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Foundation has funded pilot projects in Sacramento and Los Angeles counties. In the California Democracy School Civic Learning Initiative, Los Angeles County trained teachers in civics learning in participating high schools and infused civics in the curriculum. Savanna High is one of those schools. Her award has three levels of distinction, and Herczog said there could be levels of commendation, like gold, silver and bronze for the Seal of Civic Engagement, to recognize degrees of effort and achievement.

Click here to cancel reply. We welcome your comments. All comments are moderated for civility, relevance and other considerations. Click here for EdSource's Comments Policy. Kudos to California for stepping up the emphasis on civic duty and knowledge about the world in which we live. Community service absolutely should be included in the criteria to award the California Seal of Civic Engagement. Over 20 million student service hours have been logged and verified through x2VOL and every day, we see how giving time in service to others helps students develop empathy and leadership skills.

Service broadens their world view in … Read More. Service broadens their world view in ways well beyond what we can teach in the classroom. I just loved this book. It has been awhile since reading the last book and the author put the epilogue of that book in as a prologue in this book. That really helped him to reconnect with the character, Warrick. I loved the relationship development between Warrick and Penny.

It was really believable. The plot was beautifully written as well.

Seal of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of LT Michael P. Murphy, USN by Gary Williams

Before I knew it the book was over and now I'm looking forward to Tanner's story. Mayer is really gifted with story-telling. I could read these stories all the time and not get bored. The plots in each are so amazing. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Customer Reviews See All. Tuesday's Child. Dec 10, Shania Crowhurst rated it it was amazing. I started reading this book to understand why the CNO of the Navy placed this book under the category he did, but now I understand. To me it fits under all 3 of categories, not just one.

Everytime a new CNO comes to office, they make a list of books that sailors should read. This being said, this has to be one of my favorite book that I have read. It is really telling about the life of LT Micheal Murphy.

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Amazing The story of a true American hero- I was in tears a few times while reading this one. If you read Lone Survivor, you'll want to read this one too.

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If you haven't read it, you'll want to once you read this. Feb 19, Dina rated it it was amazing Shelves: nonfiction. I can't recommend this book enough. I hardly ever give five astars. Even though you know the ending, his story, bravery, compassion and determination are worth paying tribute to. At the verh least, do him the respect of reading this. Mar 18, Mary Parsons lucchetti rated it it was amazing. Excellent book. This young man gave his all and then some. I felt like I knew him personally after I finished reading the book. What an amazing individual he was!!

A huge thank you to all of our men and women who do and did sacrifice their lives each and every day so we may have our freedom. Dec 31, Chuck rated it it was amazing. An amazing story about an amazing American Hero. Great book Thank God for the wonderful men and women who have fought and died to preserve freedom for all Americans, even those who do not appreciate it. Jun 01, John F.

SEAL of Honor: Operation Red Wings and the Life of LT. Michael P. Murphy, USN

I highly recommend this book! Jan 04, Michael Noirot rated it really liked it. This was a very well researched book. The author did a fantastic job explaining the structure of the SEALs and the difficulties in becoming a Frogman. I am in awe of Lt Michael Murphy. RIP, frogman! May 21, Lyndsey Brown rated it really liked it. You only need to read the first half of the book:. Mar 19, Nicole rated it it was amazing.

Seal of Honor

Heartbreaking, but informative for those seeking inside intel on the elite forces of the military. Apr 25, Thomas rated it it was ok. While a decent review of the life of a true hero, I was expecting more like a loan survivor follow up. It was ok but didn't fill my wanting to get to really know this amazing man! Mar 11, Kevin rated it it was amazing. Their position was given away by goat herders who stumbled across their position.

The SEALS had to make a decision to either let the herders go, who obviously did not like the presence of the American soldiers, or execute them, which w To get a true picture of what Michael Murphy endured, you should also read Marcus Lutrell's Lone Survivor. The SEALS had to make a decision to either let the herders go, who obviously did not like the presence of the American soldiers, or execute them, which would have been a big problem on a couple fronts.

First, the media would have crucified them and they probably would have faced criminal charges, and they would have had to deal with hundreds of goats who were left unattended with bells around their necks. This would have also alerted the Taliban of their presence. They let them go, and the a-holes pardon my French reported their presence to the Taliban and were soon attacked by large numbers of Taliban fighters.

They fought gallantly on that mountain range. Falling back literally off of cliffs several times but inflicting quite a casualty toll on the Taliban before finally getting overrun. Murphy, in his final act of unbelievable heroism, ran out into the open to make a cell phone call for help where he could get a signal, was shot twice - once in the back and once in the neck, and went back to fighting with his comrades. During the rescue effort, the chopper was shot down my an RPG, and a total of 16 special OPS soldiers died during the operation.

This book is more of the tale of Murphy's life, and what a life he led. He was a true hero, and was awarded the US Navy's highest aware, the Medal of Honor, post-posthumously. Americans should read this book to see the unbelievable courage of these SEALS and to get an inkling of debt that we owe to these guys for fighting for our freedom and the free world. Aug 03, Mark Sequeira added it. Seal Of Honor is the story of Lt.

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This book is in some sense the sequel to 'Lone Survivor' with very little overlap between them. Actually only 25 pages or so, from pgs actually talk about Murphy's time in Afghanistan. So if you are looking for a page-turner to take on the plane or beach, this is NOT it. The book spends it's time talking about Murphy's family and fiancee and how they heard the news of his death, his memorial and funeral arrangements and procession, then goes on for quite some time about SEAL training and structure, The book has a hushed tone and indeed I felt that way myself reading through it.

However, it feels 'long' as memorial services and funerals usually do. Oct 23, William Casey rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was not a very hard book to comprehend, which I liked because the purpose of this book was to inform the public on a navy SEAL that fought bravely for his country in operation Red Wings, a mission where he fought and was killed in Afghanistan.

It is hard to read at times when the book describes his family's feelings and reaction to his death. I thought that the author had a lot of good facts about what happened, and about the lives of those who served in th I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought that the author had a lot of good facts about what happened, and about the lives of those who served in the mission.

The author, when describing those that died on the mission, showed the soldiers military achievement and a brief summary of the burial. That really helped me gain an appreciation for what the men and women of the military do everyday to protect us and the nation that we live in.

US Navy Seal Team Operation in Afghanistan (Gameplay Medal Of Honor)

I also gained an appreciation for all of the hard work that goes in to making a mission and everything that the commanders must take into account before deploying their soldiers into battle. The book thoroughly described the thought process of everyone involved, from the families involved to the soldiers in battle, which gave me many different viewpoints for this event in history. I found that very helpful, however I would warn readers that it is sad when Michael and his fellow soldiers die in battle because they sacrificed so much and they were killed defending America.

This book is a great read that really gives insight on what happens in the everyday lives of military soldiers and their families. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those who are interested in America's military. A stirring biographical look at the life of Lt. This book is an incredible companion piece to Marcus Luttrell's "Lone Survivor".

The two books compliment each other so perfectly, one might think they were written side-by-side. In fact, Gary Willams and the family of the late Murphy weren't even aware of Luttrell's book until it was released. While Luttrell's primary focus is the events surrounding the A stirring biographical look at the life of Lt.

While Luttrell's primary focus is the events surrounding the deaths of his fellow SEALs on that fateful day, "SEAL of Honor" takes a heartfelt look at Michael Murphy's life as a whole, almost forensically detailing his relationship with family and friends. This biography will pull at your heartstrings and truly humanizes Murphy as a man first and foremost, inside of his military service. That is not to say Murphy's military career isn't covered in full, as well it should be -- he is among the most-distinguished Navy officers in the modern era, if not in history.

His efforts during the mission that would ultimately cost him his life also serve to exemplify just what a heroic, selfless man Lt.

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Murphy truly was. Michael Murphy's contributions to military service and society live on through his leadership examples for future officers, and for all who knew him, or come to know him in this book. A very moving story that instills some faith in humanity, at least for me. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Gary Williams. Gary Williams. Librarian note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Books by Gary Williams. Trivia About Seal of Honor: Op No trivia or quizzes yet.