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This was another of those devastating moments where I had to choose my life or my future ability to have children. Well it sucks having your choices taken away from you, but I still remember the conversation with my folks and the oncologist where I said I would take my chances regarding fertility and would prefer to get rid of the cancer. Following my consult with the oncologist a nurse took me to the chemo unit to show me where to go and what to expect.

I looked around the room; I was the youngest person there apart from the nurses. As my Mum and Dad drove me home I cried.

Battling Breast Cancer: Tara Ernske’s Story

My first chemo appointment came all too fast and I felt sick with dread and the reality of my situation hit me. Heart hammering, trying to be brave and as the nurse came up with all the bits and pieces I just lost it, I cried. A lovely woman with a headscarf came up to me, gave me a hug and said everything was going to be fine; she remembered her first time and it was her last session. As I became a veteran of chemo, this changed and I would talk to people or the nurses.

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Whatever is going to help you get through it with the least amount of fuss, do it. Another tip I have is portacaths; I thought only really sick people got a portacath and I had to put up with the needles.

1. Changes to the skin's texture

My veins protested after a number of rounds of chemo and after several failed attempts a nurse said go and see your oncologist and ask for a portacath. I was hesitant mainly because I would end up with a scar on my chest where people could see it. However I got one and it changed my chemo experience. I had decided to have a tram flap reconstruction, where your six pack muscle is split and moved up to the breast and the skin from your stomach is taken to form your new breast.

Well the good news is you are asleep when this is happening; the bad news is you wake up feeling like you have been hit by a bus! Reasons for choosing the tram flap over the latissimus dorsi were a previous shoulder injury, the tram flap would produce a larger breast and I liked the idea of a flat tummy.

The Secret Suckiness Of Life After Breast Cancer

Yes again with the appearance thing, I know! Recovery from surgery was long and hard. More chemotherapy ensued and then onto radiotherapy. One night as I was putting my son to bed, I noticed that my left breast hurt when I was lying on my side. It bothered me for several days before I finally found a small lump. I was alarmed and scared, but thought for sure it would turn out to be nothing. In January , I had surgery.

I was so thankful that my tumors there turned out to be several small ones were identified as stage 1.

Even though I was stage 1, I was still advised to undergo chemotherapy, so in March, I started on the first of 4 rounds of chemo. I have to say that, while the entire experience was difficult and traumatic for all of us, losing my hair was definitely the worst moment. They were so patient and caring in helping me find a wig that I liked and that made me feel a little bit like myself again. You can even have some fun and go with a different look — I decided to go brunette!