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Most of us had known and felt the pangs of hunger. There was nothing of the pale anemic Galilean about the Carpenter of Nazareth that we learned to love and worship. The Jesus we knew was a powerful champion of all those in need, who was endowed with the fearlessness of God. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Paul that we had to :. So long as men love money and power, we believed that such sacrifice must be accepted by Christian leaders as their possible fate.

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The evils of our day we understood to be the same as those against which Jesus and His followers rebelled. Do you suggest that the economic teachings of the Bible are still safe and sound guides for the development of political policy? Of course modes and details have changed, but the fundamental problems of social life are unchanging and unchangeable.

For that reason the fundamental laws of God must forever remain the guide for both governments and individuals. That was made particularly clear by Christ who said :. I am not come to destroy but to fulfil. He showed quite clearly that material and spiritual life are inseparably related. Do you not think that living in a world of plenty, where destitution and poverty appear on every hand that the wisdom of the Sermon on the Mount if fully applied would not cure your troubles? Of course they would. He laid down the fundamental principles of social relations that must be accepted if community life is to be successful.

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He pictured God as sitting in judgment of all mankind. To the right of His throne were placed the ones who served their fellowmen. And Christ described the final judgment in these words :. Then to the ones on the left the King spoke.


Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Men who maintain a system that causes poverty and destitution to exist in the midst of plenty simply because they desire to accumulate money profit, are ignoring the plain duty of Christians. They have forgotten God, the Scriptures and the life of Christ. They cannot therefore enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They are doomed to the outer darkness of everlasting punishment. These are the teachings that Christian governments should inculcate in the minds of the people. For before the people may enjoy lives of peaceful ordered progress they must acknowledge that God is their Father and they must live according to His teachings.

Unfortunately, greed and vanity are expressions of the evil power, and men foolishly cling to evil. Christ did not expect that the people, given the right to choose between good and evil, would accept the wisdom of His Divine teaching in a generation or in an age. All born in sin come slowly to an appreciation of the wisdom that emanates from the fountain of eternal knowledge.

But ever increasing numbers are coming to know that selfishness is a poor substitute for goodwill, and that the joys of strife and conflict are inferior to the deep and enduring satisfaction and contentment that comes to one who serves his fellow men as a proof of his love of God. Governments which sustain monopolies under whose power men have no alternative but slave or starve have a poor conception of the meaning of that much-abused term. Liberty, therefore, is a privilege to serve and to live within the laws of God, fulfilling the true purpose of a Christian life.

Born under the iron heel of ruthless oppression, Christ became a man who never ceased to lead in the struggle for the emancipation of His fellow citizens from the oppression of greedy, misguided and ruthless rulers of Church and State. Jesus was never concerned with the odds that were against Him, or the power of those He opposed, and we loved Him for His courage. In addition to reading the New Testament we were told of the history of the people of Judea and how at the time that Christ came on earth they were being plundered by their own King and religious leaders and by the Romans who were then dominating the Western world.

Government in that day, we were informed, was based upon the assumption that might was right. The Roman government was primarily concerned with the establishment of monopolies and privileges under which the few could exploit and rob the people of the fruits of their labour. Of all the monopolies and privileges established, the most profitable was that of purchasing from the government the right to collect taxes.

The rich men of the time formed themselves into societies that were known as the equities. The men who bought the right to collect the taxes were known as the Publicani, and the publicans were their tax gathering agents. Christ denounced them as the most vicious racketeering rascals of His day. They were known as the farmers of the revenue, because the revenues were farmed out to them.

When the taxes were being collected the publicans demanded more than the amount levied by the government. If any taxpayer refused to pay the extortions demanded he was summarily dealt with. In the end they were responsible for the wrecking of the Roman Empire. The history of the temple was fully explained to us. We were told that it was a great fortification that housed some 20, scribes and priests. It was garrisoned by an army of zealous soldiers who constantly mounted guard on its gates and its outer and inner- walls of defense.

It was not only the center of Jewish worship, but it was the storehouse of Jewish wealth. To it on the occasions of religious celebrations millions of Jews came to worship and pay the temple tax. The temple tax we knew had been fixed by the laws of Moses which had decreed :. Unfortunately Jewish shekels were about as scarce as gold was in our day. This rule of the priests therefore created an opportunity for a money changing racket in the temple, based upon the doctrine of specie payment. In this Court no religious services were solemnized by the temple dignitaries.

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  6. It was there that Christ argued against the false teachings of the priests of His day. There, too, He saw the money changers robbing and cheating and defrauding the millions of Jews who came from foreign lands and who had to change their foreign money into shekels before they could pay the temple tax. He knew that the money changers secured their supply of shekels from the priests and shared their unrighteous profits with the rulers of the House of God. This was the unscrupulous and corrupt conspiracy to which Christ referred, when He declared that the money changers were.

    The priests and the money changers were cheating the people. The money changers in the temple, like the Publicani, were money-manipulating intermediaries. Where the Publicani stood between the government and the people and profited through collection of the taxes of government, the money changers in the temple stood between the rulers of the Church and the people and profited by providing the people with the specie in which the temple tax had to be paid.

    In both instances monopolies were profiting under unrighteous privileges that were unnecessarily being maintained and protected by rulers of Church and State. The activities of the publicani and the publicans were identical in principles with the activities of the modern financiers, bankers and credit dealers who profit by financing government, and who, as unnecessary intermediaries, feed and fatten on the collection of public revenues of the government that come now, as then, from the people.

    The money changing activity in the temple of Jerusalem was based upon the same principle of specie payment that the gold standard money system was established to maintain. That is why you must drive the money changers out of the temple of government if you are to succeed in your attempt to conquer poverty.

    If you fail to follow the example of Christ, despair will be your reward, and the time for you to act is overdue. For a study of history discloses that the progress of Democracy has been characterized by an unceasing struggle between altruism and self interest. In attacking the money changers Christ as a social scientist was attacking the greatest of all evils, for there is no more vicious form of greed than that which the age-old business of making money by the manipulation of money exemplifies.

    That Christ in this His only act of militancy had a great and real purpose in mind was made perfectly plain. Shortly before that historic occasion He said to a group of His followers :. The Scripture discloses that it was the money changers who demanded of the priests that He be crucified, and who set in operation the conspiracy to lay a false charge of treason against Him.

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    It is through this extraordinary statement that one perceives in the life of Christ the miracle of human perfection, for in truth Christ is the only one in history who has lived the faultless life of a perfect individual. That was sufficient to satisfy me that the Carpenter of Nazareth was the Son of God. The practical lesson that we found in the study of the Crucifixion was the simple proposition that lovers of money who krill not hesitate to crucify the Son of God cannot and should not be trusted to serve humanity.

    Christians should have expected that the afflictions they are now suffering would follow their clear repudiation of the teachings of the prophets and Jesus Christ. We saw the money changers angry and mystified as their tables were upset and their coins scattered among the dung of the market-place. We saw them fleeing in consternation before His awful gaze and under the lashes of a whip which He plied with the anger of an outraged God. After the money changers were driven out, we studied carefully the lessons and the parables which Christ lost no time in teaching as He waited for the Crucifixion and the torture He knew was coming.

    But He did not let it stop there. Jesus had the courage of a God. Almost immediately after His attack upon the money changers, Christ told the parable of the fig tree. Because it hove no fruit it was cursed and withered away. This was in line with His teaching that He had often repeated, that :. That teaching applies to credit manipulators now as it did to money changers then.

    Is that not the situation that exists today between governments and the men to whom they have farmed out the right to issue the medium of exchange of the nation and the people? Of course it is. No lesson could be more specific in offering the remedy that you need to apply. Surely the answer is the national administration of currency and credit, for such a policy was proposed by Jefferson and I died in attempting to establish it as the pivot of the administration of American government. Our plans were rejected. In that great chapter we found that Christ made the purport of His action perfectly clear.

    Standing unafraid He submitted the oligarchy of Jerusalem to an oratorical castigation that will forever remain the masterpiece of vitriolic condemnation of corrupt and self-seeking rulers. Christ then appeared to me as the perfect representative of the people. Let me remind you of some of the burning metaphors that poured forth from His lips as the expressions of the righteous wrath of the outraged Son of Man.

    Ye compass sea and land to increase the children of hell. Thou killeth the prophets and stoneth them. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. Christ was attaching rulers of Church and State dominated by Money Power.

    He was dealing with the same causes that have produced the economic troubles that afflict the world today. By driving the money changers out of the Temple of God He condemned rule by Money Power, which is the root cause of your own difficulties. The attack by Christ upon the money changers was the climax in the drama of the ages.

    A drama that portrays the last week of the life of Christ on earth and presents in anti-climax the sacrifice of the Son of God as an example to the ages that the war between greed and usury on the one hand and love and goodwill on the other must continue until right based upon the service of goodwill is established as supreme in the lives of men. When goodwill dominates and greed has been subjugated, the Kingdom of God will be established on earth, but it cannot come till then.

    In after years I came to know that the Carpenter of Nazareth was possessed of an intellectual power of superior magnitude. There was that sweeping finality of His conclusions which indicated the inspired nature of His knowledge of the science of politics. He lived to teach men how to change the stream of history from channels that are worn deep with centuries of use. That can only be done by leaders who are willing to fearlessly exercise masculine authority, with the firm incisive power that impregnates lesser minds with a desire to achieve great and enduring reforms.

    Jesus knew the conditions of His own day, but more than that He was fully aware of the conditions with which the countless ages of posterity would have to deal. Jesus was aware that great reforms come slowly and that they must be accomplished through the unceasing effort of men who take up the struggle generation after generation throughout the ages. In this great task He persisted to the very end. This was not an idle boast, or an expression of vain bravado. It was a declaration that Christ knew would be fulfilled in time.

    He was aware that He had recorded lessons in practical economy that some day men would appreciate and adopt as the guide for individual and governmental policy. When they are appreciated and put into practice, peace will come to men of goodwill. And Jesus knew that in time right based upon His teaching would prevail. The Sermon on the Mount offered a clear exposition of the political implications of the Ten Commandments, which constitute the only safe foundation upon which economic security and social justice map permanently rest.

    That greatest of all political sermons was uttered by a Leader who knew that government should be ruled by the laws of God which make consideration of the welfare of the humblest citizen in the land no less important than that of any other, no matter how high his station may be. Jesus taught to develop enlightened leaders who, as His followers, would carry out and put into practice the principles He propounded. In a Democracy, where all accept sound principles as the basis of public and private action and peace with plenty is available to all, leadership ceases to be a matter of aggressive authority and becomes a matter of example, of course in nations that profess the acceptance of Christian teaching and which maintain a purely pagan economic system.

    On the other hand if government establishes an economic order based upon the law of co-operative goodwill, everyone will find that God has supplied the world abundantly. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Humanity will soon find that the teachings of Christ are the soul of practical wisdom. Put these rules of economic practice into operation and the private money system cannot survive.

    Then those in every walk of life will find that Christ knew what He was talking about when He said :. What shall we eat? Nor will unrighteous monopoly or privilege be allowed to continue. Here is the real remedy for all depressions and the way to world peace. The moment that governments will adopt the Sermon on the Mount and the Ten Commandments as its guide, poverty will be banished from the world and permanent peace will become the natural complement of life. The scheme of government which the Old Testament offers and which Christ lived and died to explain provides for individual freedom compatible with true and unselfish brotherhood.

    The wealth that it respects and protects is made up of human and spiritual values that give to mankind plenty and peace in life and in death. On the contrary, by recognizing that Christ defined the way in which a Christian should live, and clearly set forth the plain duties of Christian brotherhood, you extend the philosophy of Christ into a plan under which men can maintain ordered progress in a world of plenty. Instead of following out His teachings in actual practice, modern political leaders are serving the arch-fiend, for they have actually driven the Spirit of Christ out of the temple of government and put the money changers in charge.

    Their errors are even greeter than were those of the rulers of pagan Rome. Where the Romans farmed out the taxes to the lovers of money, Christian governments have farmed out the creation of the medium of exchange to men whose prototypes were responsible for the crucifixion of the Son of Man-and by so doing have incurred the wrath of God. If they will not repent and change their ways, the day of disaster is at hand. On one occasion He appeared in the morning on the seashore. To some of the Disciples who had been fishing all night without success He said :. It was merely a lesson showing that there is a right way to do everything, and particularly a right way to secure an abundance of the necessities of life for the people.

    In the matter of money management we have been casting our net on the wrong side of the boat. Christ, in His parting message to Simon Peter, demonstrated the infinite tenderness and care that He felt towards the needy and oppressed mass of humanity. To Simon Peter He said :. He said unto him Yea. Lord, thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.

    Conquest of poverty in Malawi

    He said unto him, Yea, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee. He said unto him, Feed my sheep. Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep. And when he had spoken this, he saith unto him, Follow me. John