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Zivotofsky, Ari and Amar, Zohar. Aleinu: Obligation to Fix the World or the Text? First, Mitchell. Volume 10 Letters. Goldberg, Arthur. Berger, Joseph. Herczeg, Yisrael Isser Zvi. Volume 13 Letter. Rapoport, Chaim. A Personal Account. Muskin, Elazar. Friedberg, Dov. Cohen, Nachman. Completing Creation. Chimeras and the Limits of Casuistry in Jewish Bioethics.

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Balk, Hanan. The Movement of the Chanukah Menorah Indoors. Walter, Moshe. Volume 16 Letters. Volume 17 Letters. Torah and Science.

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Review Essay: Torah, Chazal and Science. Modern Orthodoxy: A Philosophical Perspective. Brody, Baruch. A Kingdom of Priests. Halakhah and Minhag. The Thick and Thin of the History of Matzah. Zivotofsky, Ari and Greenspan, Ari. Wolowelsky, Joel. Poetry, Conversion and the Memorial Prayer. Jafe, Yaakov. Hassidim and Mitnagdim. Maimon, Moshe. Miller, Chaim. Volume 18 Letters. Modern Orthodoxy and the Role of Science. Adlerstein, Frushman, Brody, Aviezer and Buchman. Stadlan, Noam. How are we to determine what God wants?

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    Epstein; Wilamowsky; Dickman; Weiss. Segelman, Micah. Kabbalah—Escape from Reality or Affirmation of Life? Misinterpreting Rabbi Judah Ha-Levi. Volume 20 Letters. Torah Authority. Volume 21 Letters. On Changes in Liturgy and Customs in General. Sperber, Daniel.

    Gillis, David. A New Ben Asher Manuscript. Haberman, Moshe. Adlerstein, Yitzchok. Spercher, Shlomo. Broder,Hillel E. Bronstein, Yosef. Greenspan, Ari. Jewish History. Reichman, Edward and Anna Dysert. Brown, Benjamin. Ohr La-Goyim. Teaching Mussar at the FBI. Friedman, Cary A. Guttman, David. Twersky, Geula. Stunning after Slaughter. Kleinman, Daniel Asher.

    Volume 25 Letters. Kosher and Ethical Animal Products. Zivotofsky, Ari. Zelcer, Heshey and Malky. Rosensweig, Michael. Sterman, Baruch. Ehrenberg, Isaac. Probabilistic Analysis of the Propagation of Latent Mamzerus. Berman, Simeon M. Obama needs to make a historic sweeping gesture to retain Jewish support, the. Rabbi Hanan Porat was just another face in a crowd, and then it lifted him above their shoulders, as they demonstrated in for the right to build Jewish housing beyond the Green Line.

    As we go to print on Wednesdays, we are sometimes entertained on the radio by former British lawmaker George Galloway, who has a morning talk show on WBAI. Galloway spares no opportunity to stick the apartheid label on Israel. He speaks of lands illegally colonized by foreign-born settlers.

    Perhaps the comparison to South Africa is too generous. If anything, the situation in Israel is worse than in South Africa, because when Nelson Mandela was elected to power, he forgave the white settlers and allowed them to stay if they chose. In contrast to the Afrikaners, the Jewish residents of the territories have an ancestral tie to their homes.

    Rabbi Porat was responsible for renewing this connection. His actions transcend Zionism, because they are more than about Jewish independence. Obama needs to make a historic sweeping gesture to retain Jewish support, the GOP must address the demonstrators directly to secure the general vote. All rights reserved.

    Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld writes a Torah scroll

    But last month, Gibson aanounced that he secured funding for a big project from Warner Brothers. He will be producing and possibly directing and starring in a movie based on Jewish history, the story of Judah Maccabee. Noonan asked Gibson if he believed the Holocaust happened. He answered by quesJeff Dunetz tioning the number of Jews slaughtered by the Nazis and seemed to down play the Holocaust as a Jewish experience. Then it was six. I mean war is horrible. The Second World War killed tens of millions of people. Some of them were Continued on page 5. Letter to the editor rightly concerned about the negative Increased focus on risk of such changes, both known and unknown, as they pertain to the Jewish charities internet.

    The past few years have seen the requisites with which the non-profits must comply significantly ramped up, and what sufficed a year ago will not necessarily constitute compliance today. All non-profit organizations have been impacted, and the Jewish community especially has felt and will continue to feel this impact because we have thousands of non-profit organizations, which carry out our longstanding and deeply-rooted tzedaka practices.

    Every information technology innovation, be it the printing press, the fountain pen, the typewriter, the radio or the internet, has, for better or worse, affected individual and group interactions and behaviors. The Agudath Israel and its rabbinical leadership are. Contrary to the article, the Agudath Israel does in fact maintain a website. In addressing these problems, the Agudah does use the financial and technical efficiencies of the internet to disseminate information and documents to a broad spectrum of Jews, without regard to Agudah affiliation, in order to enable them to protect themselves and their loved ones in what all too frequently are truly life-or-death situations.

    The Jewish Star has performed a public service by placing these issues before its readership. Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq. East Northport. What if they made a Maccabee movie and no Jews came? Continued from page 4 Jews in concentration camps. Many people lost their lives. In the Ukraine, several million people starved to death between and During the last century 20 million people died in the Soviet Union. But is it the right thing for Warner to do, and once it is made should Jews consider seeing the movie?

    Surely they know the Jewish communities are not going to come to this film. As a people. Jews are quick to forgive, Israel considers PA President Abbas a moderate despite the fact that he was one of the people responsible for the Sbarro bombing, American Jews still support Barack Obama despite his anti-Israel policies.


    In the end, Rabbi Hier would likely be very disappointed to learn how many Jews will see the movie. More than his anti-Semitic history, I am not sure that Gibson has the background to appreciate the real story of the Maccabees. Gibson is a passionate member of the Catholic Traditionalist movement, a minority Catholic sect that rejects the reforms of the Second Vatican Council in - in particular the abolition of the Latin Mass. Part of the traditional Latin Mass that Gibson so fiercely believes in is about the conversion of the Jews. Only part of the Chanukah story was the Maccabees fight for getting the Greeks out of Israel, and the cleansing and dedication of the Temple.

    The Maccabees fought a civil war against other Jews. Judah and the boys were fighting Jews who had turned away from their faith. The resulting assimilation caused a loss of Jewish faith and tradition, and finally laws against practicing Jewish ritual. Sadly in many ways this story about a war against Jewish assimilation has become the most assimilated of Jewish holidays. The real question is based on his religious beliefs could Mel Gibson do the story of the Maccabees justice.

    Personally I do not see how a man who prays that Jews convert can do a movie about a civil war waged to prevent Jews from losing their faith. Jeff lives in Long Island. Send us an e-mail with "sign me up" in the subject line to newsroom thejewishstar. Celebrating Our 24th Year Style for your windows, savings for you. With their beautiful colors, fabrics and designs, Hunter Douglas window fashions are always a smart choice for creating inviting, attractive spaces. Rebate offers may not be combined; there is a limit of one rebate per qualifying unit.

    For each qualifying unit purchased, the higher applicable rebate amount will apply. Other limitations and restrictions apply. All rebates will be issued in U. Hunter Douglas and its dealers are not tax advisors. The tax credit for is subject to a limitation based in part on the amount of Section 25C credits taken in prior years.

    It is recommended that you consult your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation and your ability to claim this tax credit. A Jewish newspaper should have a Hebrew column. So here it is. We will try to maintain a level of vocabulary so that it will be easy enough for students to read and interesting enough for those more fluent to enjoy. In our tradition, the High Holidays are viewed as a time period when all of humanity, not just its Jews, are judged for the coming year.

    It is this grudging which is so superbly rebuked throughout the Book, and most of all in the final chapter, which must rightly be considered the climax of the story. The former is the group of sailors on the ship that threw Yonah overboard, and the latter are the people of Nineveh. The lone Jew in the story, the prophet himself, makes a mistake at every turn.

    First he is told to go to Nineveh, but he runs to Tarshish. When everyone on his ship is working like mad to save themselves from the storm, Yonah is dreaming away in lalaland. Humans and animals are My creatures too — no matter where they come from and where they seem to be heading. There is always room for people to change their ways — they just need to want to change, and recognize that changing is a long-term process that has to start somewhere.

    The classic interpretation is that the fish really was summoned to swallow Yonah. I also believe this passage is meant to show one more lesson. This is not to suggest Yonah hated the people of Nineveh, but it is clear that he felt telling Nineveh to repent would reflect badly on his own people who were unrepentant. May we all live to see such a prophesy fulfilled speedily in our days. News, photo galleries, calendar events and more. Plus sign up as a user and add your own photos, events and comment on stories. The exact origins of Kol Nidrei are lost in the sands of time. One of the earliest sources regarding our present practice is found in a responsum of Rav Natronai Gaon.

    Moreover the vow, prohibition, excommunication, and oath are all nullified from their moment of inception. There exists no vow, no prohibition, no excommunication, no oath, and no practice. It is said with great solemnity and dignity. For many, it has become the defining moment of Yom Kippur. At first blush, it is difficult to understand exactly how and why Kol Nidrei has captured the hearts and minds of our people.

    It is a formal juridical statement whose content consists of the nullification of vows. This hardly seems to be the kind of subject matter that would captivate our imagination and bring us to heartfelt feelings of teshuvah. Kol Nidrei has an almost mesmerizing effect upon us. The question is why. If we can do this, the potential of Kol Nidrei to transform our lives will finally be fully realized.

    Sign up for his weekly parsha email at rdbe gmail. With coupon. Not to be combined with any other offers. Excludes window treatments, electrical appliances, hot plates, hot pots and kosher lamps. One coupon per store visit.

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    Eric Keslowitz, chairman of the Community Chest, thanked David for his volunteerism in the community. Our health advocate, Solomon Rosenberg, has vast knowledge of our superior amenities and services. His passion for medical excellence and familiarity with community traditions helps us gain the insight we need to be your trusted healthcare source. Our Centers of Excellence:. Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation: By combining a world-class team of specialists with a full range of standard and innovative therapies, Montefiore has achieved a survival rate in abdominal transplantation liver and kidney of more than 90 percent—compared with the national average of 75 to 80 percent.

    To learn more or for assistance scheduling an appointment, call Solomon Rosenberg directly at From immigration to real estate, criminal cases to bankruptcy, lawyers act as intermediaries, guiding and often negotiating through difficult issues. Klesztick ever, and society wants an end to gripes and complaints.

    Society accepts the idea of an arbitrary cutoff date for cases, commonly known as the statute of limitations. What a wonderful idea to bring to a marriage. Sure, some issues are worth fighting over, fighting about, or fighting for.

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    There are things you want addressed, corrected, and discussed. A time to move on and let it go. This brings me to the complaint itself. In court, you must articulate your position, carefully and slowly, paragraph by paragraph so that your adversary can respond paragraph by paragraph. Imagine forcing that one on your spouse, or better yet, try forcing that on yourself. You have a problem? And what if you unable to do this?

    During the discovery stage of a case, both sides get to see the evidence, ask questions, and ultimately understand the position of the other side. The ability to access documents, evidence and theories of your adversary allows you to almost live in the shoes of the person you are fighting, which is why 90 percent of all cases litigated in New York are ultimately settled at some point before trial. There is such a strong public policy in favor of discovery that it is almost impossible for a case to go to trial without first allowing both sides ample opportunity for discovery.

    The days of Perry Mason and surprise witnesses are long gone. This self-propels the parties toward negotiation, compromise and ultimately settlement. Need I say more? I am not suggesting that we bring the courtroom into the living room, or that we use prenuptials, or contracts. However, what I am suggesting is that we bring the same creativity, thought and talent into our marriages, that we apply everyday in the workplace.

    Just try it. Hopefully you will have plenty of time to test it out. Unlike legal cases that have limited life cycles, marriages with proper care can last a lifetime. My wife, Sharon Klestzick, who despite never attending law school,. May they all continue to be well. Evan W. Klestzick, Esq. He has been a guest lecturer at Manhattan College as well as CLE courses podcasts on the topic of insurance fraud. He is a resident of Far Rockaway. Village Ave. The rabbi sat with the groom at his tish and throughout remained silent while others offered words of congratulations, heaping praise of the bride.

    I found the exception that proves Zechariah Mehler the rule and that was my experience this past Rosh Hashana at the Gateways program catered by Michael Schick. I have been to events catered by Michael Schick before and I will be honest I have enjoyed them. He is overall a good caterer with a tremendous drive to serve well-made gourmet food. But something happened this year at Gateways. Perhaps a slash to his budget or the rising cost of food that resulted in a meal that was, and I am sorry Michael, sim-.

    I have prepared a short list of areas where caterers often falter, and it is my hope that any food service people reading this would take my advice to heart. They have an exceptionally long shelf life and can be bought in bulk for a low price. However, the process of freezing them also strips away the flavor and the nutrients.

    Since each catered event is also a showcase of your talent, serving frozen veggies may carry a higher price point in the short term but it is unlikely to get you more business. In this way using frozen food is penny wise but pound foolish. The problem is that these items are much more delicate and expensive than beef, chicken and turkey. They hold up to the cooking, freezing and reheating process with far less grace their more common counterparts and they also require a greater level of skill to prepare.

    Rather than serve a mediocre piece of veal, it is better to serve a stellar piece of chicken. The reward will be a greater volume of business from your thoroughly impressed audience. A giant sprig of rosemary rising up from my beef wellington like a sad little tree does not. Just do what your good at. Serve great food. Frozen peas save on costs for caterers, but they could result in fewer future customers because of the decrease in taste. I could keep going but there is only so much of the paper that I can take up with my advice to kosher caterers.

    To all our readers, have an easy and meaningful fast. Zechariah Mehler is a widely published food writer and expert in social marketing. Follow him on Twitter thekoshercritic. Deadline is Wednesday of the week prior to publication. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Hachnosas Orchim of Chevron Fund. Tickets are available at YBClive. For more information, contact Babysitting will be provided. The event runs from p. Kosher lunch and door-to-door transportation is available on a limited basis. For more information, contact Mary Sheffield ext. The event begins at p. The event includes rides and a clown performance.

    Showtimes are at p. The Eliezer Project is a local organization that was created three years ago to help those residents of the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, and West Hempstead communities who are impacted by the economic crisis and are experiencing extreme financial crisis and job loss. Once a community member contacts The Eliezer Project, he is given an appointment for an interview with Ellen Aronovitz, our Employment Director.

    The client is then enrolled in our Yahoo Group where he or she receives access to job opportunities. Clients also receive daily articles relating to all aspects of conducting an effective and successful job search. The Employment Director also alerts clients to upcoming networking events and job fairs.

    More severe circumstances might require a consultation to better understand the benefits and consequences of loan modification, debt consolidation including credit card debt, bankruptcy, budget counseling, and a variety of other options. Clients are able to avail themselves of the services of a highly qualified group of volunteer attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors. We also assist with referrals to social service agencies and for psychological counseling, as well as referrals for medical insurance.

    Holidays, chagim, and shabbosim are a particular challenge for our clients and their families. Celebrating each Yom Tov is expensive and extremely stressful when money is tight. The Eliezer Project has helped out our clients in many ways. We provide financial assistance for. We distribute lulavim and esrogim to our clients who cannot afford to buy their own.

    We distribute oil and wicks before Chanukah. Helping our clients to observe the Jewish holidays with dignity reminds them that the community cares and is involved during this critical period of their lives. This year, the demands on our food assistance program are greater than ever. We hope and pray that this wonderful and generous community will continue to help us meet the challenge so that we may continue to provide assistance to all of our clients during these difficult times. Donations from the community are our sole source of support. We do not receive funding from other Jewish organizations or from the Federal, State or local governments.

    Your contributions allow us to continue and expand the quality and range of services that we provide. Donations can be done by credit card directly on our website www. The community can help the clients by advising us of employment opportunities. There is no greater mitzvah then enabling a neighbor or friend to go back to work and have parnassah. We are always looking for volunteers from the community to provide guidance to someone in your industry or field that could benefit from your expertise and contacts. Our community is filled with excellent doctors, dentists, orthodontists, psychologists, opticians, optometrists, etc.

    We can also use the help of electricians, plumbers, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, career counselors, etc. We have many ideas about how your child, friends and family members can help the clients of The Eliezer Project. He is replacing our former Executive Director, Gideon Bari, who left to pursue his career as an elder care attorney.

    The Eliezer Project wishes everyone a year filled with good health, happiness and parnassah and urges all of you to join us, get involved and support your community organization which assists your neighbors and friends. She can be reached at or ellen eliezerproject. We will not publish on October 21st. Call x to place your ad. This opening statement by Rabbi Reisman underlines the timeliness of the publication at this time of year of this scholarly, yet most user- friendly analysis of what is the most recited liturgical Alan Jay Gerber work of our faith.

    In this book, Rabbi Wegbreit of Yeshiva Birkas HaTorah in Jerusalem, has brought forth a method of analysis that will serve as the model for prayer text analysis for all future commentary on the Jewish liturgy. The method is deceptively very simple, yet upon closer reading it will be noted that the text as well as commentary are both equally well served by this method. Just about each word and phrase is given a detailed translation, and the commentary is based upon the classic work of the Abudrahan.

    With the use of this commentary Rabbi Wegbreit notes that one phrase of Aleinu flows seamlessly into the next thus creating. This helps serve to further the meaningfulness of the text in both the heart and mind of the worshiper thus expanding both the meaning and understanding of this prayer.

    While this prayer is a basic theological statement in that, based on its text content, it in no way serves as a prayer. It is indeed ironic to note that Aleinu does not have the blessing and prayer formats we have come to use in other services. There is neither opening bracha nor closing benediction. It reads more like a declaration of belief, a prose essay similar in theme to that of the poetic Yigdal, a universalistic statement of faith blended together with a recognition of the elect status of our faith from G-d. This is a declaration that seems to be glossed over by many due to the last placed placement that Aleinu has in the liturgy.

    However, Rabbi Wegbreit has brought forth g a work that will, if w taken to heart, will take in no small measure help hel awaken us to the holiness and sanctity hol of the words of the Aleinu to the point Ale where its recitation wh will wi never again be by rote and its comprehension will truly pr refl re ect feeling and understanding. Within this work are essays dealing with issues on changes in liturgy, severance pay, abusive parents, tefillat shav, issues dealing with errors in Hebrew books and legislating morality — the prohibition of lashon hara.

    If you do not see it, ask for it. It will be well worth your effort. Within this issue are essays dealing with the deactivation of implantable pacemakers and defibrillators in terminally — ill patients, the limits to saving lives, the use of biologic scaffolding materials, and a twenty four page essay on the nullification of conversions by Dayan HaRav Chaim Jachter. My husband and I are doing something that we never thought we would do.

    We are going to our son and his wife for the upcoming yomim tovim.