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Something extremely cool about natural dyes is that many of the ingredients could be found right in your own back yard! Roots, nuts and flowers are just a few common natural ways to get many colours. A visit to the grocery store and you have endless options at your fingertips. Chop plant material into small pieces and place in a pot.

Double the amount of water to plant material. Bring to a boil, then simmer for about an hour. Strain and return dye to the pot. To get the fabric ready for the dye bath, you will have to soak the fabric in a colour fixative before the dye process. This will make the colour set in the fabric. If you're using berries to dye your fabric, you have to use a salt fixative. Put your fabric in here and boil for one hour.

If you're using plants to dye your fabric, you have to use a vinegar fixative. Combine one part vinegar and four parts water, and boil the fabric in the mixture for one hour. Place wet fabric in dye bath. Simmer together until desired color is obtained. For a stronger shade, allow material to soak in the dye overnight. Nancy Ross.

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Introduction to Perennials and Bulbs. Dueep J. Container Gardening in Easy Steps. Ann Muswell. Clyde Fletcher. Cheryl Palmer. Introduction to Backyard Greenhouses. Mike Anderson. The Gardener's Year. Are these not the coolest curtains you've seen lately? If you want to brighten up that living room, this is the way to do it. A sheer fabric still lets the light in, really brightening up that tie dye.

Use shibori techniques using ordinary tie dye rather than traditional indigo. You can get a variety of beautiful looks by experimenting not only with the Japanese shibori techniques, but by using other dye colors to do so.

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If you're new to the world of tie dye techniques and patterns, never fear. This roundup features tie dye instructions and crafts you might not expect. These tie and dye projects are perfect for summer, but if you're in the mood, bring the supplies inside and brighten your day no matter the season. In addition to tie dye designs, you'll find plenty of new tie dye techniques.

Great for grilling, cooking, cleaning, or crafting, these tie dye designs for aprons are sure to keep you nice and clean in style! Use your favorite tie dye techniques to create a fun-looking apron that's unlike anything else. Learn how to tie dye and use your new skills to make great gifts and housewarming presents.

Tie dye techniques like these are fun for the whole family to make together. Cook in style with your very own tie dyed apron! Turn a T-shirt into an apron by first tie dyeing the shirt and then cutting and sewing it into an apron shape. Whether you're entertaining on a Friday night or simply want to celebrate the end of the week by cooking or baking, this apron project is the one for you!

You can make tie dye projects in camo colors! Dad can have a camo apron for summer grilling, and son can have an awesome new camo T-shirt. This would be a fantastic Father's Day project. Use just the bottom half of a shirt to make this excellent apron. A color block marker creates the resist effect so you can draw the flower and write the words Spring Time. Finish this project with a wide black ribbon and basic sewing. Sundresses are so fun and comfortable to wear in the warm weather.

Don't limit yourself to solid colored wearables, though - create your very own colorful and fun sundresses with these dress and skirt tie dye techniques. Great for adding a splash of color to your wardrobe, these simple tie dye patterns are perfect for those hot summer days. Check out our list of tie dye techniques to find the best style for you. Why wear a boring skirt when you can wear a pretty ombre one? This easy skirt uses a dip dyeing technique to create the darker color at the bottom hem, and the flower is a lovely touch.

Take a tunic to the next level with tie dye! Add purple and black detailing to this tunic and wear with leggings for a fun springtime outfit. This project is for taking your "dreary dress" to the next level! If you have a plain dress you don't love anymore, enjoy it again when you add some color! This pretty project features the unexpected color combination of blue, yellow, and gray to make a striking new sundress!

The white streaks where the dye doesn't soak through add interest to the project. Use a fun cheetah print stencil to get the awesome effect in this project.

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  • Start by simply dyeing your white dress blue, and add the stenciled design for a fun going out outfit. Your white cotton dress could be pretty in pink with this project! This is a relatively simply tie dye pattern featuring rings of white for an interesting effect. This tie dye design is so pretty! You can dye your cotton lace dress with tie dye. Strategically add pink and yellow sections to the dress for a fun, vivid pattern.

    The floral embellishment is a lovely touch. Learn how to make a tie dye shirt and or sweater that everyone will want to wear. Hoodies, cardigans, and formal tops can all blossom with color with these fun and easy tie dye techniques and patterns. Browse through our tie dye techniques to find a style that suits you best and then get ready to reinvent your wardrobe!

    This tutorial is a two for one! Learn how to make an edgy black and red plaid shirt and layer it with a dark hoodie for a masculine look. This lovely shirt reminds a person of spring! Instead of throwing on that windbreaker, layer your outfit with this bright cardigan instead. Use your favorite bubblegum color to tie dye this cute tank top! The bow is a lovely adornment and the drape of the top is very flattering. Green is a flattering color on most people, and this cute green top is no exception!

    Update a plain white shirt with this pretty green color for spring outfits. Get the look of lace when you tie dye this hoodie and bag! Lacy textures are so elegant. Elegance meets fun when it comes to lace tie dye!

    Dyeing Fabrics: Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos

    Learn how to tie dye clothes to create an American flag design! This is great for kids and adults alike, and it would be so fun to wear these clothes on the 4th of July. Any craft that can be done in ten minutes is appealing. Learn how to tie dye in no time with this easy shirt design. This style is different too than a traditional bullseye or spiral pattern. One of our most popular tutorials on tie dye here at FaveCrafts, this tie dye hoodie tutorial features an informative video so you can follow along!

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    • The combination of tie dye and stenciling in this project makes for an awesome and unique project! An Eiffel Tower stencil makes this project lovely for any Paris-loving friend! You and your little girl can make a darling new tie dye shirt with a butterfly embellishment. Several different rubberbanding techniques are used for this project to create different tie dye designs. It's a great sampler to try different techniques! Take those simple white onesies to a whole new level with these adorable tie dye patterns and projects for babies and children.

      Kids will love showing off tie dye shirt patterns and clothing that they made using the simple tie dye techniques you can find in this collection. Tie dye is also a great activity for kids birthday parties, youth groups, and family get-togethers. Have little ones bring their own white tee shirt and help them create a look all their own. Simply master the tie dye techniques needed for these projects and you'll be set. Isn't this tie dye baby onesie so fun? You can find plain onesies at your local craft store, and this particular shirt is completed just using a basic spiral technique.

      If your child got a white dress at her birthday party but she really loves purple, no problem! Grab that amethyst dye and she'll have a purple dress in no time. Draw flowers with tie dye on a baby onesie for a darling springtime outfit. This precious project is so girly and cute for baby. Baby may love mommy's pearls, and she can have her own set with this tie dye onesie. Dye the onesie pink and iron on the pearl iron on for a cute, chic little onesie. With this darling outfit, you'll make your little girl a bandana, tunic, and pants.

      The tunic is completed using a bullseye technique centered at the side of the dress instead of in front. Tie dye scarves with Kool-Aid and let your kids wear them as superhero capes! This is a great project for dress up or even as a Halloween costume idea. By spreading dye at the bottom hem of the shirt and then dragging the color upwards with a paint brush, you can create an ombre effect like this one! Follow this video tutorial to learn how to use bleach to dye a shirt.

      Brighten up a black sweatshirt simply by using bleach! Use the crumple tie dye technique at the top and bottom of this baby onesie and a sports motif in the center for a fun project. These bright tights are such a fun idea for a girl to wear to school. When friends ask where she got them, she can say she made them with mom's help!

      These tie dye designs are great for the summer. From fun friendship bracelets to cute tie dye flip flops that you can easily match your bathing suit, these tie dye instructions are great for kids and adults of all ages. You can use any tie-dyeing techniques you'd like to create these patterns , from easy to advanced tie dye patterns. Try out new and different tie dye techniques for fun and creative looks to your summer accessories. That's right: add tie dye accessories to your hair with this tutorial! This video will teach you how to dye clip-on hair extensions for a fun look.

      Dye white T-shirts and then cut them into strips to make this bracelet project! Take friendship bracelets to the next level by adding in tie dye elements. Hand warmers are the best for keeping warm if you'll be outside for a while in winter. They're even great for tucking into your boots to keep your toes warm!

      Tie dye these hand warmers for a fun gift. Tie dye strips of fabric and tie them around your flip flops to dress them up! This is a great project for birthday parties and summer camp. These are the coolest socks! Buy some extra tall socks and tie dye them with the kids. These would be fun to wear under a gray cotton dress for a surprising pop of color!

      Dog bandanas are such cute accessories. It's wonderful when the dog gets one from the groomer after being groomed! You can make a summer bandana for your pup with this fun tie dye project. Tie dye ribbon for card making and other paper crafting embellishments! This video tutorial will teach you an easy way to dye strips of ribbon. A person can never have too many scarves. They're so fashionable and make great accessories! Dress up an outfit for spring and summer by dyeing a scarf. Give a plain white scarf an ombre effect with this tie dye tutorial. It's a beautiful vivid project and pairs great with a denim jacket.

      If you love the convenience of infinity scarves, give this tutorial a whirl! They're so convenient and this tutorial is a really lovely one for tie dying your own. These tie dye techniques for bags and totes are great projects for kids to work on with their friends. From fun sleepover totes to cute lunch bags, kids will love creating their own bags and totes and will want to show them off to their friends. These DIY tote bags are easy and fun, so they're great for beginners or groups of kids with a wide age range. Send your kids to school with a stylish lunch tote! Who knew you could tie dye lunch totes?

      They'll be able to spot their own tote easily because it will be one of a kind. Use the bullseye technique to make this sunburst tie dye bag! This is a lovely and vivid drawstring bag that kids can use in school. Get the kids together and tie dye some bags! If your child is in the phase where boys have cooties, make sure the boys don't touch that bag when she clearly labels it "girl stuff.

      This camo design is a fantastic project for boys and they can customize the bag by labeling it with their names! Tie dye and stencils go together like peanut butter and jelly. Start by dyeing a bag with your favorite tie dye colors and add a cool owl stencil for a fun effect. This is one of the easiest tie dye projects ever. If you love the look of color blocking and the imperfect edge you get from using tie dye, this is the project for you!

      Tie dye meets painting with this cute tote! Add vivid earthy tie dye colors along with fun painted graphics and you'll have a lovely project for April Looking for tie-dye techniques that are unique and different? Check out this grouping of random yet awesome tie dye patterns. From beautiful paper flowers to Peep Pillows that are perfect for Easter, these tie dye project ideas are sure to inspire your creativity Create pillows that look like Peeps candy and give them a lovely dye job with this fun tutorial!

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      This is a great project for spring and Easter decorating. Did you know you can tie dye paper towels? You'd never know those it from this image! Watch the video tutorial to learn how you can use this interesting technique. Above there is a tutorial for tie dyeing fake flowers, but did you know you can dye real ones, too? This project comes with a video tutorial so you can watch how to do it. When you're dyeing eggs this year for Easter, consider also dyeing some eggs for Earth Day! Get the look of tie dye with basic food coloring for hard boiled eggs.

      Make any gift you give extra special with these tie dye gift tags! Learn how to dye paper and attach these to any presents you give this year. Tissue paper may be fragile, but you CAN tie dye it! Learn how to tie dye tissue paper and use it for your next paper craft project. There's something about tie dye that just feels appropriate for beachwear! Learn how to make your own tie dye coverup with this tutorial. In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to tie dye a beach towel using the bullseye technique. Kids will love helping out with this project and they can bring it with them to a pool party and tell their friends they made it themselves.

      Tie dye shirts and then cut them into strips to make bracelets! This is a super easy bracelet project and you can use tie dye to make any colors you'd like. People tie dye shirts all the time, but have you seen tie dye shorts before? Using a dip dyeing technique, you can make your own tie dye shorts for summer. If you love watermelon designs, like prints on clothing or stationery, this is a fun tie dye project that looks like watermelon! It's a really easy look to achieve and so cute for summer. Have you ever tried tie dyeing denim? You can give your old shorts a fun upgrade with this tie dye tutorial.

      Socks are one of the best accessories to tie dye. It's so much fun to wear funny socks under any outfit, and a fun surprise if you're hanging out at someone's house and take your shoes off to reveal your funny socks. Yes, you can tie dye shoes! Get a pair of plain white canvas shoes on the cheap and dress them up with your own unique style.

      Vivid dish towels like these are great for hanging in your kitchen during the summer months! Brighten up your kitchen with these pretty dish towels and make a few for friends, too! Don't take a boring plain tote to the grocery store for your produce! Instead, tie dye your tote bag for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

      These are some of the prettiest tie dye beach towels I've seen! Use greens, blues, and purples for a cool color scheme. A hammock just perfectly aligns with that carefree lifestyle that tie dye seems to represent! Tie dye a hammock for the ultimate summer experience. Something important you should know about tie dye is what the best tie dye fabric is to use! Short answer: fabrics that take dyes the best are natural fabrics.

      Cotton is far and away the most common, but other natural fibers that work well include silk, hemp, and rayon.

      Dyeing Fabrics: Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos

      Your standard tie dye will not work on synthetic fibers. This includes the thread of the tee shirt if the shirt is cotton but the thread is polyester! Your shirt will dye perfectly but the thread will remain white. When it comes to tie dye, you want to make sure your project lasts forever! Check out our articles on how to properly set your tie dye, ensure it won't fade, and wash it. Great for kids and adults of all ages, this collection is a great group of projects to have on hand for summer and back-to-school crafting. Add bright colors to tights, scarves, cowls, and so much more! There are also great tie dye shirt patterns for you to enjoy.

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      We promise that once you learn how to how to make tie dye shirts and other wearables on your own, you'll never want to buy one ever again. Get the collection: 23 Cool Tie Dye Ideas.