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Roshin Extended Mix. Shaun Frank , Hunter Siegel , Roshin. September Extended Mix. Steff Da Campo , Dave Crusher. Tomorrow Never Comes Original Mix. Deeper Love Extended Mix. Steff Da Campo. Brooks , David Guetta , Loote. I Do feat. Andreas Moss Extended Mix. Zonderling , Andreas Moss. Robo Extended Version. Don Diablo , Keanu Silva.

This Groove Extended Mix. Lenno , Oliver Heldens. Love You Better Extended Mix. Going Deeper , TwoWorldsApart. In The Club Extended Mix. Swanky Tunes. Fine Day Extended Mix. Keanu Silva. Heaven To Me feat. Alex Clare Extended Mix. Don Diablo , Alex Clare. Track Invincible Original Mix. Appears on. Allen has become good friends with Nolan and breaks them out of their cells along with Battlebeast. Allen, Nolan, and Battlebeast fight the Viltrumites and eventually escape after Nolan reveals that there are only 50 pure blooded Viltrumites left.

Mark receives a call from Amber and goes to see her. She says her father has died and her new boyfriend Gary is physically abusive. Meanwhile, Oliver is patrolling the city when he comes across a giant robot destroying the city; he is being followed by one of Angstrom Levy's floating orbs. Mark holds Gary over a building by his leg and threatens to kill him if he hurts Amber again.

Mark goes to help Oliver, who says that the human inside the suit just wants to get out, and Mark says that they'll talk about it later. Amber, who is happy about what Mark did, tells him she is giving Gary another chance. Later, Mark apologizes to Oliver about not teaching him things.

Oliver sees a reflection in the trees and Mark tries to get the orb, but it blows up in his hand. He realizes someone was watching them. He asks Cecil if it is him; Cecil says it was not, but asks if he can help track down a fugitive, Wolf-Man. Angstrom Levy finally makes his move. Flashbacks show that Mark had not actually killed Angstrom, who had just enough energy to make one last portal to a dimension where a group of aliens heal him of his wounds.

After he recovers, he travels to other dimensions and gathers over a dozen evil versions of Invincible. The evil Invincibles launch a massive assault on Earth with the intent on not just causing damage but also ruining Invincible's reputation. Many major cities are destroyed, and Rex-Splode dies when he explodes his own skeleton in order to defeat an evil Invincible. The surviving evil Invicibles revolt against Angstrom, who uses his power to strand them in another dimension.

An enraged Mark is ready to kill him, but Angstrom escapes with the loss his arm and returns to the beings that had healed him; due to his failure, however, they inform him he now works for them. Invincible visits Eve in the hospital while the rest of the super-powered community cleans up after the war. Invincible joins in but blames himself for much of the death and destruction. A Viltrumite named Conquest arrives to remind Invincible of his job of taking over earth. Invincible refuses and the two of them engage in a vicious battle, but Conquest is better trained and dominates the fight.

Oliver tries to help but is nearly killed; a still recovering Eve rushes to help, but is killed by Conquest. Mark continues to fight, but is badly injured. Eve's powers somehow restore her to life, and she burns Conquest's skin off. Mark then headbutts the alien repeatedly until he crushes his skull; Mark then collapses.

Invincible awakens in the Pentagon hospital some time later with Eve by his side. He joins the other heroes at Rex's funeral and afterwards visits Oliver in the hospital. Mark then reveals a shocking revelation he had during his fight with Conquest: in order to truly protect Earth, he must kill every villain he encounters from now on. Allen and Nolan, having escaped from the Viltrumite prison, search the universe for things that can hurt the Viltrumites. It is revealed that a virus produced by rebels of the Viltrumite empire was successful in killing over Their reason for attacking Earth is that human DNA is compatible with Viltrumite; they want to use Earth as a breeding colony.

A character from Nolan's novels, the Space Racer, is revealed to be alive; he is found by Nolan and Allen, who convince him to join the upcoming war.

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Back on Earth, Invincible and the rest of the superheroes finish reconstructing the cities of the world. Invincible is attacked by a new villain called Dinosaurus, whom he is about to kill when he is interrupted by the Guardians. Later at Eve's house, he explains what happened; after an awkward dinner with her parents, Mark and Eve talk about their new business providing superhero services to prisons.

Oliver arrives in his new costume; due to his rapid aging he now looks like a teenager and calls himself Young Omni-Man. While this is happening, Conquest, who was secretly kept alive by the government, escapes and flies into space. That night Eve finds out she is pregnant with Mark's child.

The Sequids, who have been hiding in the sewers, commence their attack, led by Rus Livingston. At the same time a nuclear power plant is attacked by an alien woman named Universa. Mark answers the call from the nuclear plant before his mother can tell him about the Sequids. Universa tells Mark she is on Earth for the planet's energy and will not leave until she gets it.

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After a difficult fight, Invincible manages to get her staff, but Atom Eve sucker punches her. Cecil tells Invincible the Sequids are back; the battle against them seems hopeless, leaving Invincible no option but to kill Rus. Afterward, he returns to his house to tell Eve what he did and how bad he feels. Later, Invincible helps Titan battle his old master, but almost kills Titan in the process. During the first skirmish of the war, Invincible is nearly disemboweled by Conquest, but manages to strangle him. Mark's injuries require an extended ten-month recovery, during which time the Viltrumite Empire regroups for their last stand.

After a heated fight, in which Oliver is grievously injured and the Viltrumite home-planet destroyed, Mark falls into a two weeks coma. When he awakes, he is informed that the surviving Viltrumites have completely disappeared; Mark deduces that they have gone to Earth. The Viltrumites, realizing that a direct conflict could potentially kill off their race, bargain a truce with Invincible and Omni-Man. Instead of fighting, they will hide on Earth as neutral observers, holding off any attempt at conquest and restoration of their Empire for at least a thousand years.

Despite the danger this poses, Invincible and Omni-Man realize this plan is safer than fighting a bloody war on Earth, and they accept the truce, ending the Viltrumite War. Omni-man and Mrs. Grayson decide to visit Oliver and attempt to fix their broken marriage. They leave the house in Mark's hands for six months, during which time Eve moves in and Mark returns to his superhero role. Eve reveals that she had an abortion while Mark was fighting off-world. Soon, Dinosaurus emerges again, planting a bomb in Las Vegas; when Invincible arrives to disable the bomb, Dinosaurus reveals that there are multiple charges placed in the city.

The bombs detonate, destroying the city, leaving it as a sheet of glass. Strongly affected by the Las Vegas incident, Invincible starts to change his outlook on how he helps people. He is attacked by Powerplex, but instead of fighting, he convinces Powerplex to end their pointless conflict. Mark tries this new strategy with Universa: he gets to know her, gives her the energy her planet needs, and sets her free. Cecil brings Mark to the white room, showing him the alternate reality Invincible Reanimen. Mark admits that they can help for the greater good.

Mark later sees the good the government is doing by using the glassed Vegas as a source of solar energy. He realizes that Dinosaurus was right about his Las Vegas plan. With this, Mark visits Eve and asks her to trust him and to love him no matter what. Invincible frees Dinosaurus in hopes of becoming partners and of helping the world for the greater good, while curtailing Dinosaurus' violent methods.

In doing so, Mark is tagged by Cecil as an enemy of the state. While Allen and Kid Omniman are en route to earth to deliver the Scourge Virus into Earth's atmosphere, Dinosaurus and Invincible lead coordinated plans to help fix the world. During a brief argument with Eve about his new methods, Mark is informed by Cecil of Allen the Alien's return.

Oliver and Allen reveal their plan to Mark, who, angry that they do not care that it endangers human life, disavows their plan and attacks them. During the scuffle, Viltrumite Regent Thragg enters the scene, vowing to help Invincible against his assailants. A standoff is reached until the Guardians of the Globe attack, leading Oliver to take the Scourge Virus to Earth and release it.

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When Mark tries to stop him, the virus is released on Mark point blank; infected, Mark is taken to Thragg's ship on the Moon to be treated. It is revealed by Thragg's scientists that Mark and Nolan are part of the original bloodline of the Viltrumite King. Knowing he could never have a traitor taking over his role, Thragg decides to secretly kill Mark; however, Dinosaurus steps in and fights him, almost getting killed in the process, and uses timed explosions to escape with Mark to his secret base on Earth. Mark soon learns that he has lost his powers temporarily.

In the meantime, Robot, has taken the name "Rex", reflects on the centuries he spent with Monster Girl in an alien dimension. Previously, it was believed that they had only been gone a decade when in fact time, relative to our dimension, moved much faster there. Robot and Monster Girl orchestrated a revolution on the alien world in that dimension that had been periodically invading Earth in the hopes of changing their society.

The effects of living in the alternate dimension has changed them greatly. Using their punishment of rebuilding their fallen capital, Robot and Monster Girl were to be able to gain the respect of the people and possible rebels, and use their time there effectively. Slow amassing power and influence, Robot and Monster Girl were able to gain control and become the leader of the planet. With power struggles constantly fighting back, Robot becomes a vicious tyrant who wants to eliminate the Zaxal Royal Family.

Monster Girl in male Monster form has a brief affair with one of the princesses, and Robot is overthrown and banished for a brief time. When he is finally freed, Monster Girl tells him of her infidelity, and they decide it is best to return home. Following them, a Flaxan invasion force attacks. Robot says this is impossible, as their legacy insured there would be no more invasions. As Mark sits helplessly without his powers, the Guardians of the Globe must defeat a more advanced invasion from the Flaxans. It is revealed the leader of the Flaxan invasion force is none other than Monster Girl's illegitimate child, who was born and raised after they returned to Earth.

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Monster Girl's son seeks revenge on the parents who abandoned him. Robot is able to get control of the situation and quell the invasion, and Monster Girl defeats her son and has him imprisoned, swearing she did not know he survived. Dinosaurus's new plan is revealed when Mark is finished healing and is now unable to stop him. Dinosaurus has placed strange devices all over the world, and the Guardians of the Globe assume they are explosives. It is revealed that the devices are seismic in nature, and cause massive earthquakes in order to raise the water level and kill millions of people.

Dinosaurus believes the only way to save the planet is to cut down on the population, so that all natural resources are used up much more slowly. While Robot and the Guardians of the Globe rescue survivors and build an artificial moon to fix the tides, Invincible fights Dinosaurus on television and is killed. It is revealed to be a very lifelike clone, and the real Dinosaurus offers Mark the chance to now work under the guise of being killed. Invincible is able to convince Dinosaurus that he could have been wrong, and maybe they could have found another way.

Dinosaurus accepts this, and says Invincible must kill him before he tries to do something like this again, which Invincible does. As penance, Invincible is not given jail time for his compliance, but must now work for Cecil again. Robot is outraged by the leniency of Mark's punishment, and is working on several hidden projects that he has built in the new moon base that corrects Earth's new tides. At a restaurant, he chews out a waiter and reveals to Monster Girl that he is having trouble re-adjusting to civilian life, since he was a ruler in the Flaxan universe. Nolan and Debbie have moved out of their Earth home and are set up on a moon base, so that Nolan can keep an eye on the Viltrumites.

He is also not allowed on Earth because of his past crimes. Thragg attacks Nolan outright, trying to kill him on the moon. The Viltrimites overhear Thragg talking about killing the rightful heir to the Viltrum empire, because Thragg believes he has earned the right to be ruler.


The Viltrimites stop Thragg and are about to execute him, but Nolan stops them and has him imprisoned instead. Meanwhile, Angstrom Levy discovers that Invincible is alive, and that the footage he saw earlier was fake. Planning instant revenge, he targets a pregnant Eve at the Grayson residence, while building a crib. A recent superhero doctor has informed them that Eve cannot use her powers while pregnant, or else they will sap the baby's atoms first and kill it.

Angstrom talks about his sweet revenge, until Eve tells him that she doesn't wish harm upon her enemies and it works out for her because she never holds grudges or seeks revenge. Invincible arrives and Angstrom teleports him to the barren world, where the alternate Invincibles have resorted to cannibalism in order to survive.

A demented Invincible clone realizes Mark is not a hallucination, and attempts to kill and eat him. The mohawk wearing Invincible teams up with Mark in order to kill the deranged Invincible, and go back to Earth when Angstrom is convinced that Mark is not responsible for his damaged state. Angstrom makes peace with Mark and Eve, and offers the last remaining Invincible a trip to his world.

The mohawk Invincible tackles Angstrom and kidnaps him. Mark is still distressed by this, as he wants a guarantee that Levy is gone, and will not try to attack Eve again. Getting help from Robot, they are able to copy the same frequency and enter the alternate Earth. Nolan meets with Thragg and lets him go. Nolan chooses exile, and says he wants Thragg to live to see how Nolan and the Viltrumites will peacefully co-exist with the humans. Thragg leaves, but Allen summons Battle Beast and sends him on a mission to kill Thragg.

As soon as Robot and Invincible arrive in the alternate universe, an alternate Conquest takes them to the throne room, where Mohawk Invincible greets them. He takes them to the dungeon, and shows Angstrom Levy upside down and tortured. Mohawk Invincible wants to harness Levy's power and use it to conquer other realities. Robot then murders the Mohawk Invincible with a bomb that works its way down the throat, and decapitates Angstrom Levy. Robot leaves Mark stranded in this alternate Earth, stating that he wants to take over the current Earth and become its new ruler.

He wanted Mark to rule alongside him, but saw how easily one Invincible can conquer an entire planet. Mark is left in the basement dungeon with the dead bodies. While left in dismay that Robot betrayed him, Invincible proceeds to think of a plan before anyone arrives. General Kragg is approaching the door and Invincible using his superhuman speed to make it seem as if the alternate reality Invincible didn't die. He rips off parts of his hair and switches costumes with alternate Invincible's body. Pretending to be Mohawk Invincible, Mark is able to blame Angstrom Levy's death as an attack from the alternate versions of Robot and himself.

After allaying all suspicions, Mark finds that universe's deformed version of Robot underneath a bridge, and is able to convince him to help. Robot explains that he can find the same dimensions signal, but he wants something in return. Mark must track down the alternate Mauler twins, and discovers they are enemies with Mohawk Invincible. Convincing him that he has changed, Mark gets the remaining alternate Mauler Twin to build a machine to clone Mark's body, and transfer the deformed Robot into it so he can be the new emperor of that universe.

The Viltrumites get suspicious, but Mark is able to complete the transfer and escape the dimension. After finding his own dimension, Eve breaks up with Mark.

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She simply says that their baby cannot live in such a chaotic world, with the baby's father being so unreliable. At this point, Mark has been gone for five months and Rex Robot has told everyone that Invincible was killed. She refuses to mate with any of the Earthlings, and after a struggle she rapes Mark by force. A bit shaken, Mark is given clothes by a passing farmer and continues. When Cecil says he will look into it, Rex makes his move. He slits Cecil's throat and kills him on the spot, and sends out his newly powered drones to kill all who would oppose him.

Mark has trouble fighting the new drones, as when they are hit they emit a sound frequency which hurts Viltrumites. After a vicious killing spree, Rex kills several supporting heroes and villains and goes after Eve. During a fight in Mark's house, one of the drones rips Eve's leg off. Mark takes her to his father to save her life. Rex reveals his plan to Monster Girl. He would rather beg for forgiveness than permission, and a paranoid superhero tries to take Rex's life. When Monster Girl tips her hand and realizes Monax was right about Rex's megalomania, and Rex reveals that he tried to kill the Zaxal that Monster Girl was with and then has his drones throw Monster Girl out into space to die.

Brit and the remaining heroes are gathered to regroup and plan, but Bulletproof has betrayed them and they are taken prisoner. Eve has given birth to a baby girl, and is given a prosthetic leg. She forgives Mark and they get back together. On the moon, Nolan hears out Rex's plan via one of his drones. He intends to turn Earth into a utopia, and doesn't want to clash with the Viltrumites.

The ensuing battle would lead to a loss of life, and Rex is able to sway Mark's parents into not fighting back. Rex also goes to the President in person and has earned favour with the administration. Mark finds Rex at his lair, but Rex has too many drones. He begs Mark not to fight back, as he does not want to kill him. Mark decides he can't do it, and flies home to Eve. Mark states that Rex has won, as Rex reminisces about the old times, and realizes he is truly alone in his ambitious endeavours. Mark heads to William and Rick's dorm, and William tells Mark all the good things that have been happening since Rex's takeover.

After, Mark takes Eve to her parents' house and they have dinner with them. They meet Eve's daughter. Mark flies in the sky, only to be interrupted by the Immortal. The Immortal asks for Mark's help in stopping Rex. Mark goes on to say that Rex is doing the right thing, logically, no matter how evil it may seem. The Immortal points out that the world doesn't make sense, it never has, and it needs to stay that way. Touched by his word, Mark asks his father for help again. Nolan refuses again. Mark looks behind him and notices that Anissa is there.

He grabs her throat and tells her to back off. Mark lets her go and goes back to his house. Mark starts to daydream, but Eve gets his attention. He realizes that he won't be able stand aside and let Rex take over, but also takes into account that he is a father now. He suggest that they leave Earth instead so their child won't lose their father.

He notices Amber Bennett, happy with another man. He smiles and leaves to find Rampage attacking. He saves the people in the vicinity and Rex's drones intervene. Rex attempts to reason with Mark and asks him to work with him. Mark flies off and meets D. Sinclair unexpectedly. Mark heads to see The Immortal and Dupli-Kate at a safe-house.

Believing Mark and Eve were aiding them, Immoral gets into an argument with Mark. Mark and Eve leave to go see a movie with William and Rick. That night, Eve would attempt to seduce Mark, but Mark refuses, still guilty over what happened with Anissa.

The next day, Mark goes to eat with Art and Nolan. Afterwards, Mark says his goodbye to Nolan and goes to the moon to see his mother. Mark says his goodbye to his mom, and goes with Eve to the transport ship. During their journey, Eve decides to give their daughter a name, Terra. Mark agrees to it, saying it's a beautiful name, making another step to fatherhood. Mark, Eve, and Terra arrive in Talescria. The trio is greeted by Allen, with two bodyguards beside him.

Allen gets a closer look at Terra, commenting that she is cute. Terra punches Allen's eye and his bodyguards attempt to intervene. Eve puts up a force-field, but Allen stops his men from attacking first. Allen remembers that he has duty to attend to, and that someone else wants to meet them. Oliver arrives on the scene with a new appearance, and being much older. Oliver offers to cook dinner with his girlfriend. Allen leads Eve and Mark to their new house, and then leaves to resume his duties.

While Eve changes Terra's diaper, Mark goes to ask Eve where to put her clothes. Afterwards, the two fall asleep with Terra. Eve wakes up to put Terra in her crib and attempts to get intimate with Mark. Mark panics and flies into a wall. Eve asks Mark if there's something wrong, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Oliver and his girlfriend, Haluma. They bring groceries in and Eve directs to the kitchen. Mark and Oliver go to talk about Haluma. Oliver comments to Mark that her lobster-like appearance may seem strange, but that's what he's attracted to.

Mark comments that he's happy for him. The four sit down for dinner and Oliver asks Mark to try the food. Mark takes a bite, surprised at how much he enjoys it. After dinner, an exhausted Mark falls asleep on the couch. The next morning, Mark goes to the bathroom to defecate what he ate. Eve knocks on the door and asks him if he's okay. Mark attempts to flush, but to no avail. Eve arrives with Mark, believing he broke something. Eve finds a button on the side and flushes it down. Mark heads to a window and Eve follows him. She holds his hand and they kiss. As they get intimate, Mark begins to cry, and a worried Eve wonders what's wrong again.

Mark sits down and, with enough persistence from Eve, finally reveals that Anissa raped him. Mark goes on to say that it happened after Eve broke up with him. Eve attempts to comfort him but Mark pushes her away. Mark goes on to say that he refused her, and him holding back may have allowed it to happen. Mark ponders on the question and Eve begins to cry. Eve noticed that Terra had stopped breathing. Mark and Eve rushed her to a nearby hospital. They arrive and are asked to sign paperwork.

The doctor arrives and scans Terra, asking what species she is. Mark demands that he does it anyway, and the scared doctor complies. They ask to go with him, but the doctor insists that they'll only be in the way. They wait in the lobby and Oliver arrives with Haluma. Mark begins blaming Haluma's food. After a heated discussion as to the source of Terra's illness, Mark began crying in grief over the thought of losing her.

Eve comes back from the emergency room to tell Mark that Terra is fine. The doctor tells them that the food she ingested caused her to be oxidized and since Viltrumites can hold their breath a long time, she didn't need to breathe. However, the doctor said that her not breathing caused the oxygen to not rush to her brain. Mark goes to Allen's office, who asks him if his superhero duties are over.