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Investigating history In an intriguing item was rediscovered in the Ickworth collection. National Trust. Back to top. Search the site Search. As the prophets have foretold, a child of power h… More. Shelve People of the Masks. Shelve People of the Owl. People of the Raven by W. In People of the Raven, a ward-winning archaeologi… More.

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Shelve People of the Raven. People of the Moon by W. The moon had reached its maximum three times sinc… More. Shelve People of the Moon.

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People of the Nightland by W. It has been a thousand years since Wolf Dreamer l… More.

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Shelve People of the Nightland. People of the Weeping Eye by W. People called Old White the "Seeker," a man never… More. Shelve People of the Weeping Eye. People of the Thunder by W. Shelve People of the Thunder. People of the Longhouse by W. Born in a time of violent upheaval, young Odion a… More. Shelve People of the Longhouse. The Dawn Country by W.

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The epic tale that began in "People of the Longho… More. Shelve The Dawn Country. Shelve The Broken Land. Shelve People of the Black Sun. Copper Falcon by W. Almost a thousand years ago, the North American c… More. Shelve Copper Falcon. People of the Morning Star by W. Award-winning archaeologists and New York Times a… More. We strongly recommend using saveslots when starting the new game, since older versions may have compatibility issues. For the glory of Matryoshka! This game comes highly recommended for those looking to have a good laugh and enjoy a very polished adventure at the same time.

Glory to Matryoshka! About This Game When the king asked a famous alchemist to look into the murder of his most trusted agent, the last thing the alchemist expected was to discover an intricate network of criminals working from the shadows to bring chaos to the land.

Hear countless stories of a town long gone and see the clues that remain

Conduct the investigation as a shapeshifter and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the foundations of the kingdom. When the ruler of the realm asks you to investigate a series of killings, a seemingly straightforward murder case turns out to be the tip of an iceberg as more and more secrets come to light! During your detective adventure, you'll encounter many larger than life characters from myths and fairy tales. You'll help Little Red Riding Hood, come face to face with Robin Hood, and interact with many other legendary characters! Perfect your potion-making skills to prepare powerful elixirs that will allow you to change your physical form.

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Then use this ability to solve intricate riddles and crack the mysterious murder case. Test your wits and use your special abilities to tackle seemingly insurmountable obstacles in this epic adventure! Solve the murder and save the kingdom before it's too late!

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Features Use your investigative skills to thwart the conspirators! Explore the kingdom as a shapeshifter! Lend legendary fairytale characters a helping hand! Solve numerous HO scenes to discover a shocking truth!

"Deep Time and Disaster: Black Saturday and the Forgotten Past"

System Requirements Windows. Minimum: OS: Recommended: OS: Minimum: OS: Ubuntu Recommended: OS: Ubuntu See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews.