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He comforts me with the very message of the gospel. And God the Holy Spirit has applied that salvation to me.

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He has regenerated me; he has given me a new heart so that I might believe in Jesus Christ; he has given me faith. Therefore I will trust and not be afraid. If God has done the work, then I need not fear losing his salvation. I have no one to fear. How can I now fear God, i. The LORD may be a scary god to the unredeemed, but he is a wonderfully comforting god to the redeemed.

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Therefore, he is my strength. It is not my own strength that achieves my salvation, nor do God and I work together. The sovereign LORD is my strength. He is also my song, i. He is the theme of joyous songs, specifically my songs of redemption. Again and again God is praised for his saving work. Sermon Topics: Salvation , Song. Independence Day Preaching.

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Praise Adonai 4 Who is like the Lord? Surprising 4 Why do you wait? Rethmeier 5 Good news of great joy 5 My soul magnifies the Lord 5 Go peaceful 5 Grace 5 Grace is not earned 5 Great is our God Robertson 5 One church, one voice 5 Great is the Lord 5 Great is the love 5 The light that shines 5 Hail the day that sees Him rise 5 Hallelujah, hallelujah 5 Have mercy on me 5 Have you heard?


A Father to the fatherless Father to the fatherless. Beyond these present sufferings Beautiful in my sight. Blessing, honour, glory and power Our Lord God Almighty reigns. Can a thousand souls? Dreamers of impossible dreams. Each day I will continually praise Your mercy endureth. Even though I walk through the valley You never let go. God, You are full of grace and mercy To love the lost.

God, You have done great things Let Your mercy rain.

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Hail to the gladdening Light Your glory be ever known. Hear us now, O loving God Only You deserve the praise. Here in the shadow of Your holiness Promise of Your grace. I am not a stranger to mercy Take it to the streets.

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