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The premise of the story was intriguing, the characters held a lot of potential, and the story itself was fun and sexy. While I did like this book, there were too many things that were just a tad bit off to make me love it. The biggest thing that took from the story was the many, many inconsistencies — in character personality and action, in the storyline, and in the timeline. The characters definitely had their moments, but Mara for one changed her mind so often I This book held great promise.

The characters definitely had their moments, but Mara for one changed her mind so often I was never sure which way was up. Poor Jace never stood a chance against her. Jace was okay for the most part, I mean he was definitely alpha male and sexy, but he did some things that would most definitely be considered unethical in his line of work. The redeeming character was definitely Tia. She made me laugh so much, and I absolutely loved her.

In the end I guess it seemed to me like the author could not make up her mind over what sort of personality each character should have, so she just threw a bunch together and hoped it worked. As for the storyline, first off, a mere 24 hours or so after meeting Jace, Mara was declaring that he could be "the one" and he might be the one thing she needs to be to feel complete. Um, after one day you realize this? If the story would have been told over a couple of weeks, I can see it happening, but as it was it was just TOO fast. Another thing was just the inconsistencies in the plot.

I won't list them here, but the discrepancies were major enough to detract from the story. There were also a few spelling and grammatical errors, which if this would have been an ARC would not have bothered me, but I purchased it from Amazon which makes me think it should have gone through an editing process at least once before it was published, and as such I have to take those errors into account as well. As I said, I did like the story, but I had high hopes, and while it was not a complete disappointment I did feel let down.

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I'm a big fan of T. Grey's Paranormal series so I couldn't wait to read her new Contemporary book and I wasn't disappointed. Mara was fun, sometimes she came across shy and unsure and other times she was a sex kitten loved that. I hope we get to see her friend Tia with Gio, it's going to be fun watching those two get together. This is T. A step out her box and take her hand at writing something different and it work for me. The storyline is great you are intrigued from the first page I think reading the word Sex Toy Operator gets your attention, and you want to know more where that leads to and OH boy does it lead to some interesting scenes.

Mara is This is T. Mara is a lovely character you feel her pain you understand her reasons for holding back but you so want to see her give into Jace as it leads to some very scorching hot sex scenes.

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And after all the reading of sex toys and sex scenes you might find yourself going in search of your own. He is one hot sexy Body Guard. One of my favourite quotes is OH, I like that. There are some lighter moments one of them being when Mara goes to work to ask for some time off but she is told she needs to test 4 products before she can go. The scene when it all comes to ahead is just Awesome you find yourself getting involved in this scene. Yeah I was shouting at my kindle and I do love a good fight scene.

There is a happy ending and it was sweet. But boy is there sexual tension between these two and I hope the next book is about them.

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As I got a feeling these two will get freaky together. If you looking for an afternoon read that has likeable characters hot sex and some suspense thrown in then I urge you to give this book a go. Jace, Jace, Jace I need a bodyguard like this. Once again one of my favorite authors, T. Grey, has done it. This book was good. Mara, a sex toy operator I am in the wrong profession , literally runs into the soon to be new man in her life and also her new bodyguard.

Mara is just starting a new life after having been in an abusive relationship. Things are going good for her and then she starts getting strange phone calls and unexplained things happening in her house. Instead of getting into a Jace, Jace, Jace Instead of getting into a relationship with the new guy, Jace Mathews, who she met when she rear-ended his truck, she has to enlist his security firm for protection. Jace Tall, Dark, Handsome is all in, and not just his job, but he is really interested in Mara.

Mara still has hang-ups from her previous relationship. She's liking Jace a lot, but she is afraid, especially after she sees Jace take down a drunk groper at a bar she and her friend hanging out at. Thus, begins the back and forth in the relationship, with Mara trying decide if she can trust the man she is falling for. This is a good book. I didn't put it down until I was finished.

Well written sex scenes, buff bodyguards, sex toys, suspense and maniacs. Me and my Alpha Squad sisters Woot,Woot are all over it. Do yourself a favor and read it. Mar 29, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , erotica , read-in , ebooks , free-ebooks. I genuinely thought Mara had some bi-polar issues at parts because her reactions were all over the place.

Giggling hysterically over Jace's name? I didn't get it. Especially coming on the heels of her car accident which really isn't something most people get giggly after. I would have waved that off as a side effect of her hitting her head or something , but she kept doing weird things like that and I completely couldn't figure her out. I also wasn't a huge fan of the way Mara shut Jace down COM I genuinely thought Mara had some bi-polar issues at parts because her reactions were all over the place.

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Even after he explained his reasoning, she wouldn't budge. Then she turns around and does the dirty with him. And shuts him down again. Honestly, the more I think about this book, the less I like it. It had some sexy moments and the guys were okay, but Mara really put me off. The cover's hot, though. Short, cute, and steamy. Few editing issues missing word or word used out of sequence but easy to overlook.

Heroine was quirky and fun. Hero was protective and sexy. Not a book to take too serious. Rated high on the readability scale. Only sorry there's no other books released in this series yet. I liked it!! It caught my eye, I bought it, I read it, I enjoyed. No review "required", but I wanted to put one out there because this was such a fun book!

Jace is, obviously, a bodyguard - actually he's the owner of the security company; Mara is a client with a psychotic ex-boyfriend who is hunting her down. However, they don't initially meet because she needs his services; she rear-ends his bright, shiny new big black truck. Why so funny? Mara is a sex toy operator. Yep, you read that right. And that's exactly the reaction that Mara enjoys LOL!

Now, I guess I never really thought about it, but obviously they DO have to have some sort of human testing on sex toys, right? It can't all be done mechanically The funniest part of the book? Just too funny! Squirm worthy scenes; may have to hunt down your human or battery-powered partner afterwards. What a hot sexy read! Jace by T. A contemporary romance with some sizzling erotica, lots of witty moments, a dash of danger and a couple you can't help but love, this book has it all.

Mara our leading lady finds herself plagued with dangerous phone calls she is quite certain they are from her abusive ex she has recently ran away from and while driving, becomes distracted and ends up rear ending a black truck. After a few choice words uttered to herself, she faces the driver of the truck and that is when her life takes another turn.

Jace our hunky leading man and bodyguard for hire is completely taken back by the little spitfire who has the nerve to flirt with him after rear ending his truck. Already attracted to Mara, he finds himself handing over his digits, and is seriously lusting once Mara reveals what she does for a living. She is a sex toy operator seriously is there a job out there like that because that sounds way to good to be true.. As Mara is further threatened by her ex, she goes to see Jace hoping to secure his bodyguard services and well if other services are included Jace agrees to take on Mara's case but only on one condition.

A KISS. Well, enter firecrackers, explosions and one serious hot for each other couple and we have the makings for a perfect pair. However, Mara witnesses a side of Jace that is a little too close to her ex's behaviour, and next thing we know she is running for the hills. It's a good thing Jace likes the chase, because there is no way he is letting Mara go anywhere. Despite his attraction, she is in serious danger and he needs to protect her! This is a shorter read.

I enjoyed this book in one sitting, and the pages were eagerly flipped or e-reader swiped.. The chemistry between these two is impressive and once the hot and heavy begins, watch out! I loved how protective Jace is over Mara. There were times I found myself rolling my eyes and wanting to slap Mara silly, but I suppose after all she has been through, I can appreciate her constant hesitation with regards to Jace! Grey also introduced a wack of yummy bodyguards, so my anticipation for more is certainly satisfied. You're gorgeous, and if I can get you in bed I'm going to do it. Things just to a turn for the what-the-fuck.

Mara had never had a man speak to her like that. While most of her books are from the paranormal zone, occasionally she ventures into contemporary and does it brilliantly.

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Mara never had much to "What can I say? Mara never had much to complain about regarding her job. After all, she worked as a sex toy operator and with all the orgasms she had, she stayed pretty happy most days. What of it? That is my job.

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You wanna see my damn name badge too? I just want to get out of here. It's been a helluva day already and this was the icing on the cake right here. But Mara has bigger concerns when her crazy-abusive ex, Corey, comes crashing back into her life. She fled from him two years ago and moved across the country to get away from him, but he found her. Scared out of her mind, Mara turns to Jace for help. He can't control her any longer.

She wouldn't cry for him, wouldn't be scared of him. He was not stronger then her. She could beat him. Because she had a weapon. Jace Mathews. Spending so much time together fuels their attraction and makes for some crazy hott encounters. Mara's past has her pushing him away out of fear but Jace is not one to give up easily. Cannot wait for more from this series. He looked like he'd won the jacket And then the music stepped.. Best typo: He turned and left. He almost, just almost slammed the door shit behind him. Story was okay but the h sure was Mary Sue for someone her age with her job.

Had humor - His brow pinched forward. You just wrecked my rear end. Mmm, mmm, good, as her friends would say. She made a perfect Oh did I just do that? He grabbed a pen from the middle console and scribbled some numbers on it. One corner of his mouth kicked up. And watch your rear end. The smile he sent her made her dizzy. Jace stood close, so close that if he wanted to pull her into his arms, he could. And then he slid his arms around her, pulled her into his heat, and kissed her. The kiss started smooth and slow, tender. In a daze, Mara wrapped her arms around him to feel that big warm chest even closer to her.

He pressed up against her in the best way. It was beautiful and shattering all at the same time. View 2 comments. It was quirky, different, and a fun read. Mara she was a total hoot to read about, "Ahem," she cleared her throat. Your truck looked so Tonight, tomorrow, whenever. Tell me what kind of food you like, what things you like and don't like, and I'll give you a time and place. Just because you put your penis inside me does not mean I think any differently about this arrangement, mister. I've readed all T. Grey you rock lol I can't wait for the next instalment xx I've readed all T.

Grey you rock lol I can't wait for the next instalment xx Feb 07, Jean rated it it was ok. There was a scene in the beginning that annoyed me. It was when Mara and her friend, Tia, went to the bar, Inferno, for margaritas. The scene got way out of hand. Mara smiles at this guy, he takes it as encouragement and goes over to her table. She never once told the guy that she was not interested, for him to move along or to leave her alone. No, she would rather sit there and make strange faces at her friend to help her out.

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Maybe, I'm being insensitive, but when you are at a bar or club and a guy approaches you and you are not interested, you should speak up nicely but firmly and let the guy know. Anywho, so her Friend, Tia, tells the guy to get his hands off of Mara but he doesn't listens he goes a step further and starts "feeling her up". The whole time, she still hasn't told the guy to go away, or to stop, or something.

She just sits there Instead, she shoved the guy to the floor, she let the situation escalate. She then had the nerve to be surprised when he got off of the floor angry and slapped her. See, what I mean? The scene got way out of hand with her sitting there waiting for someone to rescue her. She even states: "This got some attention from the people around them.

They looked alert at the guy, giving him disgusted looks but no one stepped in to help. Mara made no sense Again, WTF? They're in danger… When Zoe discovers that Barrow is run by Werewolves, can she keep her wits about her long enough to be in an alliance with the Bears? Leave a comment Milgia Santiago pinned post 31 Aug Like out of a fairytale nightmare they uproot themselves and go on the offensive, and she is chased through the forest before tumbling down a waterfall, only to wake up in the bed of the most gorgeous man she's ever seen, who claims to be a dragon lord, and her husband who killed her a thousand years ago on their wedding day!

Lord Azoth Dracamire vows to never have meant her any harm. Someone put a potion in his goblet on the day of their marriage, and he has paid for it every day since for a thousand years. Although Diana struggles with the physical pull she feels towards him and Azoth's obvious lust for her, one thing is certain: someone sent those monsters after her in the forest, and they still want her dead.

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