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Milwaukee Dumpster Rental offers roofers and homeowners alike reduced pricing for dumpsters used to dispose of asphalt shingles and roofing materials. We'll help you figure out what size dumpster you'll need for your roofing tear off. If you need to purchase 30 bundles of asphalt shingles you have a 10 square roof. Be aware that if you have cedar shakes to remove you will need a bigger dumpster.

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For example - If you have 10 roofing squares of cedar shakes to remove you will need a 10yrd container. If you do not know your Total Roofing Squares use the link below or just ask your roofing company. This article has also been viewed 80, times. Categories: Roofing Shingles. Learn more Remove old shingles. Place a pitchfork, flat garden shovel or shingle scraper under the shingle. Pry the shingle from the roof. The nails in the shingle should come up with the shingle when you pry it off. Remove all of the shingles on the roof. Remove leftover debris from the roof.

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Use the split end of a claw hammer to pry out nails still holding bits of shingles onto the roof. Slide the split ends of the hammer under and around the nail. Lever the split end of the hammer up to pull the nail out of the roof. Refrain from pulling out the structural nails that are not flush to the surface. Sweep or brush off any parts of shingles remaining on the roof. Wear work gloves, if brushing off the roof with your hands. Secure loose boards, and nails that may have worked up and are sticking up. Hammer set any nails that are loose in the roofing boards.

Cover large holes in boards. Use tin snips to cut a piece of aluminum flashing large enough to cover such holes. Use a hammer tacker to nail aluminum flashing over the hole. Leave small holes uncovered. If you cannot fit your finger through a hole, it is small enough to leave uncovered.

Install the roofing felt. Lay strips of felt horizontally across the roof. Lay a strip of felt at the bottom of the roof and move towards the top of the roof with each new strip.

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Ensure that each higher strip slightly overlaps the strip below it. Use a staple gun or hammer tacker to staple the felt to the roof. Place staples 6 to 8 inches Install the drip edge. Place the drip edge horizontally against the edge of the roof to mark a distance.

The curved-out edge should fit over the roof overhang. Set the drip edge aside.

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This is to space the drip edge out from the roof edge that distance, evenly and consistently. Mark this distance with chalk.

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This will turn a small repair job into something more extensive that costs more and may pose a risk to your property. A once-yearly in-depth roof inspection is the best way to identify any issues so that they can be addressed before they become a bigger problem.

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You Can Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Roof Your roof, if it has been constructed correctly, should last for many years. Keep Your Roof Looking Great As a homeowner, you want to be proud of the home that you live in, and your roof is one of the first things that you and other visitors to your home will see.

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Regular maintenance will keep your roof looking good by replacing missing shingles and repairing dark spots. As winners of the award for the best roofing contractor in St Augustine every year since , we understand the importance of providing roof repair services that protect your roof and your home. As GAF MasterElite contractors we are able to assist with all your roofing requirements from emergency roof repairs to ongoing maintenance and complete roof replacement. We have a reputation for using only the best quality materials, providing professional, long-lasting installation and our work is backed by full, trustworthy warranties.

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You will have full peace of mind knowing that Fidus will repair your roof leveraging our extensive experience, skills, and certifications to provide a top quality roofing repair solution. Even the best-maintained roofs can be subject to damage due to severe weather and other unforeseen accidents such as impacts from falling trees.

In the event of an emergency roofing repair you will need:. If a roof has been compromised and is letting in water, you will need a quick roof repair, usually in the form of a protective cover to help prevent further interior damage and structural damage to the roof.