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65 Pet Costumes to DIY on the Cheap

You can always add most of the details to your own costume. Better yet, consider getting the whole family involved with an easy group Halloween costume. Ready to dress up with your furry friend? Here are some adorable Halloween costumes that you can wear with your dog.

If you grew up loving The Wizard Of Oz , you'll adore this matching costume idea.

First, your pup will need a lion's mane. You'll need Dorothy's classic outfit, complete with shiny red slippers. And if your dog already looks like Toto? All you need to do is dress up as Dorothy and you're all set.

Creative Halloween Costumes For Pets

Calling all Hogwarts students! This Halloween, consider dressing up your pup as an owl. It's the perfect match for a Hogwarts student costume. Simply choose the uniform based on your house and you're good to go. To dress up as Ash, you can wear a denim vest, white shirt, and red hat. When you celebrate Halloween under the sea, this Sebastian and Ariel costume idea is a must. Your furry friend will need a crab costume, but if you can't find one, a lobster costume works just as well.

Meanwhile, you'll need a purple tank top or bra, a glittery green maxi skirt, and a red wig.

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Does your pup look like a wolf? If so, it's the perfect excuse to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood. Otherwise, you can get your furry friend a cozy wolf costume. Each of the costumes require only a few items that can easily be bought at any craft store. The chia pet costume is one of the more creative costumes out there, but you might have to explain to your friends that your dog is not dressed up as a giant bush. If you are super artsy definitely try these costumes because they require a bit more creative skill.

This is an adorable way to turn your dog into a skunk for a day, but without the stink part. The rest is with the magic of felt, faux fur, and a glue gun. This costume is sure to turn heads!

This costume actually requires you to dress up alongside your dog, with your dog dressed as E. All your pup needs to do is get into a basket and put on a blanket, and there you have it. This costume is actually more complicated for you than your dog. This is by far the best costume for any small high energy dogs out there. Jack Russell Terriers , Chihuahuas , and Dachshunds will definitely fit the personality of an energy drink. The peacock is such a gorgeous animal with its beautiful feather patterns that it definitely makes for an ideal costume.

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Top 10 Incredibly Easy DIY Dog Costumes - Dogtime

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Rubie's Costume. Courtesy of Amazon. Wonder Woman. Courtesy of Target. Wizard of Oz Dorothy. Courtesy of Spirit Halloween. Star Wars Princess Leia. Police Dog.

2. Owl and Hogwarts Student

Barkfest at Sniffany's. Chiquita Banana. You'll get some serious laughs out of this one-piece banana costume. UPS Pal. Hula Girl.

40 Adorable DIY Pet Costume Ideas for Halloween

Despicable Me Minion. This may just be the cutest Halloween costume for smaller dogs. Your dog will be the fairest of them all with tulle in varying shades of pink. Frog Hood. Ram Hoodie. Bumble Bee. Luau Dog. Don your own Hawaiian shirt and you and your pup are ready for a Halloween luau.