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Other audiences examined a kind of collectivity; throwing furniture across the stage, uniting as an orchestra of rain-makers, collecting their own bacteria, and imagining themselves as birds All Ears , Her newest project, In Many Hands , wades further into these experiences. With In Many Hands Kate dives into the tactile and the multi-sensory, inviting the audience to test, touch, listen, search and sniff. This project steps away from the stage — instead bringing the audience into a series of aesthetic sensory situations, and inviting them to experiment with materials and encounter physical phenomena themselves.

I followed the directions that others called out to me, and there was space for me.


These are my people. I feel connection with them. The fact that they are often from the far corners of the earth just reinforces that feeling for me. These people are trying to do what am I trying to do. At the conference, I had the privilege of sharing images and the story of a quilt made by my friend, feminist activist and former Associate Dean of Education in our faculty, Rebecca Albury.

How many stars do you see? More than you might notice at first. For me, OER19 as a community and a conference was attuned to the politics of small details, of choosing what to notice and choosing what to think about.

I have colleagues who think deeply about their shoes you know who you are , but I just wear the exact same shoes every day, unless I change them for the same boots. Yet even with my limited footwear, I know about the breathtaking cost and social exclusion performed by shoes of all kinds.

One Simple Yet Powerful Idea.

Shoetweets can mark the moment when people, hitherto only known to each other via digital connections, became embodied to each other, became holistic people, and the pictures of their shoes together proves that physical co-presence to themselves and to others. Martin Hawksey , more than assisted by wing-footed Harry Lamb with roving microphone, worked patiently to assemble the conference livestream and recording. Participants brought their whole selves, listening, sitting on the floor, sharing scissors, asking good questions, sharing outwards to their networks, sketchnoting.

Volunteer communities femedtech and vconnecting contributed planning, labour and time.

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We are starting to see the stitches coming apart in education systems that have depended on the dark pact made between labour and love. Loving what you do is becoming toxic for individuals trying to piece together higher education careers, as they are shredded by precarity and overwork.

The logical progression of this is that the system has self-infected and is itself now falling to bits. The damage caused by long-term neglect of how humans actually work can no longer be patched up. What would change about governance, HR, quality assurance, marketing, rankings, policy work and strategy if an ethic of care could be clearly articulated, that had respect for human dignity and sustainability at its heart?

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And what would we change about conferences? What would an ethic of care change about their architecture, their assumptions and their privileges? As one of the event sponsors, Reclaim Hosting team were a warm, creative presence.

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Lauren Brumfield explained this to me: being at a conference is an intentionally community-facing practice for them, consistent with their vision for reclaimed digital identity for learners and institutions. This really is something to notice: an ethic of care that shows up in the fine print when money is on the table.

I think this is a considerate practice, but what it masks is how long it took to write. If we are to try to repair the conditions that make open writing sustainable, we need to recognise that writing begins alone in the deep, extended labour of thinking time. But like Rebecca says, there is both thinking time and sewing time, and through all of it, there is the time of talking it over with others.

From the moment the idea, or the problem, of writing is shared, writing is inherently for the social. So this piece of writing is itself a little quilt, the prosocial work of many hands who contributed to my time at OER If you want to read others, try the OER19 timeline , or this conference page where some other posts are being kept.

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The time of joining others in reading what they have written is real work, so maybe make a cup of tea. Indy Project. About Us. Indy Read more. Load more. Not readable?