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By the end of this year, nearly miles of new border wall are expected to be completed. This progress is happening despite an unprecedented level of obstruction from congressional Democrats, who have refused to work with this administration on fixing the problems at the border, and have instead spent their time endlessly investigating our president.

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We have two new Supreme Court justices on the bench, who dutifully uphold the Constitution and defend the rule of law. These are a few of countless promises made, promises kept by a champion for the American people. In , we will make our voices heard and re-elect the leader who will fulfill his promise to Keep America Great: President Donald Trump.

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Thomas Hicks, Jr. Not a single recommendation has been made. There is still no news on the independent panel, announced a year ago this week. When asked, the inquiry says that this is a matter for the prime minister. The Cabinet Office refers back to the inquiry.

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  • There are parents still waiting for the inquest function to conclude so they can receive final death certificates. The impact on daily lives has been deeply felt. This has only happened because of a campaign by Inside Housing and residents of private leasehold blocks, many of whom were facing bankruptcy and ill health after two years of being ignored. A fire in Vallea Court in Manchester — which has similar ACM cladding — at the weekend showed just how vulnerable such buildings are.

    The Fath​​ers and the Promises

    The fund is limited to three months, and it is unclear whether it will be enough for the estimated private blocks where no works have taken place. This should be a moment of deep reflection.

    “The Promises Made to the Fathers”

    The inquiry — and government — now have an opportunity to put this right. A few weeks ago, Congress took a first step toward ensuring greater accountability for promises made by corporate America. Economists, legal experts and labor leaders like myself spoke and answered questions in front of the House Ways and Means Committee.

    It is encouraging that Congress wants to hear about the reality on the ground for American workers. For too long, tax reform has been structured to benefit the wealthy and Wall Street rather than American workers and Main Street.

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    We need to raise the tax rate on profits earned overseas and end the deduction for returns on investments made abroad. We need legislation that will make it harder for wealthy tax cheats to dodge paying their fair share by hiding profits in overseas tax havens.

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    We need to close the carried interest loophole that allows hedge fund managers to pay a lower tax rate than teachers and firefighters.