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Its organizer, a Boca Raton communications executive named Steven Alembik, had announced the event immediately after Charlottesville. Alembik declined to discuss the party, but others told me Yang had bailed him out financially. Invitations to Mar-a-Lago events would be packaged and resold to Chinese buyers at enormous markups, often with hilariously misleading rebranding.

Although Yang advertised the party as a triumph, it was something of a debacle.

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Alembik would later be driven out of Florida politics, at least temporarily, after hurling a racial slur at Barack Obama on Twitter. But she was moving up. She told everyone she was selling her spas and relocating to Washington. Yang wrote on WeChat about several trips to the capital in Everyone has opportunities.

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Yang also seems to have been moving in rarefied circles in China. She traveled home to attend the Boao Forum, a conference modeled on Davos, where Xi delivered the keynote address. That marked the beginning of a new phase of confrontation. It has been bossing the world for a century. I wanted to ask Yang about the chain of events that brought her new life to a disastrous end, but she was reluctant to talk. Then, as I was driving through a housing development in Florida, Turk let me know Yang was ready.

I pulled over and called from a patio table next to a deserted community pool. She tried to articulate what had attracted her to Trump. I was just excited for that. When I started to ask about the other kinds of parties, the ones she charged for, Yang grew agitated. I just feel so horrible. Yang told me if I wanted more answers, I should talk to her spokeswoman. They said they met Yang through the Mar-a-Lago scene. Karyn, who is blonde and chipper, won the Mrs.

She told me she felt immediate empathy for Yang, having gone through her own social-media controversy. Evan shot her a glance. Anyway, the suit was dropped in February, and memories are fleeting in Florida, where people go for reinvention. The incident that knocked Yang off the ladder had nothing to do with her, at least directly. Last November, acting on a tip from investigators working on a broader human-trafficking probe, local police in Jupiter, Florida, put a strip-mall massage parlor under surveillance.

Over eight days, officers observed many customers coming and going, almost all of them men, including one celebratory group of eight in a golf cart. The police found that the business, Orchids of Asia, had numerous positive reviews on Rubmaps. An inspector from the State Health Department who was trained to investigate human trafficking was sent in. Inside, she found three women, including a nervous manager. Two tiny rooms in the spa were outfitted like a dormitory with made-up beds and dressers full of clothes and toiletries. After the inspector left, one of the women who worked there furtively tossed out a trash bag that was found to contain semen-smeared napkins.

Using the pretense of a bomb threat to the mall, they evacuated Orchids of Asia and installed hidden cameras in its ceiling. For five days, they watched the activity inside. On the second day of surveillance, a white Bentley pulled up and discharged a passenger, an older man in a blue baseball cap. He went into the spa and, according to a police report, was sexually serviced by a pair of women.

Afterward, police used the pretext of a traffic violation to pull over the Bentley. The alleged customer produced identification. He was quite far from the apartment next to the Breakers resort that he used during the social season, some 40 minutes away in Palm Beach. The operation was ongoing, so Kraft was allowed to drive on after the phony traffic stop.

Two weeks later, the Patriots played in the Super Bowl. When the president posed for a picture with one of the Trumpettes, Yang poked her face into it. Soon afterward, Kraft was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. He maintains his innocence, and his attorneys recently persuaded a judge to throw out the video surveillance on the grounds that police had overstepped. But the consequences for Yang were devastating.

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She claimed she had nothing to do with the current ownership, and that seems true. But once the Herald dug up that Super Bowl picture, there was no containing the lurid story. Investigative reporting, driven by local newspapers and Mother Jones, exposed her boasts, her businesses, her questionable campaign contributions. Her mother was right. Yang had made herself too deliciously symbolic. Among liberals, though, there was some disagreement about what she stood for: the absurdity of this political moment, or its corruption?

Democrats in Congress called on the FBI to investigate Yang, raising the possibility that she had been acting as a foreign agent. She was ruined in Palm Beach. This news may not have reached China, because on March 30, the date Safari Night was supposed to be held this year, a woman named Yujing Zhang showed up at Mar-a-Lago. Trump was off playing golf when she arrived, but he was staying at the club that weekend, which meant the Secret Service had tightened security. At a checkpoint outside the gates, Zhang presented her Chinese passport.

The agent on duty thought she was saying she was there to use the pool. Zhang is one of the most common names in China. When she grew angry, she was taken to a Secret Service office for further questioning. Zhang told the agents she had come to Mar-a-Lago to discuss Chinese-American relations with a relative of the president. She said she had secured her invitation from a man named Charles, with whom she had only conversed over WeChat. Zhang was charged with trespassing and making false statements and held without bail on suspicion of espionage.

In fact, Zhang really did have an invitation, from Cindy Yang. A middleman known as Charles Lee, who, according to the South China Morning Post, has several other identities and a history of being accused in swindles, along with Communist Party ties, had rebranded the rebranded party. Federal prosecutors have backed off the claim that her thumb drive contained malware, but Zhang is still being held in detention as she awaits trial on charges that could result in a five-year sentence.

She recently fired her public defender and plans to represent herself. It is hard to know whether Zhang was up to something sinister or is merely the victim of an extraordinary cultural mishap. Amid the climate of rising suspicion of Chinese spying activity, though, even some of her previously anodyne-looking associations now seem suspect.

According to a U. The chapter president attended the fund-raiser at Cipriani, where she took a picture with Kellyanne Conway. But he laughed off the notion that Yang was a foreign operative. Yang is the subject of multiple FBI investigations, according to the Herald. One is focusing on campaign contributions, while a counterintelligence probe is more broadly examining Chinese political activities around Mar-a-Lago.

Meanwhile, Kraft may end up walking away with his life and reputation intact. On June 20, he was presented with an award by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Like so many others who have tried to emulate Trump, Yang has discovered the limits of what she can learn from the master. Trump may be able to mix business and politics and foreign intrigue, never seeking permission or apologizing and always getting away with it.

But America does not reward its hucksters equally. Cindy Yang was allowed into the club, only to find that it contained another door, and only one man can pass through it. Subscribe Now! The tale of the tape via the Washington Post.

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Amy Walter:. No one going after Warren, instead all the attacks have been on Beto. Not just from fellow Texan Castro, but by DeBlasio. Philip Klein:. Nicholas Thompson:. David Klion:. Hunter Harris:. John Heilemann:. Clare Malone:. Binyamin Appelbaum:. In the case of Mitch McConnell, she does not seem to have a plan. The only real plan is to elect more Democratic senators.

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Seth Masket:. Nicholas Thomson:. The Democrats have more confidence in their plans to deal with the climate crisis than their plans to deal with Mitch McConnell. Ezra Klein:. No Democrat has a good plan for what to do if Mitch McConnell is Senate majority leader in because there is no good plan for it. Jonathan Ladd:. Matt Fuller:. I think Booker for me actually. I was expecting Warren to completely overwhelm everyone else. And you can be jailed and fined in addition to getting deported.

In one respect, this system has been on the books since , when illegal entry was first made a misdemeanor. But for most of the 20th century, it was kind of irrelevant. Under the Bush administration, however, as an independent immigration-enforcement system began to develop and mature, both civil immigration cases in separate immigration courts and widespread criminal illegal entry prosecutions became common. The result swamped federal criminal courts along the border. For the past several years, immigration offenses — illegal entry and reentry — have been the most common crimes for which people are convicted in US federal criminal courts.

And the courts along the border where entrants are prosecuted are routinely the busiest in the country. Scott Lemieux:. Ross Douthat:. The only interesting thing so far is the division over Medicare for All so we really should just debate health care for the rest of the night. Warren and BDB are the two who rause hands for abolishing private insurance.

Sorry, that is poison in the general election. Molly Hensley-Clancy:. Gabriel Debenedetti:. This was the most specific Warren has been on healthcare and her Medicare for All stance yet. Useful clarifying moment, which she obviously knew was coming. Dave Weigel:. And she just got clear. But this is the first debate.

Have them explain their own plans first then open into the differences. Josh Barro:. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Jeet Kune Do was a revolutionary new approach to the martial arts in its time and is the principal reason why Bruce Lee is revered as a pioneer by martial artists today, many decades after his death.

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