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The desire to make your results look as good as possible results in illogical rules being added. For example, if your system focuses on last start winners then a logical refinement to consider is whether horses that won their last start in a similar class of race perform better or worse than the average?

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This is the big test for any selection system. You have developed your rules by looking at the results of your analysis over a period of time and then used logical principles to refine them and the performance. How do the results look? Check both the strike rate and profit performance. Hard and fast rules are a little hard to apply, you need to use a bit of your own judgement as to how useful the second set of results are.

If you determine that your second set of tests have produced a suitable result, then you can give serious consideration to putting that system into play and using it as one way to come with your potential bets on a given day. In our next article we will give you a head start on the above steps by providing some specific examples of systems you can actually use. The unique Back and Lay platform means you can In our last article we introduced the concept of racing systems, how they can be used as a terrific The importance of jockeys and the weighting that should be given to them has been a long term debate About your choices.

Stay in control. Leave before you lose it. Gamble responsibly. You account does not have sufficient permission to view this page. Log in Sign up Log out. Racing Systems Overview. Author The Rating Bureau. By applying your own decision making filters you can: Increase your profit by weeding out those that will under-perform relative to the overall group e. The benefit of that to your overall state of mind as a punter and therefore ability to achieve long-term success should not be underestimated.

Have clarity about the type of horses you want to back and create consistency in your selection process. How do you create a racing selection system? There are four fundamental principles to creating a genuinely useful selection system: A good selection system should: Be based on an overall theme or topic that has logic as the basis of a profitable advantage. Provide a strike rate that is practical for betting purposes. Be developed with a rigorous and credible testing process to ensure the integrity of results and confidence that they can continue. STEP 1: Have realistic expectations Organisations that sell racing systems with the implied promise of making big betting profits have misguided punters about what is realistic when it comes to the achievable profit from racing.

Here are a few examples:. STEP 6: Test your system and analyse the results What is the strike rate and profitability of the horses that have qualified under your rules? STEP 7: Sensibly refine your system If your results show some promise then you can consider if there are any sensible and logical refinements that could add further value.

Any rules that refine your primary theme should have some logic. Read More. Follow us. Approved Sports Betting Partner of:. Login To view this content you must be an existing Betfair user.

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Log in Forgotten account? In addition, Williams will be frank with the media on how well his mounts performed in exercise work or in races.

Making Horse Racing Selections: The Basics

Usually his assessments of horses are quite accurate. I would compare Williams with a young P-Val in terms of his raw ability and riding style. Dan Nikolic is second in the Melbourne jockey standings. A very shrewd judge of pace, he will always place his mount in the best spot to win. I would compare his riding skills very similar to Edgar Prado.

Horse Racing Abuse - Horses Being Forced Into Danger Without A Choice

Solid in all categories, he is especially good at getting a good closing type horse home, and usually has his choice of mounts in the big races. A logical comparison to a US jockey would be Garret Gomez though Beadman has had a much longer career at the top level.

Betting Horses for Profit | Predictem

Glen Boss has had a great career already. He is currently riding the stayer Eremine, who Boss predicts will help him win another Melbourne Cup in Coaxed to come back to Australia by some of the most powerful breeding operations on the continent, he re-opened his Aussie stable in August with some of the best-bred two years olds around. And has he taken advantage! He won 35 2yo races with 26 different horses so far in , including the two biggest Group ones for two year olds in Australia: The Blue Diamond with Nadeem and the Golden Slipper with Miss Finland.

Advice on Picking Your Selections

Solid plays with Hawkes include horses that ran poorly at Melbourne where they race left-handed, or counter-clockwise , and are back at Sydney today where they race right-handed, or clock-wise. A weight assignment is adjusted after a horse wins a handicap or performs well in a stakes race.

Distance Changes Sprinters stretching out example: 5f to 6. Fillies vs. Colts Fillies beat colts all the time in Australia. Betting Stakes Races In North America, pace or the affinity for the racing surface can be as important as class in determining stakes races. This is not true in Australia.

Just make sure every horse you play in a Group 1 is sharp and can handle the distance and you will be ahead by the end of the year. Most Group ones in Australia are very competitive, and they generally feature 12 horses or more, so good odds can be had.

How to Read a Form Guide