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The looming battle over the E.

Jelena Ostapenko wasn’t discouraged by hitting fifty-four errors. She didn’t think. She just did.

Clearly, Macron needs to shed his elitist image, and get them back on his side. To do so, he should look toward the resurgence of Le Pen. Her triumph in the poll proves her appeal did not dissipate with the ascendance of Macron.


But, more important, it shows that the French president has not made the necessary efforts to understand the economic and cultural alienation that have fueled far-right movements across Europe and the Americas while he has been in power. Otherwise, in his efforts to stop the far right, he looks fated to slip into the same patterns as his counterparts in the U. Read More.

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By Nicole Sperling. By Bess Levin. Book Pages: Illustrations: Published: June During the past quarter century, the Native American population in the United States has seen an astonishing demographic growth reaching beyond all biological probability as increasing numbers of Americans desire to admit or to claim Native American ancestry.

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  • This volume illustrates a unique moment in history, as unprecedented numbers of Native Americans seek to create a powerful, flexible sense of cultural identity. Diverse commentators, including literary critics, anthropologists, ethnohistorians, poets and a novelist address persistent issues facing Native Americans and Native American studies today.

    The future of White-Indian relation, the viability of Pan-Indianism, tensions between Native Americans and North American anthropologists, and new devlopments in ethnohistory are among the topics discussed. The survival of Native Americans as recorded in this collection, an expanded edition of a special issue of boundary 2, brings into focus the dynamically adaptive values of Native American culture.

    Spicer, Gerald Vizenor, Priscilla Wald.

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