Manual Self and Its Sheaths

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The three bodies of the jiva were previously named the physical or gross body, the subtle body and the causal body. Now the same three bodies are being described as five sheaths covering the atma or self within.

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The gross body is the first or outermost sheath. It is named annamayakosha or the sheath of food. The subtle body is made up of three sheaths, praanamayakosha or the sheath of vital air, manomaykosha or the sheath of the mind, and vijnaanamayakosha or the sheath of the intellect. These sheaths have to be negated one by one in order to realize the self. This is the physical body, known also as the gross body. It is born of food, sustained by food, and dies if there is no food. It is made up of skin, flesh, blood, and excreta. It is impure.

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It is always undergoing change. It has a birth and a death. It is an object of knowledge like a pot. So it cannot be the atma which, according to the upanishads, is pure, unborn, eternal, changeless, and the knower of all changes and all objects.

The body has limbs such as hands, feet, etc. One is able to live even if any of these limbs is damaged and cannot function. So the body cannot be the self which is devoid of parts and is homogeneous. The spiritual web and the awareness field is part of the source. The spirit can be experienced in the body as a spiritual web. You might have noticed the web. The thread of the web is so subtle. The experience of the spiritual web is the same. The subtle thread of the spirit passes through the awareness field, main nerves system and physical body to experience life.

Physical body, main nerves system of the physical body, awareness field, and spiritual web are the internal sheaths of the body, which you experience before the realization of the source. The realization of source happens, when the spiritual web along with the awareness field, gets detached from the physical body and merge into the source. The realization of the source is not possible in the awareness field. The source can only be realized, when nothing remains on the awareness field, and you create an intent to move towards the source.

The spirit and awareness field is part of the source, and thus, they know the way to the source. Your identity is the truth of the moment. You are not only a single identity, but you have many faces for different situations and moments of your life.

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As the moment change, your identity change. If you can simply drop yourself from the moment, you can still experience life and with more clarity. Your perception remains limited to the identity of your mind. Most people live in their mind. The personal identity develops into the mind, and the majority of people live, grow, and die with the identity of the mind.

When you get on the journey to know life, slowly you begin to identify the truth behind your personal identity. Unless you know, what kind of identity you carry into your mind, you cannot drop it, to get in touch with the reality of life. The source can be realized, if you develop intent towards it and work towards it on a daily basis. Each day you receive an understanding of life, to move forward.

You have the choice to do what goes into your heart, or to follow with the things that are happening outside. When you follow your heart, you come closer to the source, but when your attention remains, in the outside glam of life, you are bound to miss the truth of life. It is interesting to think of this as five sheaths. Very logical. It is so true though, If one is stuck in the mind, one can never experience source or truth. Modern Age Spirituality.

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The Self And Its Sheaths

Can you see the Heaven and Hell at the Moment? How to Realize the Spirit in the Body? Live with your Definite Destination but Indefinite Path.