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Beginning at Adam and ending with David, you will learn how each of the patriarchs and prophets of the Bible found hope in the promise of the soon coming Messiah. You will rejoice as you find that the recurring theme of this book is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I pray that you will also find that not only was God a friend to the heroes of the old Testament, but that He can be your friend too. This book takes you back to the times of the apostles of Jesus.

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You will marvel at God's patience as He determines to fulfill His purpose of bringing salvation within reach of every man. Christ Our Savior This book tells the story of Jesus for children. The village of Askar today is on the lower slope of Mount Ebal.

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Though the settlement of Askar came into existence only from the Arab times, it may well be on the site of ancient Sychar. Now, as the result of recent excavations, t he site at Sychar can be identified with Askar, a small Samaritan town on the base of Mount Ebal, north-east of Jacob's well. Possibly there were some Christians at Sychar town at the ti me of the composition of the Fourth Gospel. Bishop John H. The well is now seventy-five feet deep and seven feet six inches in breadth.


The diameter of the opening is seventeen and a half feet. A ruined vault stands above the well twenty feet long, ten feet broad and six feet high. The construction of the new church began before the First World War, but after only portions of the exterior walls were constructed, the construction was halted by the w ar. This photo shows the construction in After lying dormant for over 80 years, the church was completed in This is the Orthodox Church of Saint Photina nowadays:. Photo by ssiatravani.

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The interior of the Greek Orthodox Church:. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins Wells are unmovable, so we can be fairly confident that this well marks the precise spot where Jesus sat down and talked to the Samaritan woman Jn 4. Jewish, Samaritan, Christian and Muslim traditions all associate the well with Jacob. Photo from BiblePlaces. Mount Gerizim on the left, Mount Ebal on the right. Mount Gerizim is in Samaria, about 2, feet meters above the level of the Mediterranean Sea, and feet meters above the valley at its foot. Mount Ebal is 3, feet meters above sea level, and 1, feet meters above the valley at its foot.

Between these two mountains is the ancient Shechem. According to Josephus, Sanballat built a temple for the Samaritans on this mountain, and instituted their own priests, as rivals to those of the Jews at Jerusalem cf. The religious tension between the Jews and the Samaritans led to the destruction of the temple on Gerizim by John Hyrcan in the 2nd century BCE, after it had stood there for two hundred years.

When Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, a Christian octagonal church was built on the summit of Gerizim in CE. Then the church was destroyed by the Muslims in the eighth century. Here following image shows the ruins of t he Byzantine octagonal Church on Mount Gerizim:.

Photo by Ron Peled. Photo From Illustrated Dictionary. The historical context of Jn includes some places in the Holy Land. The Samaria region is outside the Jewish territory, and the Samaritans are considered by the Jews as pagans. Facing the barriers of different beliefs Jews — Samaritans , different genders man — woman , different places of worship Jerusalem — Gerizim , Jesus enables the Samaritans to break these barriers through his encounter and his revelation.

The worship at any particular place is limited in space and often causes conflict. This means the disciples of Jesus can worship the Father in Spirit and truth, anywhere at any time. Nevertheless, the story invites readers to go beyond these places. Through the story the narrator encourages his community to realize their mission in this world.