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Warm and soft and certain? Or like Emily's: clammy and brittle as hardened paste? Is that not how you imagine her hands? Look again—they were like that, otherwise she could never, would never, have written those poems. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home.

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Danika reviews The Trouble with Emily Dickinson by Lyndsey D’Arcangelo

National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Because I could not stop for Death Emily Dickinson Immortality I feel like Emily Dickinson did, running her pale finger over each blade of grass, then caressing each root in the depths of the earth's primeval dirt, each tip tickling heaven's soft underbelly.


About this poem: "This poem comes from a series of prose poems about 'big ideas' written during a period when I was having trouble writing. To get the juices flowing again, I thought I'd try starting with titles, with big abstract concepts, and see where they led.

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They ended up leading to a handful of pieces like this, which will be published in a chapbook from Omnidawn later this year. She gets great grades without trying. They balance each other out, with Queenie being all bravado and cynicism, and JJ all stage fright and so sincere and optimistic it kind of hurts.

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The sequel focuses on her, so that definitely makes me want to pick it up. I did have a few issues with the novel, however. The writing is mostly straightforward, nothing particularly noteworthy, though I did dislike a few things.

One is that JJ has a bit of a drawn-out struggle with realizing that she likes Kendal. What most got to me, though, was the character of Kyan.

Emily Dickinson

His POV is shown a couple of times, and he just did not seem interesting or relevant enough to get that spot. Compared to the complex and interesting characters that comprise the rest of the novel well, maybe not Christine , Kyan falls flat. I thought his character was unnecessary to the story, especially as a POV character.

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