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Other Check your motives — self-serving or being willing to serve. You will be given some forms: 1. Application to become a driving Instructor. Medical report See your family doctor and pay for the appointment. Fingerprint clearance request Go to the Police station you are advised to see. Is the K53 standard sufficient? The K53 was introduced without training driving instructors first, which has led to a lack of understanding and correct application. Instructors learnt by the failures of their pupils, without understanding the defensive driving aspects of K What advice would I give to those who want to obtain a licence illegally?

It will help you to understand the requirements, and help you to practise correctly with family and friends. This draft Gazette is open for comments. What would I advise people to look out for in a good instructor? Does the driving school vehicle have a dual control brake? While it is not compulsory, good instructors do go to the expense of fitting dual controls for your safety. Is it sign-marked? Is the instructor prepared to put the terms and conditions of his or her driving school in writing for you?

Is the vehicle clean and roadworthy and in a generally good condition? Is he or she polite and clean and respectful? Is the instructor honest and reliable? Does he or she offer you a copy of the K53 manual? Our members have agreed to operate under our Code of Conduct, which protects you and them. We invite all dedicated driving instructors who are sick of the corruption in our industry to join our organization.

We offer comprehensive excellent instructor training too. If not, why not? They are not. Because it is not compulsory to belong to any Association. Many instructors do not want anybody regulating them. Many have been able to be corrupt for years without being caught. SAIDI actively opposes corruption. See our website for a copy of this form on www. A recent photograph of your face. A certified copy of your identity book. A certified copy of your driving licence.

A certified copy of your motor insurance plan. We persist until we get results although it may take time. They can register a defensive name or a company. SAIDI assists new instructors with guidelines as to how to become legally registered driving instructors. We assist with dual control contacts where available, although it is no longer compulsory to fit dual controls. Registered SAIDI members are offered with links as to where they can purchase the official written learners licence material. SAIDI makes the official Gauteng computerized test training material available to everyone on our website at www.

SAIDI supplies members with a free accountancy programme on request to keep track of their expenditure and income, together with a link to download the SARS log book. SAIDI members receive a membership certificate and two logos for their vehicles. SAIDI uploads all legal driving instructors onto our website at www. SAIDI members are on our mailing list and receive frequent emails keeping them informed of all activities in our industry as they take place. SAIDI has members in most Provinces, but we are keen to include all dedicated driving instructors all over South Africa on our website and mailing list.

We do not believe in overcharging our members. Membership is kept to a minimum. Contact us for costs please. We are more concerned with offering quality driving instruction across the country to curb the shocking road fatality rate officially at 14 per year, but an educated guess from a very experienced paramedic is nearer to 22 We respect the work our members do, because driving instructors carry a very great responsibility as we take new drivers and train them in traffic.

We offer members free templates for quotations, invoices and receipts. We now include driving schools as members of SAIDI, for the first time in 37 years, so feel free to contact us, but we still require legal driving instructors to be registered as a criteria of membership. We are constantly working to improve services to our members.

SAIDI is able to fill that need. There is no finer training available in the country. We have plans for a top training centre for instructors with all sorts of additional benefits for instructors in all codes of vehicles all over the country. We are looking for sponsorship from the corporate world to make our dream come true! The process is long and complicated to qualify as a driving instructor in South Africa.

SAIDI can assist with guiding you. We struggle with a lack of services from our Driving Licence Testing Centre. It is extremely difficult to operate in the present system with long delays for learners licences, driving licence tests. We are experiencing problems such as collecting students and driving for a km round trip or even much more , and when we reach the Driving Licence Testing Centres, the authorities have cut off the booking slots for the day moments before we arrive at am due to the massive hordes of people queuing since the crack of dawn.

We are then faced with the problem of charging or not charging for the service we provided. There is no way of predicting cut-off time, so the only solution is to queue from 6am. We thought working an hour day 6 or 7 days a week was pushing it, but now find we are expected to work on a daily basis for such long hours just to meet the need of the public to acquire a legal driving licence! Then we must spend hours working on administrative tasks all evening, leaving us with about three hours sleep effectively due to the lack of services.

This is hardly conducive to safe driving. Some clients are just not worth bothering with due to their totally unrealistic expectations. When you have done this look at what point the top of the wheel touches your arm. If you are in the correct position your wrist area is resting on the wheel. From this position steering should become far less tiring.

Hold the steering at "9 and 3" or "10 and 2" position with a slight bend in your arms at the elbow. Adjust mirrors to get widest possible view and to minimize blind spots Standard way of adjusting mirrors: 1. Its important to adjust the mirror vertically as well. If it shows too much of sky or too much of tarmac, its no use. The horizon line should pass approximately at the vertical center of the mirror.

What are blind spots? Try this: observe a car which is headed in the same direction as you are, but is using the immediate next lane. The other car should be going slightly faster than your car. Keep tracking that car in your side view mirror. See it becoming bigger, getting closer and eventually disappearing.

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After disappearing from the rear view mirror it appears in your peripheral vision. BUT, sometimes there is a time gap between the car disappearing from the side view mirror and appearing in your peripheral vision. The other car is said to be in your car's blind spot for this time-gap, when you can not see that car.

Last edited by SDP : 17th January at Could not find a image on the net. I guess, this is unique to Indian tourist UV drivers.

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Everybody is aware of how to start a car! Just turn the damn key! Turn the key to ON. Check the dash lights for any warnings, alerts. OK, you have fired the engine and want to start moving. But before moving, look around, give signal and wait for the right opportunity to merge into the traffic. This method is used in multiple situations while driving and the following video illustrates it really nicely.

Use BOTH hands. In city-driving, where constant gear-shifting is needed, this could be difficult if not impossible.

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But still, to whatever extent possible. Do NOT drive with your elbow or arm propped on the door or out the window. Your steering control is compromised and you can lose that arm in case of a side-swipe. Do NOT look at the steering wheel. Look where you want to go. This tells your brain what to do with your hands. Place your Left hand at the back of passenger seat and look over the shoulder.

The hand-at-the-back-of-passenger-seat lends stability to you during the manoeuvre.

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Do NOT use rear-view mirror for reversing. You don't want to reverse too fast and lose control. Here's a video where a smart teenager explains reversing step-by-step. That's why, its important to understand right-of-way, pedestrians, right-turns, left-turns and turn signals. What is a "Traffic Check" or "Scanning"?

Right Of Way. In that case who should go first or have the right-of-way? There are rules on who must yield i. These rules tell who goes first and who must wait in different traffic situations. Think of the right-of-way as something to be given, NOT taken. The traffic mess that we see at intersections is precisely because of the lack of understanding of Right-of-Way and common courtesy. Here are the rules for Right-Of-Way: 1. Yield to pedestrians crossing the road or your path of travel 2. The blue car in the graphic below must yield the right-of-way.

Yielding at Intersections You must yield the right-of-way to any vehicles already in the intersection, even if you have the green traffic light. The red vehicle in the diagram below must wait for the green vehicle to cross the intersection EVEN IF the red vehicle has a green signal. Do not enter an intersection unless you can get through it without having to stop. You should wait until traffic in front of you clears so that you are not blocking the intersection.

Here's a quick recap. Last edited by SDP : 19th January at However, signaling does NOT give you the right-of-way. Good practice - When signaling a stop, lightly pump your brakes a few times to attract attention with your brake lights. Also, be sure to turn off your turn signal light after using it. That means, you should NOT use your signals to signal a driver behind you to come around to pass your vehicle.

If you plan to turn beyond an intersection, do not signal until you are in the intersection. If you signal earlier, another driver may think you intend to turn at the intersection and might pull into your path. Get in the habit of signaling every time you change direction. Signal even if you do not see anyone else around. It is the car you do not see that is the most dangerous. The faster the traffic is moving, the sooner you should move into the proper lane. Go from one lane to the other as directly as possible without crossing lane lines or interfering with the traffic.

Once you have completed the turn, change to another lane if you need to, and if traffic is clear. Circle back if necessary. This may take some extra time and miles, but it is the safe thing to do. This is a huge problem area in India. Cutting corners looks cool on a race track. On a normal road, its definitely not appreciated. Yield to any oncoming cars or pedestrians. Why not? You might even bump into him or side-swipe him. If the light turns yellow while you are waiting for oncoming vehicles to clear the intersection, DO NOT proceed into the intersection.

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Sometimes they must leave an open space to the right just before the turn. To avoid an accident, do not pass a truck on the right if there is a possibility that it might make a right turn.

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A Left turn might be permitted on red light but you must first come to a complete stop and yield to oncoming traffic. If you are not sure, just assume that it is NOT permitted. Special Turns: Roundabouts and U-Turns Please take a special note of how to take right-turn and how to take a U-turn at a round-about. Don't get tempted to take a short-cut and turn right.

The most common faults when making turns are A failing to signal, B not signaling long enough, C failing to search for hazards, D turning from the wrong lane and E failing to turn properly. Get into the habit of noticing the signs and adjusting your driving accordingly. If you have already entered the intersection when YELLOW light came up, do not stop, proceed cautiously through the intersection.

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  4. Even if your signal turns GREEN, You must yield to pedestrians and vehicles still in the intersection at light change. Most treat them as if the traffic light is no longer there and zoom past it. A blinking RED means - Complete stop. Look both ways,yield to traffic and pedestrians and proceed when it is safe to do so. Double lines. Multiple combinations of broken line and continuous line. Do you know what they mean? The time now is Proudly powered by E2E Networks. Add Thread to del. User Name. Remember Me? New Topics.

    Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of Thread Tools. Structure The information is presented using the following structure: 1. Minimum requirements for the vehicle 1. Being aware of blind-spots is extremely important as a blind-spot can hide a entire bike or a car. Bigger vehicles have significantly bigger blind-spots. Can something be done about the blind-spots? You can turn your head and look directly at the blind-spot area i. In the following example, the bike is in the blind-spot of the car and is not visible in the car's right mirror.