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This has given scientists fresh insight into the biological processes which affect the functions of the animal in question. This is the latest title in our successful series of genetics books. Equinesports Veterinary Manual The Equinesports Veterinary Manual, summer will help veterinarians to fill in a piece of the puzzle of regulations and scientific research of veterinary medication.

The EVM gives a comprehensive overview of more than therapeutic substances used in competition horses today. It enables veterinarians to estimate a scientifically based time post-treatment a horse should not be entered in competition, i. Hewitt held a deep fascination for equine pedigrees and genetics and wrote a series of articles examining the most influential early to midth-century American stallions.

These articles became Sire Lines. Eclipse Press is proud once again to offer this classic work to Thoroughbred racing enthusiasts everywhere. It affects health, welfare and performance. The digestive system reflects this behavioural process. Whilst recent advances in equine nutrition have improved our knowledge of how to optimise the feeding of horses under different physiological challenges, this book tries to incorporate the interaction between nutritional and behavioural requirements.

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The dynamic interaction between feed characteristics, the physiology of the animal and processes of nutrient absorption are examined in depth, drawing on a biological approach to solving problems associated with nutrition as well as an applied approach for the equine industry. This involves analyzing current feed evaluation systems to quantify the digestive process and the requirements of the horse.

A balance needs to be maintained between feeds available, the biology of digestion and nutrient requirements. This book aims to blend theoretical knowledge and practical feed management by creating an understanding of the physiological processes which form the basis for practical rationing. Contents Biological status of the horse Digestive physiology of the horse Feed chemistry and digestive processes Feed and feed evaluation in vivo Energy from feed Energy metabolism Protein metabolism Mineral nutrition Vitamins Feeding practice in relation to health and welfare Index Learn More.

Denn er nahm Menschen, die mehr scheinen wollten als die waren, gnadenlos aufs Korn. Mit Feder und Tusche festgehalten, teils zum Totlachen komisch.

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Kutschen Europas des In teils umfangreichen Farbkatalogen suchten sich die Kunden ihre Wagen aus. Das Fahren in der privaten Kutsche entfaltete sich im Infectious Diseases 2. The Immune System 3. Equine Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases 4. Toxicology and Pharmacology 5. The Skin 6. The Ear, Nose and Throat 7. The Lower Respiratory Tract 8.

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The Cardiovascular System 9. The Hemolymphatic System The Gastrointestinal and Digestive System The Endocrine System The Urinary System The Stallion and Mare Reproductive System Perinatology The Musculoskeletal System Currency depends on your shipping address. Shakespeare as German Author , edited by John McCarthy, revisits in particular the formative phase of German Shakespeare reception In the process, they shed new light, e.

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McCarthy, Curtis L. Maughan, Monika Nenon, Christine Nilsson. Herausgeber: Hans-Gert Roloff. This text edition is the third part on drama in the Klabund - Complete Works series. The series deals with the works of German author Klabund , Poland , Switzerland. It forms an indispensable basis for any further involvement with the author and his plays. Herausgeber: Marc Maufort and Jessica Maufort. In the years that followed the end of Apartheid, South African theatre was characterized by a remarkable productivity, which resulted in a process of constant aesthetic reinvention.

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