not for earth's riches thy servants are fighting, Holiest cause with our swords we are righting ; Conq'ring or falling, I worship thee — God, I submit to thee! God, I submit to thee! When all the terrors of death are assailing, When in my veins e'en the life blood is failing. Lord, unto thee will I bow the knee!

Briillend umwolkt mich der Dampf der Geschiitze ; Spriihend umzucken mich rasselnde Blitze! Lenker der Schlachten, ich rufe dich! Vater, du fuhre mich! Vater, du fiihre mich! Fiihr mich zum Siege, fiihr mich zum Tode! Herr, ich erkenne deine Gebote ; Herr, wie du willst, so fiihre mich! Gott, ich erkenne dich! Vater, du segne mich! Vater, ich preise dich! S'ist ja kein kampf fiir die Giiter der Erde, Das Heiligste schiitzen wer mit dem Schwerdte ; Drum, fallend und siegend, preis' ich dich!

Gott, dir ergeb' ich mich! Vater, ich rufe dich! Theodob Korneb, the poet-hero of the "War of Liberation,'' was bom September 21st, , at Dresden, studied at the University of Leipzig, and received an appointment as theatrical poet at Vienna. On the breaking out of the war against Napoleon, he enlisted as a volunteer in Liitzow's corps, aiding the cause of freedom by the strength of his arm and the power of his muse.

On the 26th of August, , he fell in a skirmish near the village of Gade- busch. The fiery tone pervading his lyrics, and the brilliant valour of the young volunteer, have procured him a greater fame in Grermany than usually falls to the share of one who died so young. What is the German's fatherland? Where the seagull flies o'er the Baltic sand? His fatherland must greater be, I trow. Now Austria it needs must be, So rich in fame and victory. Ah, no! His fatheriand must greater be, I trow. Where o'er the sea-flats the sand is blown?

Where the mighty Danube rushes on? Is't Switzerland, or Tyrol, tell ; — The land and the people pleased me well! To God in heaven hymns are sung ; — That shall it be, — that shall it be : That, gallant German, is for thee! That is the German's fatherland. Where binds like oath the grasped hand, — Where from men's eyes truth flashes forth, Where in men's hearts are love and worth!

Look, Lord, thereon, we pray to thee! The whole, the whole of Germany! Ist's wo am Belt die Move Zieht? Sein Vaterland muss grosser sein. Ist's wo der Sand der Diinen weht? Ist's wo die Donau brausend geht? Ist's Land der Schweitzer? Ist's Tyrol? Das Land und Volk gefiel mir wohl! So nenne endlich mir das Land! Das soil es sein! Das, wack'rer Deutsche, nenne dein! Deis soil es sein! Das, wack'rer Deutsche nenne dein.

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Das ganze Deutschland soil es sein! Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein! Und gieb uns echten Deutschen Muth, Dass wir es lieben treu und gut. Next to Korner, who may te denominated tlie patriotic song-writer of Germany "par excellence," the man who by his lyrics exerted the greatest influence over the spirit of the German youth during the early portion m the present century was Eknst Moeitz Akhht. This poet was bom in , at Schoritz, and during ten years of his early life occupied the post of professor in the little unJTersity G-reifswalde. In his work the " Geiat der Zeit " Spirit of the Time , pnbliahed in , Arndt startled and terrified the whole of Germany by his denunciations of the emperor's plans, and by the fearless Tehemence with which he declaimed against Bonaparte's unscrupulous proceedings.

An order to arrest Arndt was rendered fruitless by the flight of the poet to Sweden, where he lived for a time under the protection of Gustavus Adolphus IV. Under the protection of a complete disguise he returned to Germany in , and made the acquaintance of Blucher, Sohamhorst, and Gneisenau. When the scale of victory at length turned, and the throne ot Napoleon tottered to its fall, Arndt did incalculable service to his country's cause by the publication of his " War Songs" Kriegslieder , which were more potent than the proclamations of princes to inflame the courage and refresh the spirits of the Germans, who declaimed and sang them round the evening watch- fire.

Napoleon fell ; — and a few years afterwards a professorship at Bonn was awarded to the author of the war songs. To the present king of Prussia is due the credit of having recalled the veteran patriot to activity. By the youth of the University he was received with a shout of welcome. In the political operations of , and the succeeding year, Arndt took a part, though not a conspicuous one. His poetical and political fame rest rather on the efforts of his youthful than of his riper years. Riiekert, Anastasius Griin, Herwegh, and others of the modern German school of poets, have united in paying a graceful and manly tribute of praise to the character and services of the veteran bard.

Why sound the brazen trumpets? Hussars, turn ye out! The field-marshal is riding abroad in the rout! How sitteth he so lightly his steed prancing by, How gleameth it so brightly, his sword waved on high! And here the Germans are ; hurrah, and hurrah! The Germans they are merry, they're shouting hurrah! Oh, mark ye how his bright eyes are gleaming so kind? And therefore he the battle-field's guardian shall be. And here the Germans are, fee- He was the man who whilome, when none else could save, Still looked in trust to Heaven, and still swung the, glaive ; And deeply by the steel then on oath did he say, The Frenchmen they should feel then how Germans repay.

He kept his oath when loudly the battle-call rang, Oh, how the hoary youth then to saddletree sprang! Full soon his gallant band all its might made them feel, And swept them from the land with a besom of steel. At Liitzen, in the valley, such havoc he made. That many a haughty Frenchman there lifeless was laid ; And thousands there were leaping and flying amain. Farewell, ye rascal Frenchmen ; flee down to the sea, Yom" graves, ye lawless scoundrels, the whale's maw shall be! At Wartenburg, on the Elbe, too, he harassed them so, Nor strong redoubt nor fortress could shelter the foe ; Again like timid hares o'er the field must they fly.

While at their heels our hero came shouting his cry! At Leipsic on the plain, — oh, thrice honoured fight! There perished with the Frenchmen, their glory and might ; And here the foes lie buried, and reck not their shame. Here gained our gallant Blucher a field-marshal's name. Then blow ye brazen trumpets! Then ride, thou brave field-marshal, abroad through the rout To vict'ry! The people rise, the storm 's unchained! Who, folding his arms, hath idle remained?

Eie on thee, knave by the chimney stone, Crouching 'mid maidens and dames alone. A wretched and pitiful wight art thou ; No German maiden will kiss thee now, — To thee no song shall delight impart, And German wine shall not glad thy heart. Drink ivith me — men that he! Waving our broad- swords cheerily! In the stormy night, when the wind blows cold. In the driving rain, while our watch we hold. When the trumpet's voice is heard abroad, Stirring our hearts like the thunder of God, In the theatre thou thy ease canst take, And hear the ditties the actors make.

While the burning heat of the day we bear. And water to quench our thirst is rare, 'Tis thine to carouse o'er the bright champagne.

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And to load thy board till it groans again. When, amid the turmoil of iron war. Our thoughts to our true-loves wander far, Thou'rt fain to furnish thy pocket with gold, For a man like thee love is bought and sold. When bullets whistle, and lances ring. While abroad through our line stalks the shadowy king, At the card-table thou thy foe canst kill.

Vanquishing kings with the bold spadille. And when in the battle our time draws near. Then welcome, brave death of the volunteer! Beneath the coverlet death finds thee, Tortured by med'cine and surgery. Thou diest like a coward in silken bed ; No German maiden shall mourn thee dead, — A German song shall not tell thy fame, Nor a German wine-cup be pledged in thy name. Drink with me — men that be!

Waving your broadswords cheerily! God, who gave iron, purposed ne'er That man should be a slave ; Therefore the sabre, sword, and spear In his right hand He gave. Therefore He gave him fiery mood, Fierce speech, and free-born breath, That he might fearlessly the feud Maintain through blood and death.

Therefore will we what God did say, With honest truth, maintain, — And ne'er a fellow-creature slay, A tyrant's pay to gain! But he shall perish by stroke of brand Who fighteth for sin and shame. And not inherit the German land With men of the German name. German love so true! Thou sacred land — thou beauteous land — We swear to thee anew! Outlawed, each knave and coward shall The crow and raven feed ; But we will to the battle all — Revenge shall be our meed. Flash forth, flash forth, whatever can, To bright and flaming life! Now, all ye Germans, man for man. Forth to the holy strife!

Your hands lift upward to the sky — Your hearts shall upward soar — And man for man let each one cry, Our slavery is o'er! Let sound, let sound, whatever can, Trumpet and fife and drum : This day our sabres, man for man. To stain with blood, we come ; With hangman's and with coward's blood, glorious day of ire! That to all Germans soundeth good! Day of our great desire! Let wave, let wave, whatever can — Standard and banner wave! Here will we purpose, man for man, To grace a hero's grave. Advance, ye brave ranks, hardily — Your banners wave on high ; We'll gain us freedom's victory.

Or freedom's death we'll die! Doch wer fur Tand und Schande ficht. Deutschland, heil'ges Vaterland! Deutsche Lieb' und Treue! Du hohes Land! Der speise Krah'n und Raben! So ziehn wir aus zm- Hermann' s-Schlacht Und wollen Rache liaben. Lass brausen was nur brausen kann, In hellen lichten Flammen! Und hebt die Herzen himmelan! Und himmelan die Hande! Lass klingen was nur klingen kann! Die Trommeln und die Fldten!

Das klinget alien Deutschen gut — Das ist die grosse Sache! Lass wehen was nur wehen kann! Standarten weh'n und Fahnen! Wir siegen oder sterben hier, Den siissen Tod der Freien. Singing, shouting, brothers come, Let us gaily wander home. Hear it soar The wildwood o'er, Through the oak-tree gray and hoar ; Loud and long Swells the song From our youthful throng. Stars appear. Shining clear, Let us all be brothers here! Fatherland, Holy band. Again — God of Heaven — look down on us again! By Thee have we been summoned upon the battle -plain.

A morn shall dawn upon us — a morning mild and clear — The angels look to see it, with every good man here. Full soon on each true German resplendently it lies ; — break, thou day of gladness! Then clang from ev'ry steeple, and song in ev'ry breast! And love and life-rejoicing, and after tempest rest! And when from ev'ry high-road the triumph-shouts unite, Then will we cry, brave comrades, " We, too, have fought the fight!

Du reicher Gott in Gnaden, schau her vom Hiramelszelt, Du selbst hast uns geladen in dieses Wafferfeld. Bald seheint er sonder Hiille, auf jeden teutschen Mann ; brich du Tag der Fiille, du Freiheitsmorgen, an! Bs schallt auf alien Wegen dann frohes Siegsgesehrei — Und wir, ihr wackern Degen, wir waren auch dabei. Now out and away, friends, while loud our clarions ring. Now each manly voice be it lifted up to sing ; For freedom's breath is blowing o'er hill and o'er dell, And a life of joyous freedom it pleaseth us well.

We're holding together, like brothers true and tried, When death stalks around us, when arms are laid aside ; A clear, gladsome spirit doth lead us ev'ry one, For all of us to one goal are pressing on. Now which of us would falter, at death or danger's name? At nought our band doth tremble, but vileness and shame ; Who in such holy contest his death-blow hath found. Rests, e'en in foreign earth, as in native ground.

Wir halten zusammen, wie treue Briider thun, Wenn Tod uns umtobet, und wenn die Waffen ruh'n ; Uns alle treibt ein reiner froher Sinn, Nach einem Ziele streben wir alle hin. Der Hauptmann er lebe, er geht uns kiihn voran — Wir folgen ihm muthig auf blut'ger Siegesbahn ; Er fiihrt uns jetzt zn Kampf und Sieg hinaus, Er fiihrt uns einst, ihr Briider, in's Vaterhaus'.

Wer wollte wohl zittern vor Tod und vor Gefahr? Vor Feigheit und Schande erbleichet uns're Schaar! For I'm the lad o' the mountain! By the young stream's cradle I dwell alone. And drink it fresh as it bursts from the stone. It foams down the mountain in mad career, Butinmytwoarmslcanspanithere! My song shall be heard all their tumult o'er.

Lightning and thunder may rage below. But the sky is blue o'er the hills where I go. I know the storm, and I shout in glee, " Leave thou the home of my fathers free. And when uprises the war -bell's sound, While beacons flash on the hills around, Downward I'll travel to join the throng, Swinging my sword and singing my song! Ich bin der Knab' vom Berge. Thuiskon's race hath fought The vengeance-laden fight!

The courage that the Romans braved Hath struck another blow ; Behold, our fatherland is saved! The tyrant's power lies low. And men from Baltic strand, — And ardent through the combat brave, Our battle signal ran — " No German shall be despot's slave! Oh, then each noble heart beat high, The warrior's meed to gain ; Three days hath blood unceasingly Bedewed the battle plain. Then fear fell on the boastful band. All-conquering deemed before ; Their pride, upon our Rhenish strand, Was crushed, to rise no more. ORTH from Berlin a brave hero did ride, And troopers six hundred after him hied ; Six hundred troopers of gallant mood, Who all were athirst for the Frenchman's blood.

And there were marching, these riders beside, A thousand soldiers of coursige tried ; soldiers, may Heaven bless each blow That's destined to lay a Frenchman low. Thus forth wends the brave, the gallant Schill; To fight the Frenchman it is his will. Nor for king nor for emperor combats he, But for fatherland and for liberty. At Dodendorf did those soldiers good Dye the fat earth with the Frenchmen's blood Two thousand men by their swords were slain To trust to their heels the rest were fain.

Then stormed they Domitz, that fortress strong. To Stralsund the troops came thundering on! Frenchmen, like birds could ye but be gone! Into the city he thunder'd amain, Where Wallenstein once kept his watch in vain — Where slept in the gate the Twelfth Charles so sound; But towers and wall are now razed to the ground. How death doth mow! The swords of the riders how ruddy they glow! How boils in the troopers their German blood! To slaughter the Frenchmen it seemeth them good. On land they are flying, but from the main Comes creeping the traitorous serpent — the Dane.

Schill, brave Schill, thou hero stout, Why rodest not thou with the troopers out? Thy courage why hide neath the rampart's shade? In Stralsund now shall thy grave be made. Stralsund, Stralsund, thou heavy town! The bravest spirit in thee went down! A ball his gallant heart hath torn, And knaves of the hero made jest and scorn. For a saucy Frenchman he cried aloud, " Like a dog we'll bury this hero proud!

Like a thief whose body on gallows and wheel Hath made for the kite and the raven a meal! They carried him out when all was dumb, Without sound of fife, without beat of drum. From off his shoulders they cut his head ; His corpse in a worthless grave they laid. The pious and gallant heart sleeps on. With no stone to tell of the deeds he's done ; But, though no honour-stone hath he, His name shall never forgotten be. This ia one of Moritz Amdt's patriotic songs. Schill was a Prussian lieutenant, who, during the period of his country's direst humiliation, raised a corps of volunteers, and managed to annoy the enemy considerably by a species of Guerilla warfare.

He perished in the way described in the text. No, no, they shall not have him, Our free-born German Rhine, Though, like the famished raven. They, croaking, for it pine! So long in verdant vesture He peacefully doth glide, — So long a plashing boat-oar Shall cleave his rippling tide! No, no, they shall not have him.

So long the mountains firmly Shall stand from out his stream ; So long a lofty steeple Shall from his mirror beam! No, no, they shall not have him, Our free-bom German Rhine, While free men and fair maidens Shall seek the marriage shrine ; So long beneath his waters A single fish there dives ; So long among his singers A single lay there lives.

Henry Tovey Music Collection

No, no, they shall not have him, Our free-born German Rhine, Till, buried 'neath his waters, The latest man hath lien! Two grenadiers, captives from Russia's strand, Towards France were home returning ; But when they came to the German land Their hearts were filled with mourning. Then wept with his comrade each grenadier, This direful story learning : Then spake the first, " What woe is here?

And how my old wound is burning. Then spake the other, " The song is done — How gladly with thee I'd perish ; But my wife and child, save myself, have none To comfort them and cherish. To better deed I'd waken ; Now let them beg, an they needs must eat. My emp'ror, my empei-or taken. In French earth see me buried. And lay my good sword by me. Thus, like a sentry, I'll still give heed. In the grave whereto ye take me ; Till the trampling hoof of the neighing steed And the cannon's roar shall wake me. Then, 'mid sabres clashing and flashing by, O'er my grave is my emperor wending.

Then, ready and arm'd, from my grave start I, The emp'ror, the emp'ror defending. Da horten sie beide die traurige Mahr : Dass Frankreich verloren gegangen, Besiegt und zerschlagen das tapfere Heer, — Und der Kaiser, der Kaiser gefangen. Da weinten zusammen die Grenadier, Wohl ob der klaglichen Kunde. Der Eine sprach : Wie weh wird mir, Wie brennt meine alte Wunde. Was scheert mich Weib, was scheert mich Kind, Ich trage weit bess'res Verlangen ; Lass sie betteln gehn, wenn sie hungrig sind, — Mein Kaiser, mein Kaiser gefangen!

De Li. Up, up, to the merry hunting, For now the time draws on ; The strife will quickly follow, The day begins to dawn. Up, pass them by, the idle, And leave them to their rest; But we will stir us gladly At our good king's behest. Our monarch he has spoken, " Where are my huntsmen true? We will build up a safety For all our fatherland ; With fervent trust in Heaven, With strong enduring hand!

Sleep calmly now, ye loved ones, Around our father's hearth. While 'gainst the foeman's weapons We boldly issue forth. Some will be home returning In victory, ere long, And then will be rejoicing. And joyful triumph song. With strength and glad emotion How ev'ry heart will bum. Afoot, or on our war-steeds. To the red field will we. Our God will show us favour; He greets us graciously. Ye huntsmen, all and each one. Charge hotly on the foe ; While fires of joy are burning, While yet life's sun doth glow!

Frederic, Baron de la Motte Fouqii6 born at Brandenburg in , died at Berlin, January, , is chiefly known in this country as the author of "Undine," and by a few readers as the writer of "Sintram and Ms Com- panions. He died in straitened circumstances, a pensioner on the bounty of the King of Prussia. SiMEOCK, in his admirable collection " Die Deutschen Volksbiicher," gives the name of " Volkslieder," Songs of the People, exclusively to those songs which are handed down by oral tradition from among the people themselves, having been written by unknown authors, and rescued from oblivion merely by the universal acceptation they found in the cottages of the peasants and at the fireside in the village inn.

The necessity for condensation, and the impossibility of giving more than a few specimens of each department, has occa- sioned the union of the two classes under one head in the present work. Taken as a whole, the " People's Songs" of Germany are honourably distinguished by a certain purity of tone and general healthiness of feeling. Many of the older songs inculcate the highest maxims of morality. Not a few among the historical songs go to prove that even so early as the time of the Emperor Charles V.

Some of the religious songs of the people are not unworthy of notice. It, it, it and it. It is a heavy blow. That, that, that and that. And turn to wander, Heaven knows where ; I go to seek my fortune A-marchin'. Thou, thou, thou and thou, Good master, fare thee well ; Now freely to your face I'll say, Your work don't please me anyway ; I'll go to seek my fortune A-marchin'.

You, you, you and you, Good mistress, fare you well ; Now to your face I'll tell you free, Your pork and cabbage won't suit me ; I'll go to seek my fortune A-marchin'. You, you, you and you, Dame Cookee, fare you well ; If better you had known your trade. Perchance with you I might have stayed ; I'll go to seek my fortune A-marchin'. Ye, ye, ye and ye, Fair maidens, fare ye well ; My parting wish for you is still That one may come my place to fiU ; I'll go to seek my fortune A-marchin'.

You, you, you and you. Good comrades, all farewell ; If I have wronged you any way, I would for your forgiveness pray ; I'll go to seek my fortune A-marchin'. Sie, sie, sie und sie, Frau Kochin, leb' sie wohl ; Hatt' sie's Essen besser angericht', Vielleicht sich war' gewandert nicht, Ich will mein Gliick probire', Marschiere'.

My truelove is pretty, thougli rich is not she. Handsome I'm not ; rich I have grown, And a whole bagful of money I own. Had I but three farthings more, I should have twelve kreutzers, sure. Oh, my truelove is pretty, though rich is not she. My truelove is good ; kind and winning is she. If she gives me one kiss, I'm as brave as can be; Dearer and richer than jewels and gold, Therefore my truelove' s heart I hold. Listen, townsmen, hear me tell Ten hath struck upon our bell ; God hath given commandments ten That we might be happy men. Nought avails that men should ward us, God will watch and God will guard us.

May he, of his boundless might, Give unto us all good night. Listen, townsmen, hear me tell Eleven hath struck upon our bell ; Eleven apostles went there forth, Teaching men through all the earth. Listen, townsmen, hear me tell Twelve hath struck upon our bell ; Twelve, time's turning point must be, Think, man, on eternity.

Bradley Strauss | ICI Meeting

Listen, townsmen, hear me tell One hath struck upon our bell ; One God all this world hath made ; Unto him all praise be paid. Listen, townsmen, hear me tell Two hath struck upon our bell ; Two ways before him man can see. Lord, in the right one lead thou me. Listen, townsmen, hear me tell Three hath struck upon our bell ; Three are sacred, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, three in one.

Now all stars must fade away — Quickly now must come the day ; Thank your God, who through each hour Kept you with a father's power. Nought avails that man should ward us, God will watch and God will guard us — May he, through his boundless might, Give to each of us good night. From Simrook's oolleotion of Volkslieder.

The formula generaDy used by the Grerman watchmen at the present day is less elaborate in its nature ; the same Terse being repeated after the lapse of each hour. Lobt Gott den Herm Listen, Gentlemen, hear me tell, hath struck upon the bell : Guard ye the fires and the candles all, That no harm to our town befall rraise God the Lord! The vintners and the maidens They cry " alas " and " oh! And, if there were no highway, I'd stay at home, I think ; And had the cask no bung-hole, Why, then I couldn't drink.

Die Wirthsleut' und die Madel, Die rufen beid, "0 weh! Three tailors came o'er the Rhine once on a time', And put up with mine host at Ingelheim, On the Rhine, on the Rhine. They had in their pouches no penny to pay. And yet most tremendously thirsty were they, All for wine, all for wine, " Mine host, not a penny of money have we. Yet far through the world have we travell'd all three, By the Rhine, by the Rhine ; And each one among us has learnt a thing That we'll teach to you, and good luck 'twill bring.

All for wine, all for wine. And threaded it through his needle bright, By the Rhine, by the Rhine ; And he mended a broken glass so well, That, which way the seam ran, none could tell. Through the wine, through the wine. This gnat a hole in its stocking had worn, Which, small as it was, the tailor did darn. The third in his hand took a needle tall. And fixed it firmly and deep in the wall.

By the Rhine, by the Rhine ; Then the lad through the eye of the needle did spring. Excepting that once, I ne'er saw such a thing. Quoth the innkeeper, " Surely such feats ne'er were played So to you, my young masters, my thanks must be paid, On the Rhine, on the Rhine. Among the innumerable songs of which the tailor is made the hero, there are few to be found in which the knight of the shears is not turned into ridicule and represented as the victim of a species of poetical injustice in the last verse.

He is usually thrown out of the window , or makes his exit in some equally ignominious manner. The Germans have a proverb respecting him to the effect that, — Seehzehn sieb' zehn Schneider gehen anf ein Pfund, TJnd wenn sie das nioht wiegen, so sind sie nicht gesnnd. Sixteen or seventeen tailors go to make a pound, And if they do not weigh it, they are not hale and sound. A notable exception to the general fate of the German song-taUor is found in the fortunes of the hero in the old song "Es woUt' ein Schneider wandern, zu Montag in der friih.

Full many a poet who lived long ago, Has liken' d our life to a journey, I know ; But none I've heard tell of has published abroad The stages we pass as we travel the road. At first we ride gently through childhood's domain; We're happily blind, so that sorrow in vain Lies skulking to watch our approach by the way ; We see but the flowers, and cry, " Oh, how gay! With many a jolt through the third stage we stray, Where cares matrimonial darken the way ; And the worst is that children, a numerous brood, Come flocking around us, all screaming for food.

The fourth stage is laden with sighs and with groans. From feeble old men and decrepit old crones ; On the box, as postillion, the scythe-bearer pale. Drives off with us wildly o'er hill and o'er dale. And travellers younger and stronger, they say. We don't have to do shit anymore. Sit back, trust the plan and enjoy the garbage fire that is Q. Very stupid. You think a plane hit the Pentagon? Where is the Hussein in muslim garb shooting at an American flag? Where is the HRC vid? Hillary indicted? Podesta indicted? Huma indicted? Wake up. POTUS needs your support. Maybe it is time for you to wake up and realize you have been played.

When all is said and done, many of you will be rounded up and arrested. Look around. Your actions will shut down the chans without "shills" having to do anything. What is wrong with you people? Find social interaction elsewhere. I think his name was Randy Newcomb? Knowing what we know now about "Wonderland" how much you wanna bet 1mil was for access to these children? A County 1 of 17 by landslide! And NOT the Q research kind. You keep on believing the lie. No need to thank us when the country is back on track and the criminals are in jail.

Be sure to say hi to George soros for me! The the election was rigged for Hillary Clinton to win with soros -backed voting machines.. If so. If that is the case you are making, then I would say "why yes, yes I AM ok with that - and thank you for asking". Memo shifts narrative. Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels. Narrative intercept [4am]. Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller. Shutdown Primary Reasons. Weaken military assets. Inc illegal votes. Black voters abandoning. The Great Awakening. Fight, Fight, Fight.

No, the problem is people jumping our border in the first place. The fact that our border is so easy to beat, and that soros orgs make it very easy for illegals to defraud our immigration system, and that democrat policies offer free money and services and other benefits to illegals, all create strong incentives for people to jump the border. This creates a market for coyotes' services, which creates a demand for unaccompanied children to use in asylum claims, etc. The dems and the leaky border are at fault for the humanitarian crisis—not Trump admin for enforcing our laws.

The app, Notifica Notify , is described in a Laredo, Texas news article as a tool to protect immigrants living in the U. With the click of a button, illegal aliens can alert family, friends and attorneys of encounters with federal authorities. Way to be a lying fuking kike. Foreign aid, climate change funds and a shit load of world wide gov money all borrowed from Rothschild controlled central banks is being transferred into cabal control via the soros network.

At the end of the day, this is a bottoms up operation, which means his minions and serfs will be felling le PAIN much sooner than him. By the end of this, getting him will be more of a symbolic habbening but important nonetheless, because he deserves it , it's not just him that needs to go, it's the whole network global of corruption and organized crime that is behind the globo-homo efforts.

I just hope Trump keeps the ziocunts in his administration under control while the Rothschild's ZOG gets terminated, cuz the zionist censorship is a huge threat to security because it incites violence by shutting down dialogue. Will mean the fork is already stuck in him. I think ZOG will be terminated before that happens first.

I am comfy and patient. Time for Congress to do the same here! No matter what. McMaster signs Internet Safety Pledge. Personal curiosity. Re-read crumbs. The location will allow startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to start or grow their company near Silicon Valley, without the need for a US work visa. The ship will be converted into a coworking and co-living space, and will have high-speed Internet access and daily transportation to the mainland via ferry boat. Palantir is used for anti-trafficking efforts Polaris. Is Palantir what discovered pizzagate? The charges were later dropped.

And strangely, Palantir's codename for company is Zorro. More to come…. Cos lately…………. I've asked to protect my country. Yet serei, is winning votes. Not that It will count moucj….. You should've asked home that soros pupet, that is called excenelcy…… how many months ago, i've asked that???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Such a honor, wjen a bilionaire pees on a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You. Bleach bit features. Carrie Austin's office. All you have to do is create a web site with a job application fake and stash say decent sized CP pictures way down at the bottom past where any kid would scroll while filling out an application.

The computer will cash the photos. I have advised all of my brothers to put their computers in their wives names to protect themselves. The situation with the courts and the loss of trial by jury is in severe dire straights right now. Only rich people get to go to court these days to keep up the appearance that the courts are still running trials by jury. They are not. The innocent are going to jail. Small sentences, sure, but there is no trial by jury anymore. That is why I was irritated when we had that post go by showing George soros was donating to all the local prosecutor races in the small towns in America.

These are the prosecutors who are corrupted. According to the "Twin Peaks" creator, the New World Order cabal are no longer able to Trump's superior intellect and are now cornered like "frightened children. He is undecided about Donald Trump. No one is able to counter this guy in an intelligent way. Like children, they are. Trump has shown all this. The billionaire globalist who financed of countless Color Revolutions all across the world told the Washington Post that he was "living in [his] own bubble" due to failing to forsee Trump's meteoric rise.

What you being paid Disinfo-shill? No - Planer. Morsi was Egypt's first democratically elected president after the January 25 Revolution toppled Hosni Mubarak, but he was deposed by the military general turned President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi one year later.

In a panel of UK MP's led by Crispin Blunt reported that the conditions he was being held in could amount to torture and that the refusal to administer medical care could result in his premature death. Many have died from lack of access to appropriate medical care. Despite claims from the Attorney General that Morsi was "transported immediately to hospital," witnesses told the Independent that "no one bothered to help.

Morsi, an expert on precision metal surfaces, also worked with NASA in the early s, helping to develop Space Shuttle engines. Morsi was a lecturer at Zagazig University's engineering department until First democratically elected President of Egypt. You mean the local grocery store was looted and burned down for nuthin?!? I have to travel 30 miles now for food.. Liberals are fucking stupid. The overthrow of Mubarak seemed like a soros clown op. Morsi was a compromuse between liberals, MB, and Salafists. Such a compromise had very little chance of working.

I still believe that removing Morsi and moving forward the election of Al Sisi involved US military assisting Egyptian military to turn back cabal control over Egypt. I think the grand Q operation was done on a smaller scale in Egypt before the US. My Egyptian friend, learning English, had three SIM cards for his phone, enabling three sets of social media accounts.

He told me he was "undercover". Years later I think he mistranslated, he meant he was "anonymous". Morsi was a trainwreck for Egypt, the compromise candidate few people wanted. Al Sisi, the current president, is much more the traditional leader of the country. Muslim Brotherhood is a powerful political force toward Islamism, they are not known as terrorists.

A takeover by MB would mean a whole different way of life in Egypt, an upheaval. More liberty that way. The State has not received the request. In most instances, identifying information was redacted by the requestor furthering the unusualness of the request. Since that time, it has been discovered through media reports that the request is probably associated with a group called 'Priorities USA Foundation,'" Senyko said. We had already begun to share this with the FBI in Detroit as well.

The clerk then googled that additional information. Please share with our law enforcement contacts. The group sought information on Election Day ballots and related materials, absentee ballots and related materials, provisional ballots and related materials, and recount records. The statement was released after information had already been shared with the FBI, the same day the chief of staff in Michigan's secretary of state's office shared the information with the DHS cybersecurity adviser, and one day before the adviser said his team would review the provided information.

He was commissioned to lead voter-related efforts from its nonprofit arm, which would build a national database "intended to serve as a one-stop inventory of restrictive voting measures" to be shared with other liberal organizations. The general and the left tennants sp. We know you have soros ' home Hillary. Theory; Dems are under our control. This is the show. They're under control. Following a script.

He's the sure way of winning. Between his hugs and China dealings. Some seem to refuse to play the game. Obama, Hillary, soros , rouge elements inside the letter agencies. They try with limited power to take back what they had. They have too much going against them. The ones being difficult are the ones that will face public scrutiny?

The real war, Outside forces. Those outside America. China for example. This is where the hardest part is done. Keeping control of a story like China spying on us for years. Correcting it. And not going to war through it all. The Pre Rally Bread Edition. The more the better to incite self deportation. There is no way the fed is going to be able to round up and deport 30 M. Just need a rumor to start also that all their goods will be confiscated if they are caught. They will run like hell back. Maybe take matters into their own hands on the soros operatives when they do.

Trump is cleaning up the illegal voter rolls before But don't worry as you sit on your couch pretending to be a animal like a good little brainwashed actor. Notice you never ever once talked about Bush's involvement an being looked at or charges being looked at? Funny you never exposed the GHW Bush was "detained" in the room right next to Oswald, minutes after his assination? Funny hey? Then what about GHW's grandpa? One Prescott Bush. Wasn't he charged and found guilty in by a Congressional DC Highest court of a Attempted Coup and overthrow of America and our President at the time?

What are the odds' that 3 Bush family members, in 80 years, were involved in 3 Presidental Attempts to Coup America? How many times before its impossible to not see the crime family? Remember one George soros? Funny that he was involved with Prescott Bush to steal all the wealth Hitler stolen, and sent it all to Prescott, who sold it in the US and sent their cut of the profits back to one George soros and Hilter? Doesn't that explain why George soros is never ever charged or looked at on all the Coup organization he funds? Just he's rich and connected to one Bush Deep State, whom you all just happen to ignore on these boards….

So name 1 loaf ever cooked? Guess GW murdering all the towers deaths is less important then the money HRC and few murders she ordered to hid her crimes? Tragic accident, or murder? Who died on the Titanic? What class of people were guaranteed a lifeboat? Why did select individuals not make it into the lifeboats? FactsMatter QPosts. Online The crumb is very long and mentions Hitler, soros , Merkel, the creation of the Fed, also the Hindenberg.

We urgently need to examine not only the crime, but also the circumstances that led to this deed. We have as little to do with the underground scene from which the accused culprit Stefan E. On the contrary, we have been warning of this kind of development for a long time, which has produced a social and political polarization where such despicable extremism could flourish. We, the German free media, are resolutely pro-Israel and tolerant of homosexuals due to our liberal-conservative values, and were often targeted by the far right for this reason.

Thank you soros anon. His prefers his Gaylord bacon mit Berliner und saurkrauters auf lederhosen. Schumer brand Gaylord hams have a double gasketed feature. Very unfair to the United States! One year delta for D. Australian Broadcasting Corp? POTUS signalling?

As does CONgress. Chief Investigator for soros -Backed St. Greitens In the soros -backed St. And it worked. Gardner took money from a soros -backed PAC during the election. Former Missouri Governer Eric Greitens was indicted in February on invasion of privacy charges for taking a photo of a naked mistress before he ran for governor. The woman claimed it was very traumatizing. The woman also admitted she went back to Eric's house later that same day for more sex. The charges were announced by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. This was politically motivated take down of the very popular Republican governor.

Q prevented a falsely engineered civil war in America. On the surface, Q is a backchannel communication program designed by the Trump administration maintaining plausible deniability while feeding misinformation to bad actors to create chaos and narrative confusion among their ranks. Some Q connections are confirmed while others are broken or plainly false.

We already know Trump's white house strategy involves controlled leaks of all kinds coming from various angles to expose deep state agents, discredit the media and exercise control of the narrative. Think of Q as just one version of this strategy playing out in the Patriot anon's online technosphere. Every time a major player or news organization prints a story that turns out to be completely false, that is more evidence of Q-like intelligence channels feeding misinformation intentionally to achieve an objective.

Secondarily, Q is a catch-all to deescalate 'at risk' military aged patriots from organizing any counter revolution or violent fomentation by opening up at least some level of communication direct to his support base. Q occupies us and leads us away from violent and vengeful thinking while Trump and his team carries out Plan A. Imagine a world where all we had was Trump's twitter and the MSM.

I don't believe patriots would have unilaterally agreed to allow the charade to continue as it unfolded over the past two years. If you are mad at Q, I challenge you to see it for what it actually is. If you are upset that your time was wasted.. In reality, the worst case is that ultimately Trump fails and we are forced to finally take care of the matter ourselves.. However, it is foolish to attempt anything now while at least our apparent ally holds the seat of power in the country.

Vigilance yes. Violence, No. Not just yet. If there was anything "Q" that was objectively accurate from a future past perspective, it was the assurance of the insulation of POTUS during the special counsel investigation when every news agency vehemently reported that Mueller was indeed going to take out Trump. In my opinion, patriots would not have been able to contain that level of pressure. Without Q, I think there is no doubt we would have experienced Nationalist patriot coordinated attacks on globalist controlled infrastructure. With the global media at large, the "white Nazi resurgence" narrative would have been completed and America itself would be in a position not unlike pre-war s Germany in view of the rest of the world.

Overlord All Openings & Endings Collection (S1, S2, S3)

Very easy to convince the globalist controlled European states to rise up against the great Nazi America beast as righteous anti-racist coalition and essentially re-enact World War II geopolitics in a sickening casting reversal. This destabilization program is why the democrat left seems to be in another world. They actually are. It is very real to them. The language they continue to use in describing Trump and his base is the ultimate window into the social engineering the globalists have attempted to enact.

When you feel the urge to civil war, try to keep this in mind. Now we can all watch the next months unfold and evaluate in retrospect if Trump has accomplished enough to warrant our further support of a second term and ongoing peaceful civic responsibility. George soros has been funding non-profits whose sole purpose is to teach economic migrants and other invaders how to lie and defraud the American asylum system, and even setting some of them up with unaccompanied minors to strengthen their claims.

None of these people need actual asylum, and even if they did, I'm not interested in letting them in. We are already fucking infested and I want that trend reversed. We don't need more immigrants from Mexico or any other parts of Central or South America, Africa, or any fucking where else, unless those people are highly skilled college graduates helping to fill high-end jobs that are not being filled by Americans. No, we do not need them as fruit pickers, maids, landscapers, construction workers, nannies, or anything else.

Able-bodied Americans can do those jobs, but there are a few problems: those Americans would rather collect a free paycheck, they think they are "too good" for those jobs, the markets are saturated and wages for that kind of labor have been depressed for decades along with the expectation of safe working conditions and benefits in some of them, and it's really hard for Americans to break into some of those industries presently because nearly everyone working in them speaks Spanish.

We need to deport absolutely all illegal aliens; whether they snuck in or simply overstayed a legal visa, KICK THEM OUT and record their identifying details in the immigration system so that they are forbidden from returning legally. Let them take the skills they've learned and go improve the countries they came from.

Spend time and resources processing legal immigration applications and let those with something to offer rather than looking for a handout enter the country. Force Americans on welfare and other federal and state assistance programs to get their asses to work—ANY work—or cut off their benefits. No more full disability benefits for "muh PTSD" and other NEET illnesses they use to avoid work so they can fap to anime all day long on other people's dime. Let them go pick tomatoes until they stop being fucking fat and useless or let them rot on the side of the road! Our country being flooded with fucking illegals who'll work for half the wages and zero benefits is one of the major reasons this shit can continue going on.

END IT. Comin' Down Edition. Updated Notables All feedback considered and added. TY fags. The Gateway Pundit later reported that Gardner and her chief investigator withheld information in their case against Greitens. Kim Gardner chose not to have the St. Senator John McCain and the U. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland repeatedly attended political protests in another country.

June 12222

In the picture below, McCain is standing on the stage next to Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the far-right group called Svoboda, which uses a not-so-subtle logo that combines "N" and "Z. Imagine if Russian or Chinese officials were performing similar stunts at anti-U. Victoria Nuland also admitted during a speech in that the U. Here's a link to a 1-min video of her speech. But soros ' own group? Getting Jews to go to Israel to justify the zionist land grabs that are still going on to this day.

WHY does nothing critical of trump get past the meh stage? Suck my dick. I am getting more and more disbelieving that Trump is on our side. I think he just is better at sounding like he's on our side. I remember the night Obama won, and I thought, surely a black man who knows the struggle will do right by our country. I was SO excited…I did not vote for him the second time. Neither did I whine and cry for four more years. I just avoided paying the illegal fee for not being able to afford health insurance and waited it out.

Flash forward to election. Once again… I wish every day Ron Paul had Trump's money…what I think we need is an assassination squad that has the damn balls to take out the people who continually get away with horrific crimes because they are rich and well-connected. Look at pedo rapist Bryan Singer as an example…nothing is ever going to be done about it. How is it possible that with all the damage George soros has done to the world that someone somewhere has not popped that bastard's head off?

Why do we continue to tolerate this, why do we continue to feed on the fucking HOPE they feed us? HA Obama ran on hope and change. I voted for hope and got short changed. Obama brought us to the edge, Trump is going to slam the knife home. You know how I know this? Not a single thing and our border is kindly allowing millions this year alone ILLEGAL aliens, this is illegal it is already against the law…and Trump et al do nothing about it.

That is how I know is is not serious at all about illegal immigration. He could enforce the law, and cut the jobs off…but he will not because not only do HIS companies hire illegal aliens, most of his wealthy donors do too. Fix election laws so illegals cannot vote, or enforce the damn employment laws and make it fucking STING for hiring an illegal. The cost to citizens is horrific. And why are not one of you asking this? They underestimated people's ability to separate the soros Truth he spoke from then Marian Space Slaves and Spider Goat bullshit.

Everyone keeps talking about foreign interference…….. George worked incredibly hard on this book and it's fantastic! A must-read for the summer! The conservative Hungarian leader made his comments on broadcaster Kossuth Radio, saying his party Fidesz would be looking to support those who back the sovereignty of nations rather than bureaucrats in Brussels, according to a press release. Here are more suspicious findings and excellent reporting about their Ukraine operations. And what of this question: "One wonders, with the Ebola crisis in the Congo, how are their citizens acquiring documentation and safe travel to the U.

Obama is just another sycophant enriching himself at the expense of others. At some point the accumulation of philanthropic funds, NGOs, foundations and syndicate political interests become a de facto government. If the syndicate interests are globally inter stitched among global networks of NGOs, foundations, capital trusts and well-funded programs and employment in pursuit of transnational political hegemony to subordinate the current nation states of the world, well then. What would that look like? Who would be doing what in America and around the world? How would the self-appointed American elite be behaving?

Seems to be a lot of that going around. Pray for Trump. Who was arrested in SA? Who was killed in SA? Who fired? Who really fired? Why would we fire?

Follow the money. Who pulls the strings? Strings detached. Open season on puppets. Who are the puppets? Where are the puppets? Secret agents. Cooper family background? Follow the keyword designators Theyre as bad as soros shills. Q has been seriously slacking on the redpills, and information. Its downright devastating to supporters that have worked and bled to get to this point. Fucking criminals. I think that the real reason for these trips is to re-establish secure comms with DS operators still in-country.

But it's all in QResear. There are lots of resources there, especially on Institute for Strategic Management, which has tons of funding from the US DoD, among other things, even tho it's located in London. Has soros paid you enough to run off anons? And then Holly vape pen announced in its best Yahweh impersonation;"dost thou danielfaggot play the shitty flute also? The assholes who were ok with this plan are still out there, and need to be located. They need to have their jobs taken away. FEMA is being turned into a weapon to be used by the international globalists against the citizens when comes time to get everyone off their land and into city apartments under the UN "Biodiversity Treaty" that the Senate almost signed.

Katrina was a test run to see if they could run door to door and collect the guns like they were able to do in Poland. My dad told me it only worked in Poland because the Nazi's killed off all the farm animals and starved the polish out in six weeks. I suspect this was the real reason for their attempts to gps chip all the cows, pigs, etc on American farms about 10 years back. That Constitution really has been a firewall, and saving our asses for quite some time.

But the fire wall will not last much longer without our firm support as a nation. That means voting like your life depends on it to keep these people out of office. Will we ever know who George soros is funding before the elections? Need that info on the local prosecutor level too, but do not know how to find it. We all know or should know that it was Rothschild who provided Millions of Dollars to soros in the s. Started the Quantum Fund. Takes instructions from Rothschild. Dual Citizen? Sorry, I should know, but, it has not been clear what his citizenship is.

How does he manage his vast empire… electronically? What kind of program would do that? Where and when does he move his money around? The money gave Tafti and Descano a significant financial advantage over the incumbents, despite their lack of experience. The Washington Post reported that while the two challengers have never prosecuted a case in a state court, they beat candidates with more than 60 years of experience between them.

Both were also boosted by Democratic former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who said Stamos and Morrogh pushed back against his effort to restore voting rights of convicted felons after they serve their time. His preferred candidates have for the most part won their races. Krasner won by a wide margin.