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Whatever the role, archaeological experience is essential. Organised training excavations and field schools can offer excellent structured training programmes and practical experience. Details of these can be obtained from the Council for British Archaeology, but bear in mind that a fee may be charged for accommodation, food and tuition. You will also find a wealth of alternative opportunities available on a local, national and international scale. Details can be found in specialist publications and on relevant websites.

It is also advisable to become a member of a professional archaeological body, such as the British Archaeological Association.

Archaeologist-curatorial Assistant

Student memberships allow access to research centres, journals and prize funds for research. School leavers considering a career in archaeology should gain as much experience as possible by joining the Young Archaeologists Club or a local archaeology society.

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Although a degree is not always essential, an undergraduate degree will likely speed up progression in your career and is very often a requirement for employers. If you choose to study a subject other than archaeology, you will probably be expected to obtain a relevant postgraduate qualification. Previous study in historical subjects will also be helpful.

Put the most valuable skill/experience/certificate first i.e. drivers license or CSCS card.

If you're attracted to a career in science but want to consider alternatives to university, see the science section of TARGETcareers , our website aimed at school leavers. Work on excavations can be physically demanding; it will help you to have a good level of fitness, as well as patience and enthusiasm. You will also need to make sure that your tetanus vaccinations are up to date. In addition, the following attributes are valued by archaeologists and their employers:. How to cite this article. Advertise here. Archaeologist: job description. Find out what that is, it will differ from job to job, and put it there.

Why are are these important or the most important? Many archaeology projects involve undertaking watching briefs, watching a JCB scrape back the topsoil while you look for archaeology, it remote locations that require someone to drive to the location. Being able to drive to those jobs makes you more employable.

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That means you will be better than half the people applying for the same position. More info at the CSCS website. Why do you need the card? Well you need one to work on construction sites and many excavations take place on construction sites.

Archaeologist Resume Example Eastern Washington University - Moscow, Idaho

You can read about the changes at the CIfA website. As you move up in archaeology fewer people apply for supervisor and project manager jobs and so employers have more time to review applications. The more information you can give employers the more likely you are to get hired… usually, there is a such a thing as too much information. When you are starting out a good rule of thumb is two pages.

In a few years you can add more pages. This is were one explains what archaeology skills they have. I would recommend instead of saying 6 weeks say June-Aug. Also, put any relevant experience including volunteering. Put what specific skills you have: i. You need to tell an employer what you can do and what you have learned from your experiences. This is how you demonstrate you can do the job they want.

Why — every bit helps. It is important to know that a drivers license and CSCS will not get you a job by themselves. Do I want to spend another hour looking through CVs when this person has some experience? The answer is almost always no. If you are just starting out you will never be able to beat out other applicants on experience but you still need some- volunteering helps. Then you should know, it is not a problem!

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Click a star to vote! An archeologist: features of profession. According to methods of search, archeology A. Rosetta stone is a monument of epigraph culture BC that represents stone granodiorite with a royal decree of Egyptian king Ptolemy V, written in Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Greek language.

The stone was found near village Rashid Rosetta in European languages on July 15, , by French field engineers during Egyptian expedition of Napoleon. Owing to Rosetta stone, it became possible to cope with deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs; French Egyptologist Jean-Francois Champollion fulfilled this task in The stone is kept in the British Museum, London. The statue was found in by a Greek peasant on his field, Milos Island.

Hands of the statue were not found. The Venus de Milo statue became the most well-known and recognized symbol of beauty of antique art; nowadays, it is situated in the Louvre, Paris. It is located near Angkor Thom - an ancient capital of nationality Khmers on north of the country. French traveler Henri Mouhot discovered this memorial on January 2, Afterwards, the whole epoch in history of Cambodia was named after Angkor Wat.

Towers of Angkor have turned into the symbol of Cambodia and now, they decorate a national flag. Troy is an ancient town on the northwest of peninsula Asia Minor Turkey near the channel Dardanelles. The town was discovered in the s by German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who had initiated excavations in the district of Hisarlik Hill. As a result of excavations, there had been discovered 46 cultural layers, which were divided into several periods - from Troy I to Troy IX. Troy I dates back to - BC; it is the most old time period of Troy.

Mycenae is an age-old town in Argos southern Greece , large center of Aegean culture.