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Criminal procedure is the set of rules governing the conduct of criminal trials and the investigation of crime by the police.

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Criminal procedure tells police how they may investigate criminal activity, outlines for accused persons the rights they possess in the face of criminal prosecution, and provides a set of rules for prosecutors, defence lawyers and judges with respect to the conduct of criminal trials. The aim of this course is to study selected topics in criminal procedure, both at the trial level and with respect to pre-trial investigative processes.

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Of course, we also need to take into account our own resources. We are a small team and need to keep forces to continue the fight! Since its creation, TRIAL International has brought before the Swiss prosecuting authorities 17 cases against individuals and companies.

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These complaints triggered 10 criminal investigations — 8 of which are ongoing — and led to 2 convictions and 1 extradition. Share This:.

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What are those sources? How do you choose the cases you work on? Related Content Cases. Trial Watch database.

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    Inside Investigative Criminal Procedure: What Matters and Why

    The structure and operation of French criminal justice is set within a broad range of contexts of political, occupational and legal cultures from the French Republican tradition of state-centred models of authority, across the growing influence of the ECHR, to the local conditions which determine the ways in which individual discretion is exercised.

    The French model of investigative supervision and accountability is contrasted with more adversarial procedures and in particular, the different ways in which the reliability of evidence is guaranteed and the interests of the accused protected. Systematic observation of the daily working practices of police, gendarmes, prosecutors and juges dinstruction across a number of sites and time periods, provides a unique and detailed account of the ways in which the French criminal process operates in practice.

    The understandings and insights generated from this data are then set within a wider legal and political analysis, which considers issues such as the influence and interference of the State within matters of justice; a comparative analysis of the judicial and defence functions; and the extent to which ECHR fair trial guarantees are able to produce legal and ideological change within a process which depends upon a central and judicially supervised investigating authority.