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Live and blind! As I do all of my recording and editing on a Linux powered laptop I give some love to Linux games be they Linux exclusives, or multi-platform games that include Linux support in addition to console games coming soon! Please give my channel a look and let me know what you think! He has a relaxed commentary style, and really cares about his fans and has an eye for quality when it comes to editing. His channel focuses on horror, adventure, and indie games.

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Don't expect any over the top reactions. All of the ad revenue goes to charity. Their commentary is in the style of Game Grumps and. Shauny D 82 36 Hello everyone! My channel is dedicated to playing horror games. My goal is to entertain anyone who watches my videos with funny remarks, silly reactions, and smooth, fluent commentary. I started about a month ago and I want to branch out to as many people as possible to help expand my channel. Making videos is a new-found passion and I love to feel the audience in the room with me.

I'm always open to any feedback, comments, or suggestions. Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to seeing you all! NightmareViperSlash 40 I am a channel based around gaming. Not specific games, I enjoy playing any game that I can find. There are certain type of games that I will not play, which is FPS, unless it's a joke. I accept game requests and review custom made games SMW hacks, new game you made, etc. I try to upload my best, but my life schedule makes it harder.

I always have around let's plays going on, some being more popular than others. Built as a community response driven channel, The Gaminator channel features Subscriber shout out Saturday's where all new subscribers and all new top comments are featured. Not to mention retro and new let's plays along with news and reviews. This is a one stop shop for all fans of gaming.

I look forward to seeing you all soon! She plays different games, varying from horror to funny games! She loves trying out different games and suggestions are very welcomed. Do take a look her channel! Watch them scream, laugh and fight their way through the perilous world of video games. There are plenty of laughs and screams to go around.

Very calm letsplayer, likes talking and trying not to die in every videogame he plays. More games will be added soon. With us you experiencing Let's Plays a it finest. Fun stuff! They prefer to have three or less of these five members doing commentary on any given game. Their video and audio quality is constantly improving. They are open to any gaming suggestions that are made. They mostly play anything that they can get there hands on they prefer not to play fps though.

Each member has strong points in different genres. Blake is better at RPGS, Tiffany is great at puzzle games, Daniel likes some platforming games, David is a horror and beat m' up fanatic, and I am here to say Matthew loves his Starfox. Bring your own candy! Does a lot of co-op game-play with friends and other YouTubers. Sunny plays a lot of the old and random SNES and gameboy games he found cleaning his parent's old house during a move such as Naruto Ninja Council or Kirby's Dreamland 3 , but is ready and willing to play anything he can get his hands on.

With barely any knowledge of video games, SunnySucksAtGames is a place for any and everyone who plays games for the fun of it, and who would love to have that friend that knows even less about nerd stuff than they do so they look better by comparison. Let's Play WE! It's Nico, Mascow, Larissa and Tuki. They are mostly playing in Slovak language, but Nico is providing first English series of OGame, and he's going to make more. Her gaming library spans several genres and promises something for every viewer as she builds her channel.

She's welcome to feedback and suggestions as well as hearing from other video game fanatics. Prefers to focus on Nintendo games, however often plays others and is open to many, if not all genres of gaming. Occasionally posts skits and a series known as "Is A Game," in which he posts a video ranging from 20 seconds to five minutes, which is cut around several silly moments of the game, usually done while sleep deprived. Although occasionally uses some choice language, he rarely swears on his own, and tries his absolute best not to offend anyone during his commentary.

Current Let's Plays are few and short, however many upcoming Let's Plays are expected, with significantly increased consistency. As his name suggests, he has an affinity for the cuteness of eevees. Additionally, he is very open to the idea of collaborating with other Let's Players as well as ideas from the gaming community, but his school life hinders him from uploading too often.

Visit the channel and become an eevee today! Funny, relaxed, exciting these two are something to look out for GaiEnSuit is just a guy in a suit playing games with emphasis on three things; laughter, epic stories and a good scare. He strongly believes in short, fast and sweet editing, cutting out all bull s! Warning: Profanity Usage. Viewer discretion is advised Discover games you didn't even know existed. MagicManMo Hello! I find this hobby difficult to explain to my family.

They also do pick up videos and straight up reviews, as well as respond to comments from the community.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan 1859-1930

Come checkout their latest stuff! Boredy Mcbored 9 6 BoredyMcbored is cooky, funny, awkward, let's player that isn't afraid to say whats on her mind, appropriate or She plays games from all eras and most generas. Six pack not guaranteed. I'm a new Let's Player and would love it if you subscribe! The key to every game is immersion which I always attempt to build for my audience. Tally ho! Creep through the dungeons and creepy crawlies with him to share the scare. I post at least one video every day and have dreams of one day making a living from this, but for now its just a hobby of doing what I love - gaming!

I mainly play platforming games, such as Mario, Sonic and some Indie games, but I also spinoff to other branches as well. So please check out my channel, you may really like it, over other people do! His unorthodox,yet explicit sense of humor will have you laughing and confused while his unique insight and knowledge of the games he plays will keep you intrigued. Recently partnered with N4GTV. Does Full Walkthroughs as well as random collabs with others. Killam Gaming 27 43 This is a new gaming channel that will bring you lets plays,walkthroughs, montages,maybe some top 5's, and some random gaming moments.

Also we wanted to make this channel a community gaming channel, so if you're interested in making Let's plays, montages, or other tips and tricks, just send me a message and we'll talk. There will be multiple lets players on this channel, there is bound to be somebody you like. With so many people there's bound to be someone you'll like. Katana Hand 39 2 Five members, currently uploading Pikmin lets plays weekly.

Check us out! Plays games generally of the horror variety for the entertainment of others! NitWitGaming 16 30 Hey everyone! I'm a new youtuber releasing quality let's plays of an eclectic mix of games that require a bit of thought. Come and check me out and leave a comment! The idea of purchasing a capture card for higher quality is being considered as well.

We are relatively new and we had a lot of issues with lost footage and audio at the start, but we're getting better! Truly living up to the word Inept, I suppose! We also have a series called Inept Activities, where we do inane stuff in short videos. HyruleK1ng 88 My name is Doug, I like to play a wide range of games.

While this channel is mostly me, I also play co-op or VS games with friends. I am always looking for great games to play and will take recommendations. I would appreciate your support. Unhealthy Alliance 36 18 Unhealthy Alliance is a pair of two Let's Players who play through games from start to finish while providing commentary about the game and trivia.

There's an obvious skill gap between the two and some of their videos end up feeling like walkthroughs as one guides the other. Will be back to uploading videos after a hiatus brought on by technical issues very shortly. They do both modern and classic games and especially love playing indie games. You can also find some side projects like smash tournament videos and other miscellaneous videos.

Other than Let's playing AshelehsA's channel features random videos of doing ordinary things like walking to work or a parody on sammyclassicsonicfan. LPBelligerents 36 44 Walker and Dakota are best friends who constantly bicker and abuse one another in humorous ways while playing games of all types. Discussion ranges from intellectual conversation about the realism or artistic message of a game to debating whether or not random NPCs deserve to be murdered at that very second. Current long running playthrough is DC Universe online where the pair are basically Lex Luthor's assistants because the benefits are great and they hate Superman.

Her "niche" is the unique voice acting she does in every series. The main focus of her channel is Pokemon, but she plays other games as well. They play all kinds of games, but usually go for local PC co-op games. They have just recently had a one year anniversary so go check them out, I'm sure you'll find some entertainment! But know he is doing a blind let's play of Mother 3 and he is also playing Donkey Kong 64 and is preparing to launch Pikmin. He's a big Nintendo fan and is the exact opposite of shy.

He likes his videos to feel like a super fun experience for each one and tries to make you feel like you're playing the game with him. He has only 39 subscribers and would really like more. Go give DK 64 or Mother 3 preferably Mother 3 since Boombom 24's was very disappointed with the first episode of DK 64 but check out his videos and see what you think. He started off with Five Nights at Freddy's.

He will play other games as well and upload frequently. Stay tuned for me, I hear he might try Amnesia next. He seems to upload one video a day in which he says so he doesn't get burnt out to quickly. He also has a side series at the moment with online battles in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst and a semi mission mode playthrough of The Wonderful He does give commentary in his vids in which he admits is not good most of the time but some viewers have commenting saying his commentary is pretty good.

Learn English Through Story - The Lost World by Conan Doyle - Pre-Intermediate

So if you enjoy online battling feel free to check him out. He enjoys commentating games as he plays through them, and loves sharing them with people of the internet. A shorter series of indie-games, roguelikes, sandboxes, or merely games that he feels has been overlooked and could use some more recognition. He usually has 2 series going, though it is not uncommon for there to be more. These three enhance video games with a unique twist adding funny jabs at the game and each other , hilarious observations, and specialize in RPGs.

Playing through games such as System Shock 2, Clock Tower, and Clive Barker's Undying, Six of Harts sets out to explore a weirder selection of video games compared to your average Let's Player, while still making room for more familiar and modern titles every now and then. Observational humor and very harsh language awaits, or something.

As of now they have 3 series going on. Focusing mainly on independent video games new and old with his one off series "Kaz Has" in hopes of raising awareness of games currently in development as well as titles that slipped under most people's radar. He also does Let's Plays of a variety of titles and genres. He recently started his first Let's play, Resident Evil 2 where his voice perfectly matches the mood. He tends to joke during his talk in the video, but lets the viewer enjoy the cut scenes by enjoying them himself and staying silent.

He often gives interesting background and insider information on the game, which lets the viewer connect with the game and it's history immediately. She especially enjoys playing unique, artistic, and interesting indie games that are different than the norm. MrTopHat Van , Alex, Max, and formerly Taylor, will try to entertain your very soul with stupid things that might come out of there mouth at the times.

Sometimes He likes to make videos with his friends or do giveaways. BlazingVictini22 mainly uploads every Days. Lewrystre 17 New let's play channel, 15 year old gamer from UK, good at editing, plays any indie games horror,2D,puzzle etc 1 upload per day. Here you can put me into a video game challenge that you think is hard enough to be done. All you have to do is write in my posts from my socials networks or in comments videos and if I accept, I'll do it.

Well, in terms of games, I have many. So, don't be shy and give me a challenge! Have a good day! JustDan 12 30 Recently started making videos around 1 month ago; his current roster of videos varies from Outlast, Diablo 3 and many others. Few full LPs, but plenty of First Impressions and opinion videos. Rookie Plays Games Rookie has been playing video games and recording them for a little over a year now. After experimenting with just about every genre, he has landed on Point and Click adventures, both old and new, as well as horror games that offer a compelling story.

After finishing a game, if explanation is needed, the series 'In The Rear View' will be featured, where discussion is encouraged among the viewers, and final impressions are given. Right now, Rookie is collaborating with many friends on a few different projects, while also playing The Next Big Thing Hollywood Monsters in some parts.

Good humor, very interesting to watch, and he puts a LOT of work into all of his videos. Plays a lot of indie and pretty well known games, and his audio and video are on par with some of the much larger LPers, though he doesn't really actively promote his channel Doesn't even ask for subs or likes. Probably one of my favorite LPers. Very recently, after a slight hiatus, new videos have been flowing in again, with many strange, unique games.

Tenpin here. I tend to focus on games from all over the spectrum. This channel was started in late February She started her channel in early April Oheao While creating gaming related videos since , he has only started making Let's Plays his main focus very recently. Summer 4 3 I play a lot of video games so I decided to start recording myself playing them.

Also I'm cute. Pretty alright. I do daily videos of any game I find suitable. Though his early videos weren't that great, he is getting better. He currently does his videos from a gaming center where he works until he can afford a powerful enough PC of his own. He has stated that his dream is to one day be able to do live streams and other events for charity. He greatly appreciates everyone who gives him a chance and welcomes all advice on how to make himself more entertaining to watch.

He loves his fans and even has a permanent deal where if he can't finish a game without dying, his viewers get to decide something they would like to see him do. He is currently looking for other Let's Players who are willing to do collaboration videos. He also got recommended by ProJared of NormalBoots , which is way cool. His specialties are RPGs and adventure games. Has been Let's Playing since Lived in Japan and was on hiatus from and Currently has 7 completed Let's Plays. Co-founder of the Blunderbolts , a blind-reading group. Shimmy Schimeon 35 93 I don't put up daily, but if I get a little more subs I am giving a reason to it.

His commentary includes random tangents on different things, and someitmes sings random songs. He also sounds very excited when he plays through the game.

PGA authors A-M

His laptop can be slow sometimes, so there could be a little lag. Jezdamayel Jezdamayel uploads new videos on a daily basis and does many LPs at once. She has a beautiful and very pleasant voice and has done voicework in the past. In less than a year she LPed over 35 games in approx. A few of her LPs were also recorded with a facecam, but she found the post-editing was too tedious with her current equipment.

Kwingsletsplays , Kwingsletsplays is a let's play together channel created by the Kwings! One of the first and most famous Gaming Couples on YouTube. By , the Kwings branched out and started doing daily content on the let's play channel. Unlike Knightwing's solo channel, kwingsletsplays is not typecast to just Retro, Nintendo or Batman Games. Kwing's commentary style is more informational based, while Kwife is the comedian in the Family. He focuses on completing 1 or 2 series at a time, typically Nintendo games,in a consistent,unique and entertaining way.

His works really show effort, and his videos often include important information and silly voices in a style that doesn't distract from the game. He doesn't neglect the gameplay or the commentary quality, and gives the best quality video he can manage. ErrorKatz 13? Game-related videos and some Let's Play style videos. Gamgenies 17 78 A collab channel between a variety of gaming youtubers. Check us out if you'd like a bit of humor! BlizzardAttack 82 A group of friends together on a YouTube channel. These people play all sorts of games, from Inde to minecraft and tons of other games.

Also known to engage in LP's with others. GrimWaltz 53 18 Not only a Let's Player, but also an entertainer. GrimWaltz is a rising star on the European front of Let's Plays. Broadcasting from a small country called Belgium and still being a fairly young channel, he slowly but steadily is capturing the hearts of audiences with his weird sense of humor and special style of editing that resembles masters such as Barry Kramer of the Game Grumps. Merk The Hyena 55 Ever wondered what entertainment the brainfarts of a Hyena could bring you? Well, look no further. This is a wonderland for all things consuming the land of Let's Plays and is heavily influenced by his bowl movements.

Playing games with his friends Opta and GrimWaltz or standing alone and facing danger, it that can really be said it. That's Merk the Hyena for you. Definitely worth checking out. Riffel He is a youtuber that does all around gaming, he does Gameplay walkthroughs, he also does call of duty gameplays. He also records with some of his friends, he a tries his hardest to entertain his audience. He also responds to everyone that messages him. Basically what you see is what you get. Gamivo Gamers 17 42 This is a new group channel out there that is made up of Sonic B. These guys are a hilarious group who have many different projects they work on for their channel.

The Sloppy Gamers 7 67 Two friends doing let's plays of games from all different eras with the sloppiest gameplay possible. A lot of retro content but they try to get their modern gaming on when they can. Just two guys having fun and looking to have fun with an audience. Nintendofanlp 63 Mainly focuses on Nintendo. He likes to do let's plays of Mario and Donkey Kong. He always voices his appreciation for people who subscribe to him and watch his videos, and he hopes that someday he'll be a part of ninbuzz! He deserves to get his name out there!

Bomis 15 72 Bomis82 focuses on retro, arcades and indie games. With a strong dose of deadpan humor and witty comments, he will keep you entertained. No profanity, friendly attitude and always open for collaboration ideas. Last, but not least - regular uploads 3x times a week. Check him out! GamerJB I love playing games and i now drag some of you lovely people along with me on this high techy thing called YouTube.

I will play any game and take on all recommendations. GF Challenges. Hope you can check me out sometime soon! Cid Luneth Casual Let's Player, tries to be informative but has an infrequent upload schedule. I upload as often as I can. Her commentary was nice and the video quality was decent. She says on her channel that she will be collaborating for SweBoy to do plenty of videos.

So stay tuned for that! He used to review content on the channel but then moved his reviews to another channel. He also responds to emails and takes requests to play certain games. Her style is laid-back and interactive with the audience, informative, and with a spice of silliness and awkwardness.

She updates daily. This man tries to provide informative, humorous, and entertaining videos and a general supporter of other small-size, underrated Youtubers. He hopes to provide entertainment to people through his successes and failures. Many different kinds of games. KoolGoldfinch This good-quality channel offers fun blind runs of classic game series such as Mario and Rayman.

The quality of the videos have been decent since this player's start in , but they have improved significantly in the past few months with the end of his Super Mario World blind run, as well as his recently completed Rayman Legends blind run. He has also started his own Pokemon Theory show recently titled "PokeTheory" where he analyzes various Pokemon myths and determines whether or not they are likely to be true. This series shows promise, especially since Matthew Patrick of Game Theory has shown interest in this series as well.

All in all, this channel is definitely worth a look, and maybe even a sub. MathematicalGaming 14 4 Great channel featuring potential in the world of gameplay recording. MathematicalGaming is a channel to visit who is currently playing Thief and plans doing Watch Dogs. Inutsu 4 7 Just some guy that has started doing Let's plays. OmniCatGames 20 5 A new lets player who is just here to have fun and build up his talking skills. Plays any game as long as it is interesting. Not the best at the moment but is hoping to grow into something much better.

Always welcomes constructive criticisms! A Lets Player that likes to add memes, sound fx, and voice impressions with laughs. Who is wongoli? Why is wongoli? The Belocity 11 23 An American teenaged boy who is an excellent millitary strategist and plenty of millitary and political hummor along the way.

He is mostly well-known for being a strong belevier in Dudisim and his "Here We Go" line. He has been on the LP scence since !! Games 47 A teenage girl from North Carolina who uber obsessed with Nintendo. She maybe a directioner but still a Nintendo nerd. PandasCS 43 50 A fairly new let's player, who takes suggestions. Currently playing the Titanfall campaign, 7 days to die and indie horror games. Moving to: Destiny on release , Watch dogs on release , fan suggestions on request. Nothingjustgo 22 A fairly old Let's Player who mainly focuses on Nintendo Games and shows what makes them tick.

Together with Mr. Sike get in to in all gaming worlds. I am 14 years old. I am a big fan of "The Legend of Zelda" series. Make sure to watch my funny lp's with my friends and subscribe. I am dumb and weird so don't freak out XD. A big fan of Co-op and Collaborative gaming as well as individual gaming. Come to this channel if you enjoy fighting games, RPG's, Tournaments and much more! I love playing 4 player co-op games with my friends such as Cloudberry Kingdom and Castle Crashers, and who doesn't enjoy some 4 Player Super Smash Bros.? BeeRye Gaming 8 16 Two cousins get drunk and do blind let's play, usually games that appear to bad or obscure.

If you like dumb goofy humor, check it out. He likes mainly nintendo games, but many others too. The Infinitude Survival Let's play is an exciting, funny, entertaining series featuring way too much dying at the hands of nasty mobs, creative building projects like automatic wheat farms, and great editing. Come Join the Fun! He is always welcoming to new collab partners. Gravity suffers from chronic depression and because of it he has stopped for the time being. Kittypanic 8 5 Kittypanic loves to play horror games, all kinds! I try to have fun and help you do the same!

Oddly Amazing does Let's Plays with a wide range of RPG series, along with fighting games and arcade-styled multiplayer games. Join along the hype and interesting, yet awkward conversations. I don't know you, you don't know me, we need to change this. You wanna watch someone play a game? Of course you do. Do you want to listen to someone mumble for 15 minutes with little to no emotion!?

Of course you DONT! I play games that other like to see, while trying not to play anything too boring to watch. There is no such thing as formal here, and I am not professional at all. It's all fun and games!. Uploads new videos daily. Plays a variety of games. Takes requests. Has a new channel trailer up, so you can see if you enjoy what he has to offer. He has a calm voice and provides entertainment, fun and knowledge, well at least he tries.

He has a great commentator's voice and humor that ranges from subtle to self-aware stupidity. He does a very wide variety of games as long as he finds them fun to play. He has expressed interest in playing Fatal Frame and Silent Hill. He has stated that as his channel grows he will be able to do livestreaming, preferably for charity. He also has a reputation for extreme appreciation of his fans and loves to interact as much as possible.

Krendar's Adventures 1, 3, Krendar here! My channel is about full playthroughs of games mostly. I do a lot of different PC and PS4 games, sometimes coop collaborations, but mostly complete single player playthroughs! He will also be playing new PS4 releases as much as he can. Brentinitis A let's player who's been doing let's plays since mid However the channel is only now starting to grow at a "good" pace.

Many of the newer lp's like earthbound have high production quality and contain things such as, enemy bios, a custom background due to the aspect, end slats with annotations, and custom thumbnails. Always good for a laugh, Tuxedo T-Shirt or 'Tux' is currently working on a Connected Franchise simulation series in which he attempts to do the impossible -- take the miserable Jacksonville Jaguars to the Super Bowl in five years or less Also will soon include live-action sketches.

Currently they are posting Halo Anniversary, and will soon play D2 and Gex. StormclawGaming 25 A Let's Play group run by four siblings. They mainly just like to have fun, and hope that viewers will have fun with them. Currently they're trying out a new schedule, uploading every weekday.. His videos consist of mostly Left4Dead2 and League of Legends videos with some plays of Amnesia: The Dark Descent where his fear is truly awesome to watch and his responses and logic failing frustrates and further entertains!

Not sure whether you like this let's player? Click here to view this short video now PhoenixGameFlame A young man that started Let's Playing in August on his old channel ScaredTorchics, doing mostly Nintendo Games to start, but swapped channels for personal reasons. Much more content to come in the future. Subscribe to me if you like that nice feeling of nostalgia and hope you will like my humor. I am also playing some random indie games so it is not only old games. So stop by and enjoy. We release 6 videos a week so there is plenty of content to be had.

The Natty Show 10 3 I play random indie games, and I love my face so much that I have to put it everywhere on my channel. My thumbnails have it, my banner has it, my avatar has it, and my videos have it. UploadedNetwork 13 37 Two laid back guys from the UK who love let's playing all sorts of random games.

Facecam shows him jumping during scary games, laughing during goofy games and crying during sad games. If you're looking for a letsplayer who puts heart into every video, time into listening to his viewers and truly loves playing games. Give Swingpoynt a spin. If he can build up a following he plans to play all sorts of games GnrlFancyPants 22 41 A new Let's Player focusing mainly on point and click adventure games, with another game genre or two sprinkled in the mix.

His approach is a slow and methodical, yet entertaining view on the games he plays. Any thoughts on how to proceed? Jefe , 5 Jan CST. Any reason not to unprotect the help pages that are protected not many are? Seems like anybody who wants to update and improve those pages should have the chance. I'm baffled. I've done everything that people have suggested about clearing out the Notes in the individual Lovejoy novels by Jonathan Gash.

I've fixed it so that if you go to the "Jonathan Gash Summary Bibliography" you'll see a "Fiction Series" called "Lovejoy" with 6 or 7 books listed. And here you see, under Notes, the long thing I wrote a couple of days ago that reads: "This series concerns an unscrupulous antiques dealer named Lovejoy who leads a shady and somewhat marginal existence in spite of his preternatural gift of being able to infallibly determine whether any work of art or antique is genuine or not. Because, in theory, we've redone it so that if you click on any one of the books initially listed and go to, say: "Bibliography: The Judas Pair" you'll see, beside Note: "The Lovejoy series link explains why this book, and others in the series, is considered speculative fiction.

For this talent he is called, both by himself and many of the other characters in the books, a "divvie", slang for diviner. Aside from this single paranormal element, however, the books are straightforward mystery thrillers, not SF. The two times I've purged it, all my edits have been approved. Can anyone correct this, or just explain to me what I have to do in order to fix it myself? Is this what I should get? How should books that contain only a single short story modelled? As novels? It seems weird, but that'd be my guess. Also, what about boxed sets? I saw some discussion on one of the biblio pages, but no conclusion was made.

Should I just enter them as separate pubs and include a note about slipcasing? Jefe , 6 Jan CST. Michael Moorcock, Ursula K. Le Guin. Can we declare them a bit better? I've added a few Moorcocks tonight, more tomorrow if they're useful. Or ask me for help on some subjects - I'm just picking a shelf-full of books at random sometimes, if you need a concentrated effort just say so. The worst I can say is "Who?

There have been numerous questions and confusion about display listings and editing behavior that stems from publications that have the wrong type collections that are marked as novels, etc. I wrote some scripts that located pubs that were marked wrong and found that there were about of them. Rather than set up a page of targets to edit which would take weeks to go through , I have done a wholesale update of the database, converting these types. The types that were changed were in this order :. The change will have no effect on the display of bibliographies as no title types were touched.

Alvonruff , 6 Jan CST. This was at my suggestion, because the app had integrated the cover art title into the field at the top for artist, on the parent title, so there was no need ever to enter something down in the contents section. I'm now wondering if there is a reason to bring it back, for Ace doubles. The difficulty with cover art is just the same as with the authors; entering two artists makes it look as if they collaborated on the artwork.

Al, would that cause display problems? For the one I've been working on, for example, "The Silent Invaders" cover is by Emsh, but the flip side, "Battle on Venus", is unsigned. What do you think -- is this the right approach? A rudimentary tool for diffing publications is now online. It is available in the navbar whenever you're viewing a title, under the link "Diff Publications".

You will be presented with a checklist of publications. You may select 2 pubs, and after submitting, it will display the differences in the content between the two pubs. There are 5 or 6 Ferron stories, all of which are stand-alone Analog stories. They were, however, conceived of, and written as, part of a structured outline in which the Time Scanner itself was discovered, then used in various ways. I was wondering, however, if it were worthwhile going into this list of stories and numbering them as a Series? They're all stand-alones, but most of them clearly build upon the background and events detailed in the earlier stories.

Also, is there a place where I can stick in the info that "Chap Foey Rider" is an anagram of my name? The first story started out as a joke letter that I wrote to Ben Bova -- he told me to turn it into a series Rudam submitted an update that led to an interesting question regarding a Tiptree collection.

That publication lists the stories as being "by Raccoona Sheldon". I have a copy; mine looks like a Tiptree collection, but Sheldon is mentioned in a footnote on the table of contents saying that asterisked stories were originally published under that name. I don't think this count as a publication under that name for this book, does it? What about country songs that are clearly science fiction? There were two major hits in the s by the one-time country superstar Randy Travis. Here are the lyrics:. There may not be a Superbowl in , Cars and trains and video games will all be history, The world just keeps on changing, things come and then they go, Nothing lasts forever except one thing I know,.

There'll always be a honky tonk, With a jukebox in the corner, And someone crying in their beer, And one old hanger-oner, And a lady looking lonely, From a losing love affair,. There may be factories on the moon and farming out in space, It seems there's nothing here on earth, That something won't replace, But as long as there's a broken heart there'll be a place to go, Where good ole boys meet good ole girls, And the wine and music flow,.

Operator please connect me with Nineteen-Eighty Two. I need to make apologies for what I didn't do. I sure do need to tell her that I thought the whole thing through. And now it's clear that she is what - I should have held onto. They say hindsight's but I'm nearly goin' blind. From starin' at her photograph and wishing she was mine.

It's that same old lost love story - it's sad but it's true. There was a time when she was mine in Nineteen-Eighty-Two. Postman can you sell me - a special kind of stamp. One to send a letter from this crazy lonely man. Back into the wasted years of my living past. I need to tell her, now I know - how long my love will last.

I know ISFDB has logic that makes if rather hard to set up authors that have different capitalization than the canonical name. Any thoughts? One "solution" that does seem to work is that I changed the name to Gerard, space, space, Klein for the English translations. The downside of that is things like title and publication searches for Gerard space Klein will not find the space, space versions of the name meaning the only way to get to the English translations by author name is via the author's bibliography.

I'm starting to put in the rest of the Lovejoy books in order of publication, starting out with the most basic info. But I'd sure like to be able to put in the fact that each book is 8 in the series and so forth. I guess it's easy enough to do if you're a Moderator and can approve your own edit as you do it.

But I have to first do the New Novel edit, then wait for a Mod. Couldn't this be streamlined somehow? In discussion with Unapersson it turns out this is a single 70 to 80 page work that has been published in a magazine, several collections, and a standalone novel several editions. Another way to represent this is as a single NOVEL title that happens to be included in the contents list of the magazine, collections, etc.

I'm having a similar issue with Mervyn Peake's Boy in Darkness. I can add it as a collection, and put a single entry for the contents so it just contains the novella. It might be useful to add a novella type, as well as novel etc. Entered The Universes of E.

This has Concordances for Lensman, Skylark, a biliography and a couple of shorter fact articles about his works. Do you tag it as nonfiction or as a collection? Also found a data entry bug. I'd started to enter all the interior art as seperate entries and than noticed the comment to me From Edison's Conquest of Mars about only having one entry and listing them in the notes.

When I blanked out the entries and submitted the data it cut off the data at the first blank entry. You've heard of Linden? You must judge for yourself. He put his knee-cap out last winter and I put it in again, and that has made a friendly bond between us. It's not always easy to get him, and of course a small fee, a guinea I think, is usual, but if you wanted a sitting I could work it. I can only say that I have never detected him in fraud. And there is copy in it, too.

When things are more easy I'll write to you, Atkinson, and we can go more deeply into the matter. The article by the Joint Commissioners such was their glorious title aroused interest and contention. It had been accompanied by a depreciating leaderette from the sub-editor which was meant to calm the susceptibilities of his orthodox readers, as who should say: "These things have to be noticed and seem to be true, but of course you and I recognize how pestilential it all is. All the previous articles had only elicited a growl here or there from a hide-bound Catholic or from an iron-clad Evangelical, but now his post-bag was full.

Most of them were ridiculing the idea that psychic forces existed and many were from writers who, whatever they might know of psychic forces, had obviously not yet learned to spell. The Spiritualists were in many cases not more pleased than the others, for Malone had— even while his account was true —exercised a journalist's privilege of laying an accent on the more humorous sides of it. One morning in the succeeding week Mr. Malone was aware of a large presence in the small room wherein he did his work at the office. A page- boy, who preceded the stout visitor, had laid a card on the corner of the table which bore the legend 'James Bolsover, Provision Merchant, High Street, Hammersmith.

He wagged a paper accusingly at Malone, but his good-humoured face was wreathed in smiles. Malone, I think you and the young woman have done your best for us. But, of course, you know nothing and it all seems queer to you. Come to think of it, it would be a deal queerer if all the clever men who leave this earth could not among them find some way of getting a word back to us.

They don't change. And then, you know, one never knows what sort of message is needed. We had a clergyman in to see Mrs. Debbs yesterday. He was broken-hearted because he had lost his daughter. Debbs got several messages through that she was happy and that only his grief hurt her. That's not my girl'. And then suddenly she said: 'But I wish to goodness you would not wear a Roman collar with a coloured shirt'. That sounded a trivial message, but the man began to cry. It's the little things that count in this life —just the homely, intimate things, Mr.

Bolsover laughed. So was I once, so I can't blame you. But I called here with a purpose. I expect you are a busy man and I know that I am, so I'll get down to the brass tacks. First, I wanted to say that all our people that have any sense are pleased with the article. Algernon Mailey wrote me that it would do good, and if he is pleased we are all pleased. Not for publicity, mind you, but just for your own good —though we don't shrink from publicity, either. I have psychical phenomena seances at my own home without a professional medium, and if you would like I don't have many outsiders.

I wouldn't have one of those psychic research people inside my doors. Why should I go out of my way to be insulted by all their suspicions and their traps? They seem to think that folk have no feelings. But you have some ordinary common sense. That's all we ask. So long as you are fair-minded and don't disturb the conditions, all is well. Spirits out of the body don't like disagreeable people any more than spirits in the body do.

Be gentle and civil, same as you would to any other company. Bolsover, in reminiscent vein. They are not allowed to hurt humans, but we all do things we're not allowed to do, and they are very human themselves. You remember how The Times correspondent got his head cut open with the tambourine in one of the Davenport Brothers' seances. Very wrong, of course, but it happened.

No friend ever got his head cut open. There was another case down Stepney way. A money lender went to a seance. Some victim that he had driven to suicide got into the medium. He got the moneylender by the throat and it was a close thing for his life. But I'm off, Mr. We sit once a week and have done for four years without a break.

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Eight o'clock Thursdays. Give us a day's notice and I'll get Mr. Mailey to meet you. He can answer questions better than I. Next Thursday! Very good. Bolsover lurched out of the room. Both Malone and Enid Challenger had, perhaps, been more shaken by their short experience than they had admitted, but both were sensible people who agreed that every possible natural cause should be exhausted —and very thoroughly exhausted —before the bounds of what is possible should be enlarged. Both of them had the utmost respect for the ponderous intellect of Challenger and were affected by his strong views, though Malone was compelled to admit in the frequent arguments in which he was plunged that the opinion of a clever man who has had no experience is really of less value than that of the man in the street who has actually been there.

These arguments, as often as not, were with Mervin, editor of the psychic paper Dawn, which dealt with every phase of the occult, from the lore of the Rosicrucians to the strange regions of the students of the Great Pyramid, or of those who uphold the Jewish origin of our blonde Anglo-Saxons. Mervin was a small, eager man with a brain of a high order, which might have carried him to the most lucrative heights of his profession had he not determined to sacrifice worldly prospects in order to help what seemed to him to be a great truth.

As Malone was eager for knowledge and Mervin was equally keen to impart it, the waiters at the Literary Club found it no easy matter to get them away from the corner-table in the window at which they were wont to lunch. Looking down at the long, grey curve of the Embankment and the noble river with its vista of bridges, the pair would linger over their coffee, smoking cigarettes and discussing various sides of this most gigantic and absorbing subject, which seemed already to have disclosed new horizons to the mind of Malone.

There was one warning given by Mervin which aroused impatience amounting almost to anger in Malone's mind. He had the hereditary Irish objection to coercion and it seemed to him to be appearing once more in an insidious and particularly objectionable form. He has clearly taken a fancy to you. They are like the rude foundations of a building which certainly help to sustain the edifice, but are forgotten when once you come to inhabit it. It is the higher superstructure with which we have to do. You would think that the physical phenomena were the whole subject— those and a fringe of ghosts and haunted houses —if you were to believe the cheap papers who cater for the sensationalist.

Of course, these physical phenomena have a use of their own. They rivet the attention of the inquirer and encourage him to go further. Personally, having seen them all, I would not go across the road to see them again. But I would go across many roads to get high messages from the beyond. Personally, of course, I am equally agnostic as to the messages and the phenomena. Paul was a good psychic. He makes the point so neatly that even his ignorant translators were unable to disguise the real occult meanings as they have succeeded in doing in so many cases.

It is the passage where he says that the gift of tongues, which was an obvious sensational thing, was for the uninstructed, but that prophecies, that is real spiritual messages, were for the elect. In other words that an experienced Spiritualist has no need of phenomena. By the way, there must have been a pretty high average of intelligence among those old congregations if Paul's letters could have been read aloud to them and thoroughly comprehended. However, I am down a side-track. What I wanted to say to you is that you must not take Bolsover's little spirit circus too seriously.

It is honest as far as it goes, but it goes a mighty short way. It's a disease, this phenomena hunting. I know some of our people, women mostly, who buzz around seance rooms continually, seeing the same thing over and over, sometimes real, sometimes, I fear, imitation. What better are they for that as souls or as citizens or in any other way? No, when your foot is firm on the bottom rung don't mark time on it, but step up to the next rung and get firm upon that.

But the paper goes to press to-day and I must get down to the printer. With a circulation of ten thousand or so we do things modestly, you know —not like you plutocrats of the daily press. I am practically the staff. I wonder. Guides, controls, psychic entities of some kind. Who the agents of vengeance —or I should say justice— are, is really not essential. The point is that they exist. These are the old theological bogies of the Middle Ages coming up again. I am surprised at a sensible man like you!

Mervin smiled —he had a whimsical smile —but his eyes, looking out from under bushy yellow brows, were as serious as ever. There are some queer sides to this question. As a friend I put you wise to this one. Thus encouraged, Mervin went into the matter. He rapidly sketched the career and fate of a number of men who had, in his opinion, played an unfair game with these forces, become an obstruction, and suffered for it.

He spoke of judges who had given prejudiced decisions against the cause, of journalists who had worked up stunt cases for sensational purposes and to throw discredit on the movement; of others who had interviewed mediums to make game of them, or who, having started to investigate, had drawn back alarmed, and given a negative decision when their inner soul knew that the facts were true. It was a formidable list, for it was long and precise, but Malone was not to be driven.

Jones said that Raphael was a bungler, and Mr. Jones died of angina pectoris. Therefore it is dangerous to criticize Raphael. That seems to be the argument. Look at Morgate. He has always been an enemy, for he is a convinced materialist. But he prospers —look at his professorship. Do you know anything of Falconer's private life? Well, take it from me he has got his dues. He doesn't know why. Some day these gentlemen will begin to compare notes and then it may dawn on them. But they get it. He went on to tell a horrible story of one who had devoted his considerable talents to picking Spiritualism to pieces, though really convinced of its truth, because his worldly ends were served thereby.

The end was ghastly —too ghastly for Malone. What you have said strikes me as pure superstition. If what you say is true you should have the police after you. But it is out of our hands. However, Malone, for what it's worth I have given you the warning and you can now go your way. Bye- bye! You can always ring me up at the office of Dawn.

If you want to know if a man is of the true Irish blood there is one infallible test. Put him in front of a swing-door with "Push" or "Pull" printed upon it. The Englishman will obey like a sensible man. The Irishman, with less sense but more individuality, will at once and with vehemence do the opposite. So it was with Malone. Mervin's well-meant warning simply raised a rebellious spirit within him, and when he called for Enid to take her to the Bolsover seance he had gone back several degrees in his dawning sympathy for the subject.

Challenger bade them farewell with many gibes, his beard projecting forward and his eyes closed with upraised eyebrows, as was his wont when inclined to be facetious. If you see a particularly good specimen of ectoplasm in the course of the evening don't forget your father. I have a microscope, chemical reagents and everything ready.

Perhaps even a small poltergeist might come your way. Any trifle would be welcome. The provision merchant's establishment of Mr. Bolsover proved to be a euphemism for an old-fashioned grocer's shop in the most crowded part of Hammersmith. The neighbouring church was chiming out the three-quarters as the taxi drove up, and the shop was full of people. So Enid and Malone walked up and down outside. As they were so engaged another taxi drove up and a large, untidy-looking, ungainly bearded man in a suit of Harris tweed stepped out of it. He glanced at his watch and then began to pace the pavement.

Presently he noted the others and came up to them. I thought so. Old Bolsover is terribly busy so you were wise to wait. Bless him, he is one of God's saints in his way. I am the gentleman whose credulity is giving rise to considerable anxiety upon the part of my friends, as one of the rags remarked the other day. Certainly, with his athletic proportions, which had run a little to seed but were still notable, and with his virile voice and strong if homely face, he gave no impression of instability. Mailey," said Enid. You should take your time over it. It is infinitely the most important thing in the world, so it is worth taking time over.

I took many years myself. Folk can be blamed for neglecting it, but no one can be blamed for being cautious in examination. Now I am all out for it, as you are aware, because I know it is true. There is such a difference between believing and knowing. I lecture a good deal. But I never want to convert my audience. I don't believe in sudden conversions. They are shallow, superficial things. All I want is to put the thing before the people as clearly as I can. I just tell them the truth and why we know it is the truth.

Then my job is done. They can take it or leave it. If they are wise they will explore along the paths that I indicate. If they are unwise they miss their chance. I don't want to press them or to proselytize. It's their affair, not mine. They were standing now in the full flood of light cast by Bolsover's big plate-glass window. She had a good look at him, his broad forehead, his curious grey eyes, thoughtful and yet eager, his straw-coloured beard which indicated the outline of an aggressive chin.

He was solidity personified —the very opposite of the fanatic whom she had imagined. His name had been a good deal in the papers lately as a protagonist in the long battle, and she remembered that it had never been mentioned without an answering snort from her father. Mailey were locked up in a room with Dad! What a grand world it would be if it would only realize its own limitations. It has helped us in comfort —if comfort is any use to us. Otherwise it has usually been a curse to us, for it has called itself progress and given us a false impression that we are making progress, whereas we are really drifting very steadily backwards.

Mailey," said Malone, who was getting restive under what seemed to him dogmatic assertion. Look at the S. Is that not a benefit to mankind? I value my electric reading-lamp, and that is a product of science. It gives us, as I said before, comfort and occasionally safety.

We were not put into this planet in order that we should go fifty miles an hour in a motor-car, or cross the Atlantic in an airship, or send messages either with or without wires. These are the mere trimmings and fringes of life. But these men of science have so riveted our attention on these fringes that we forget the central object.

It is not how you send a message, it is what the value of the message may be. At every stage this so-called progress may be a curse, and yet as long as we use the word we confuse it with real progress and imagine that we are doing that for which God sent us into the world. There is mental preparation and spiritual preparation, and we are neglecting both.

To be in an old age better men and women, more unselfish, more broadminded, more genial and tolerant, that is what we are for. It is a soul factory, and it is turning out a bad article. But Hullo! Force of habit, you see. My son says that if you press the third button of my waistcoat I automatically deliver a lecture. But here is the good Bolsover to your rescue. The worthy grocer had caught sight of them through the window and came bustling out, untying his white apron. I won't have you waiting in the cold. Besides, there's the clock, and time's up. It does not do to keep them waiting.

Punctuality for all that's my motto and theirs. My lads will shut up the shop. This way, and mind the sugar-barrel. They threaded their way amid boxes of dried fruits and piles of cheese, finally passing between two great casks which hardly left room for the grocer's portly form. A narrow door beyond opened into the residential part of the establishment. Ascending the narrow stair, Bolsover threw open a door and the visitors found themselves in a considerable room in which a number of people were seated round a large table.

There was Mrs. Bolsover herself, large, cheerful and buxom like her husband. Three daughters were all of the same pleasing type. There was an elderly woman who seemed to be some relation, and two other colourless females who were described as neighbours and Spiritualists. The only other man was a little grey-headed fellow with a pleasant face and quick, twinkling eyes, who sat at a harmonium in the corner.

Smiley, our musician," said Bolsover. It's vibrations, you know. Mailey could tell you about that. Ladies, you know Mr. Mailey, our very good friend. And these are the two inquirers —Miss Challenger and Mr. We respect the shining ones and we will not have them insulted. That won't happen again. We were rather upset over that," Bolsover added, turning to the visitors.

Then he wrote the whole thing up as an exposure in the public Press, when the only fraudulent thing present had been himself. The old lady sat down, but still regarded them with a suspicious eye. Bolsover bustled about and got things ready. Malone, will you sit between my wife and my daughter? Where would the young lady like to sit? Enid was feeling rather nervous.

Most natural, I am sure. Bolsover had switched off the electric light, but a candle burned in the middle of the table. Malone thought what a picture it would have made for a Rembrandt. Deep shadows draped it in, but the yellow light flickered upon the circle of faces —the strong, homely, heavy features of Bolsover, the solid line of his family circle, the sharp, austere countenance of Mrs. Seldon, the earnest eyes and yellow beard of Mailey, the worn, tired faces of the two Spiritualist women, and finally the firm, noble profile of the girl who sat beside him.

The whole world had suddenly narrowed down to that one little group, so intensely concentrated upon its own purpose. On the table there was scattered a curious collection of objects, which had all the same appearance of tools which had long been used. There was a battered brass speaking-trumpet, very discoloured, a tambourine, a musical- box, and a number of smaller objects.

I often wonder she troubles to come at all. We all help, I think. Maybe, I give as much as anyone. And mother, she is a help. Here the long series of sittings —How long, Mr. That is the most comprehensive word. The Christ used that word. It is 'dunamis' in the Greek, but the translators missed the point and translated it 'virtue'.

If a good Greek scholar who was also a profound occult student was to re-translate the New Testament we should get some eye- openers. Dear old Ellis Powell did a little in that direction. His death was a loss to the world. Malone, I want you just to note one or two things.

You see the white spots on the trumpet and the tambourine? Those are luminous points so that we can see where they are. The table is just our dining-table, good British oak.

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You can examine it if you like. But you'll see things that won't depend upon the table. Now, Mr. Smiley, out goes the light and we'll ask you for 'The Rock of Ages'. The harmonium droned in the darkness and the circle sang. They sang very tunefully, too, for the girls had fresh voices and true ears. Low and vibrant, the solemn rhythm became most impressive when no sense but that of hearing was free to act. Their hands, according to instructions, were laid lightly upon the table, and they were warned not to cross their legs.

Malone, with his hand touching Enid's, could feel the little quiverings which showed that her nerves were highly strung. The homely, jovial voice of Bolsover relieved the tension. Just a touch of frost in the air, too. I'll ask you now to join with me in prayer. It was effective, that simple, earnest prayer in the darkness —an inky darkness which was only broken by the last red glow of a dying fire.

You are our Father as well as theirs. Permit us, for a short space, to meet in brotherhood, that we may have an added knowledge of that eternal life which awaits us, and so be helped during our years of waiting in this lower world. Then they all sat in expectant silence Outside was the dull roar of traffic and the occasional ill-tempered squawk of a passing car. Inside there was absolute stillness. Enid and Malone felt every sense upon the alert and every nerve on edge as they gazed out into the gloom.

New vibrations. They have to tune them in to get harmony. Give us another tune, Mr. It was still playing when a woman's voice cried: "Stop! They are here! Silence again, and then it came —such a marvel to the visitors, such a matter of course to the circle. There was a burst of greeting and of welcoming laughter from the circle.

They were all speaking at once. Oh, what big man with beard! Mailey, Mister Mailey, I meet him before. He big Mailey, I little femaley. Glad to see you, Mr. Big Man. Enid and Malone listened with amazement, but it was impossible to be nervous in face of the perfectly natural way in which the company accepted it. The voice was very thin and high —more so than any artificial falsetto could produce. It was the voice of a female child. That was certain. Also that there was no female child in the room unless one had been smuggled in after the light went out.

That was possible. But the voice seemed to be in the middle of the table. How could a child get there? Gentleman," said the voice, answering his unspoken thought. Daddy lift Wee One on to table. Now I show what Daddy not able to do. The little circle of luminous paint rose noiselessly into the air. Now it was swaying above their heads.

Up it went and they heard the metallic tapping above them. Then the high voice came from above:. Daddy got fishing-rod and put trumpet up to ceiling. But how Daddy make the voice, eh? What you say, pretty English Missy? Here is a present from Wee One. Mailey," said Bolsover. Speak to her, Miss Challenger. Keep the vibrations going. All one time to me. I to do my job as eight-year child. When job done then Wee One become Big One all in one day. No time here, same as you have. I always eight-year-old. They all laughed. It was the most genial, free-and-easy association possible.

Malone heard Enid's voice whispering in his ear. Wee One sing to you. They sang the beautiful hymn together. As the verse closed an amazing thing happened —amazing, at least, to the novices, though it called for no remark from the circle. The trumpet still shone upon the table, but two voices, those apparently of a man and a woman, broke out in the air above them and joined very tunefully in the singing.

The hymn died away and all was silence and tense expectancy once more. It was broken by a deep male voice from the darkness. It was an educated English voice, well modulated, a voice which spoke in a fashion to which the good Bolsover could never attain. It is not my wisdom. Give me no credit. I do but pass it on.

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Good evening, young lady! You know nothing of your own powers or destiny. You will find them out. Good evening, sir, you are on the threshold of great knowledge. Is there any subject upon which you would wish me to say a few words? I see that you are making notes. Malone had, as a fact, disengaged his hand in the darkness and was jotting down in shorthand the sequence of events. I will not take long, for others are waiting. The room is crowded with spirit people.

I wish you to understand that there is one man, and only one, for each woman, and one woman only for each man. When those two meet they fly together and are one through all the endless chain of existence. Until they meet all unions are mere accidents which have no meaning. Sooner or later each couple becomes complete.