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Being torn between two loves is never fun. If we do not follow what God has led us to do and be, we are sacrificing faithfulness to God in order to please people, i. But if we stay on course, we seem uncaring to the people we are supposed to love and minister to. Perhaps, church, you can consider this:. The kingdom of God is not about you. You are not the focus. You are not the center of attention.

In fact, every call of Jesus towards faithfulness, discipleship, relationship with Him, is a call to die to ourselves. That means our opinions, preferences, values, ideas.

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Help us faithfully lead the church by not being a stumbling block in our way. What we need are men and women, young and old, who love Jesus so much that their focus becomes how we can, as a church, become more faithful to Him in the way we do church and live our lives. Ministry is hard. You take a lot of hits. You get a lot of criticism. Barry is one of my favorite people on the planet. A few years ago, I was leading a serve team Barry and his wife were on. He was probably in his late sixties.

Letters to Pastors’ Wives, Written to You - The Aquila Report

The church we were at was very contemporary. The music was loud, very well produced, and high energy. People who understand that the mission is more important. I struggle with this. Excellent article. Very thought provoking. These are good thoughts for all of us church members. Ministers do not have a one hour a week job.

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An Open Letter to Pastors (Hint: You’ll Want to Read This One)

Privacy Policy. Perhaps, church, you can consider this: The kingdom of God is not about you. Sincerely, Church Pastors. Share on WhatsApp. ODJ: pleasing God.

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Lightning flickered, tress shifted uneasily beneath sudden gusts of air. Now comes the sound of thunder, slowly increasing as the lightning grew nearer, its distant mutter becoming and angry growl and then an earsplitting CRACK! With a shriek of wind, laboring clouds give birth to torrents of falling water.

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Parking lots turn into seething lakes and city streets into rivers. How would you describe the peace of God? I feel it in the cool, fragrant air that drives away the heat of the day. I see it in starlight and moonlight illuminating the breaking canopy above. Heat and pressure are inescapable, if we choose not to live out our lives in places sealed tight against the sky. The world seems to be changing at breakneck speed.

Even among the young, life today is significantly different from what we may remember just a few years ago. Chances are we have different attitudes about the transition we experience. Some we would consider positive — even essential. We recognize that they improve the world around us.

For example, advancements in health care can add to the quality and longevity of our lives. And it would be a sacrifice for many of us to go back to a time before cell phones or microwaves. Other transitions, however, may be rather disquieting; especially in a time when it seems that we may be retreating from the principles of justice and opportunity that has helped define us as a society.

1 Timothy-Hebrews: Letters to Pastors & to a Church Struggling to Believe

Times like these challenge us to look at the world around us, or even ourselves, a bit differently. We find comfort in that which is familiar and expected. But the Jesus Movement has always been about transition. God did not bring us a Messiah in order for us to remain the same, but that we, and the world around us, might be transformed through the love and justice of the Good News. We are Christians because God has intervened to bring hope and New Life to us and our neighbors.

Change is not always easy, even for the church as we seek to make the Good News relevant in a new age.

Letters to Pastors' Wives: When Seminary Ends and Ministry Begins (Stewart)

But God is always there to guide us through the transitions of life and remind us of what is truly important, and truly constant; that the grace and truth made real in Jesus Christ is always a part of life, filling us with hope and possibility. Peace, Pastor Jim. The time is coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and Judah Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ. Everybody loves Lent. Lent, which began on Ash Wednesday, February 14th this year , and continues through Easter on April 1st, is a season of prayer and reflection as we spiritually walk with Jesus as he willing- ly made his way to Jerusalem; knowing that what awaited him there was a cross.

The season concludes with Holy Week, which begins with Jesus entry into the Holy City on Palm Sunday March 25th , and continues through his celebrating the Last Supper with his original disciples on Maundy Thursday, followed by his betrayal, mock trial and crucifixion on Good Friday. It is hard to think of such tragic and unjust events as celebrations. Why would anyone want to celebrate the pain and suffering Jesus experienced so long ago? We remember with thanks- giving the sacrifice Jesus willingly faced for our reconciliation with God.

But what we celebrate this season is the unconditional love that our Savior has for us and the op- portunity Lent provides us to reflect on who we are and who we can be through the grace of God.