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We respect your privacy. Then close variants came into the mix, and that definition has steadily morphed over the past few years. First, the inclusion of plurals, misspellings and other similar variants came in , and then, in , different word order and function words took hold. On Thursday, Google announced another change to what are considered close variants of an exact match keyword to include variations that share the same meaning as the keyword, including implied words and paraphrases. The exact words are no longer the sole trigger for your ads to show on exact match keywords.

The key, says Google, is that the meaning and intent of the query match the keyword.

Canario Variations

Google offers the example of the exact match keyword [yosemite camping]. Expanding the realm of exact match keywords, the thinking goes, gives advertisers more opportunities to show their ads for those kinds of queries without having to build out exhaustive lists. Machine learning can help fill in these gaps. I have reconstructed a few of them here. Lupi seems to use the words dritto and manco as opposites, in the place of destro and sinistro which are used to indicate right and left by the other authors.

They possibly mean front or leading foot, and back or trailing foot, so that instead of having to repeat each passeggio he can give the detail for it once only and then it can be done with the same instructions on opposite feet. The length of Lupi's passeggi appear to vary. Some I have best been able to reconstruct as 12 bars, while others are 4 or possibly 8 bars long. Since there appears to be a fair amount of Canario music in 16 and 32 bar variations, as well as Negri's 17 bar variation, it is probable that these passeggi were assembled, on the fly as it were, into a longer variation.

For example, a 12 bar passeggio could be combined with a 4 bar passeggio to fit 16 bars of music. Repeated on opposite feet it could make 32 bars of music. A simple 4 bar passeggio repeated 4 times on alternate feet could also make a 16 bar mutanza. It does appear that Lupi's passeggi were the building blocks of his own, and other larger mutanze.

Un seguito spezzato con il manco, con due trabuchetti ichisati, e due battute, con il dritto, e manco, con un triglio battuto con il dritto, con due coruetti a deitro col manco, e dritto, con tre battute d'un piede a l'altro. Two coruetti, both to the direction of the trailing foot, the first with the leading foot and then with the trailing foot.

Una battuta in balzetto con il manco, un'altra con il dritto, con due battute con il manco, e dritto, con un trabuchetto tracacciato con il manco. Un seguito spezzato con il manco, un'altro con il dritto, singendo di andarinanti, e tornar in dietro con quattro battute caminate con il manco, altre quattro caminate con il dritto, con un trabuchetto rebattuto al manco, con due seguiti battuti con il dritto, e manco. Turn around and walk back towards your starting place with 4 steps, stamping each one, turning to your trailing side.

Turn back towards your leading side, returning to place with 4 more stamped steps, finish by facing forwards again.

Long-term variations in water balance components for Croatia

Do a trabuchetto to your trailing side, ending by stamping your foot down as you close the trabuchetto, and then stamping again with the closing foot. I have used four small passi. Two sliding steps, forwards, with a kick at the end of each one sliding forwards again slightly in each kick. Simulation of long-range transport aerosols from the Asian continent to Taiwan by a south- ward Asian high-pressure system. Total Environ. Fang, G. Seasonal variations and sources study by way of back trajectories and ANOVA for ambient air pollutants particulates and metallic elements within a mixed area at Longjing, central Taiwan: 1-year observation.

Health 39 , 99— Garcia-Menendez, F. The role of natural variability in projections of climate change impacts on U. Gidhagen, L. Modeling effects of climate change on air quality and population exposure in urban planning scenarios. Leung, L. Potential regional climate change and implications to US air quality. Pommier, M. Impact of regional climate change and future emission scenarios on surface O 3 and PM 2. Impact of regional climate changes on meteorological characteristics and their subsequent effect on ozone dispersion in Taiwan.

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Hou, P. Long-term changes in extreme air pollution meteorology and the implications for air quality. Fiddes, S. Synoptic weather evolution and climate drivers associated with winter air pollution in New Zealand. Mu, Q. Simulation of the interannual variations of aerosols in China: role of variations in meteorological parameters.

Kim, H.

All the longer variations of Rose you can think of?

Recent increase of surface particulate matter concentrations in the Seoul metropolitan area, Korea. Hsu, H. Observed and projected climate change in Taiwan. Atmospheric Phys. Shiu, C. Diurnally asymmetric trends of temperature, humidity, and precipitation in Taiwan. Lee, C. Long-term — trend analysis of PM 2. Chen, S.

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Recent improvement in air quality as evidenced by the island-wide monitoring network in Taiwan. Chang, S. Evaluation of the trend of air quality in Taipei, Taiwan from to Jung, C. Incorporating long-term satellite-based aerosol optical depth, localized land use data, and meteorological variables to estimate PM 2. Dee, D. Wang, H. Sherwood, S. Atmospheric changes through as shown by iteratively homogenised radiosonde temperature and wind data IUKv2.

Horton, D. Occurrence and persistence of future atmospheric stagnation events. Liu, J.

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The impact of urbanization on wind speed and surface aerodynamic characteristics in Beijing during — Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics , — Lopes, A. Urban boundary layer wind speed reduction in summer due to urban growth and environmental consequences in Lisbon. Model Softw. Zhang, X. The interdecadal worsening of weather conditions affecting aerosol pollution in the Beijing area in relation to climate warming. Chen, L. Wind speed trends over China: quantifying the magnitude and assessing causality. Fu, G.

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Temporal variation of wind speed in China for — Niu, F. Increase of wintertime fog in China: potential impacts of weakening of the Eastern Asian monsoon circulation and increasing aerosol loading. Wang, S. Transport characteristics of Chinese haze over Northern Taiwan in winter, — Quantifying PM 2. Zhang, Z. Significant decrease of PM 2. Wang, X. Zheng, B. Junker, C. Evaluation of the effect of long-range transport of air pollutants on coastal atmospheric monitoring sites in and around Taiwan. Castellanos, P. Reductions in nitrogen oxides over Europe driven by environmental policy and economic recession.

Download references. The contents of this study are solely the responsibility of the grantee and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Taiwan EPA.

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Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Atmospheric dynamics Environmental impact. Abstract With emission control efforts, the PM 2. Introduction Fine particulate matter PM 2. Figure 1. Full size image. Figure 2. Figure 3. Table 1 Annual variation ratio of the PM 2. Full size table.

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Figure 4. Figure 5. Figure 6. Figure 7. Figure 8. Discussion The gradual decline in the PM 2. Methods We examined variations in meteorological conditions caused by regional climate change and studied the implications of these variations on surface PM 2. References 1. Article Google Scholar 3. CAS Google Scholar 6.