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It is comprised of a total of 10 novels and 4 novellas, which were released between the years and Each and every book of this series is rich, eccentric, dangerous, and powerful in its own sense. Author Jennifer has stories primarily in Scotland and England during the s. All the stories depict the adventures and the romances of the Mackenzie family. The central characters are described as Hart, Mac, Ian, and Cam Mackenzie, who are mentioned as being torture geniuses.

They love to indulge in dark and sensual love games. The Mackenzies are known to have numerous affairs, each of which is filled with hardcore and passionate sex. They are believed to be wealthy, powerful, eccentric, and dangerous individuals, who end up romancing a woman they set their eyes upon, no matter how much the woman resists or refuses to romance with them. It is generally considered that a woman seen with the Mackenzies is bound to have her life ruined at one point or the other.

Rumors about the tragic violence, dark appetites of the Mackenzies, and their harsh treatment of the mistresses spread far and wide all over Scotland and Victorian England. They are also known to be involved in numerous scandals, but no harm comes to them because of their rich and powerful status. Even the books form part of the series, they can also be read individually as a standalone story is described in every book independent from all others.

However, author Jennifer believes that the readers can enjoy the stories in a better way if they read it in the order of their publishing. Jennifer Ashley is a New York Times bestselling author, who is fond of writing urban fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance, historical mysteries, and contemporary romance novels. The books penned by author Jennifer have been translated into numerous foreign languages. Other than using her original name for writing her books, author Jennifer uses a number of pen names such as Allyson James, Ashley Gardner, etc.

Author Jennifer says that she is looking forward to writing many more exciting novels and add them to her tally of successful projects. She has lined up several new books for release, which she expects to get published very soon in the coming days. Jennifer is grateful to all her fans for believing in her and having faith in her work. She is also thankful that they liked her novels and motivated her to continue coming up with interesting stories at regular intervals.

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Jennifer hopes that she will be able to expand her fan base multiple folds in the next few years. It was released by the Leisure Book publishing in the year He is notorious for his mad deeds and is referred to as Mad Mackenzie. Ian has spent most of his time growing up in an asylum. Whoever sees him tends to agree that he is freakingly odd. Another quality that Ian Mackenzie possesses is that of being very handsome and hard. He seems to have great interests in beautiful women and Ming pottery. Beth Ackerley is introduced in the story as a widow, who suddenly acquires a huge fortune.

Beth decides that she is not going to have anymore drama and sadness in her life as she has already experienced enough of both.

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Her father was an alcoholic, who used to make her work for most of the daytime. Also, her mother used to be ill all the time and Beth had to do her nursing until she died. Nice addition to the series. Happy reading! View all 4 comments. Sep 27, Bj rated it liked it Shelves: arc , 3-and-a-half-stars , conquer-my-tbr-in , historical-romance , audiobooks. I will say that, strangely for a book of its length, the underlying plot of this title started a bit slow. I did eventually warm up to it, especially towards the end, where some unexpected and intriguing suspense kicked in.

As tends to be the case in most novella length books this one is only 4 hours and 40 minutes , the romance had a bit of an instalove feel to it. Still, I enjoyed the characters. Steven in particular is an admirable, strong alpha natured hero, who is always looking to protect a damsel in distress, and the heroine is also equally compelling with her independent spirit and courage to face the mounting negative public opinion against her and continue to march strong irrespective of it. See the full review at AudioGals. Nov 10, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it Shelves: highlander-books.

Review posted on Got Fiction? Steven McBride is an army captain on leave. Scandal follows Rose everywhere. And Steven makes it worse by drunkenly falling on top of her, and then being unable to untangle himself from her. Rose is able to smell the liquor on him, and she sees a disheveled soldier. So she tries to help him out by taking him in and giving him a meal.

But she has nowhere to stay, herself, and no money. When Steven wakes up, Rose has brought him breakfast. What follows is a sweet and super sexy story about their false engagement becoming a real one. With a visit from many of the Mackenzies that we already know and love, this novella was awesome! We see a wonderful story with wonderful characters develop, and we see a wonderful happy ending. Seriously, I loved it. This book has all the magic and romance that you expect when you pick up a Jennifer Ashley book.

Feb 16, Zoe rated it it was ok. This book is well-written, but is not terribly engaging. Rose and Steven are both approachable characters. Neither was harboring any dark secrets or painful past. They were thrown together by some accidents and Steven quickly decided that he would help Rose, suggested that they became betrothed for appearance. Normal drills follow, sex, other incidents and of course solving Rose's problem with her late husband's bequest.

I knew this book is a novella so I expected fast-forward in the relationshi This book is well-written, but is not terribly engaging.

See a Problem?

I knew this book is a novella so I expected fast-forward in the relationship development. I thought Rose and Steven were sweet together but their relationship kind of was ungrounded. They met and all of a sudden became betrothed and hot for each other. As a reader, I just was not ready for the relationship. So it became difficult for me to become invested in the story.

It is written well but I could not stay interested. So I finished the book with a "whatever" feeling. View all 3 comments. Sep 25, CC rated it really liked it Shelves: hoopla , dead-ex-spouse , safe-for-me , series , historical. Another good edition. Sweet and fun. Stephen was a great hero. Although a potential alcoholic. While I liked Rose I got sick of hearing about her dead ex.

They were barely married! And he was MUCH older. Aug 10, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , Escaping from a group of journalists who have been writing vicious stories about her and the fact that her husband died on their honeymoon, Rose Barclay crashes right into dashing Steven McBride. Assuming he is a homeless man in need of help, Rose takes him home and offers him shelter for the night. In the morning, when Steven learns that Rose has been ordered from her home by the new Duke, he decides to help her gain the inheritance her husband left her in his will. This was a cute novella in th Escaping from a group of journalists who have been writing vicious stories about her and the fact that her husband died on their honeymoon, Rose Barclay crashes right into dashing Steven McBride.

This was a cute novella in the Highland Pleasures series. It moves along quickly and we get to see several of the past characters from the series. My rating: 3. Jan 07, Cheesecake rated it really liked it Shelves: end-satisfying-hea , fave-satisfying-hea , story-sweet-and-light , romantic-oh-yes , sexy-military-man , audio-reader-good , genre-mystery-whodunnit , favourites , hero-devoted , shortpgs-or-so.

Steven stumbles drunkenly into the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, just as she is cornered by journalists.

Immortals Series, by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, and Robin Popp

While escaping she takes him with so he doesn't get trampled. And so begins their relationship. Steven comes across a little cold at first, but he's actually a knight in shining armor kinda guy. Determined to right the wrongs in Rose's life. Rose is sweet and amiable and rather feisty. There are a couple mysteries. One is who the lady is that Steven must visit now that he's in London. The other is Rose's strange inheritance from her first husband, the Duke.

It's a novella, so the pace is faster but I didn't feel short changed in the story or romance. Both characters are open to romance with each other, so really it was just them getting to know each other as they solve the problem of Rose's obnoxious step son, the new Duke. I listened to this on audio and the reader, Angela Dawe does a fantastic job! Aug 20, Anna's Herding Cats rated it really liked it Shelves: highlanders , historical , fake-mates , novella , widower , mystery , for-review , Oh that was lovely!

I adore Ashley's Shifters Unbound series but this was my first tast of her Highlanders and oh my yum! Very fun and sexy. A little mystery puzzle to uncover. Delicious chemistry and a set up of fake mates. Fabulous little time and a satisfying read. Not an easy feat for a novella but Ashley did a fine job.

Jun 24, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance. Love this series!! This is a sweet, sexy novella featuring the youngest McBride brother, Steven. Steven was a very likeable hero with a delicious dash of wickedness. I loved him for championing Rose and doing whatever was required to ensure she received everything she was entitled to. It is something Steven has never experienced before. Despite her diminished situation, she is generous and her natural warmth has gained her the loyalty of her servants.

I enjoyed the tender, sweet, passionate romance. Steven and Rose are so perfectly matched. Both are lonely and have no real home or roots. Steven has never met any woman he could fall in love with but was also willing to share his tough army life. Rose is just that person. She imagined herself roving the world with this man, both of them free and laughing, sleeping rough, snuggled together. There were welcome cameos from the Mackenzies particularly Ian and Beth. As always, Ian stole every scene he appeared in and, with his unique way at looking at the world, proved invaluable in solving the final piece of the mystery puzzle.

Favourite Quote But perhaps love knew no seasons— it simply came when it was time.

The Scandalous Mackenzies : Jennifer Ashley :

I delayed reading this book for months if not a year, since from the discribtion I didn't think it was ecourageable. I honestly thought that since in the discribtion it said the she was a young widow and they were seen in a scandalous moment, that she wouldn't get along with him at first because he would ruin her reputation or something. And how wrong I was. But no the heroine was very calm and kind to him and even took him with her in the carriage to take care of him and even brought him breakfast in the morning.

Sep 30, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it liked it Shelves: best-leading-men , favorite-historical-romance. A short but sweet romp with the McBrides. Steven is charming and chivalrous, Rose is a refreshing heroine who isn't constantly slapping Steven or pouting or pretending. I genuinely liked both of them, and this got me primed for Sinclair's story. This book was pretty dull. Sep 22, Jen Davis rated it liked it. I wanted to love this novella. After all, we have exhausted the well of MacKenzie men and have moved on to the McBrides.

Before I complain to I wanted to love this novella. Before I complain too much, let me reiterate that it was a fairly good read. Steven is a captain on a brief leave from the military, on a personal mission to deliver bad news to a war widow. Rose is a dowager duchess of ill repute.


Her much older husband died of, er, overexertion shortly after they wed and now the press hounds her day and night, impugning her character. When she meets a drunken Steven, she takes him in for the night, thinking he is a soldier who is down on his luck. When he awakes, Steven find himself taken with Rose and decides to help her by pretending they are betrothed.

The idea is to get the press off her back and to help her reclaim her inheritance being withheld by her petulant step-son. Steven and Rose have a solid sexual vibe that helped carry the story. And obviously, she awakened a need in him for a real relationship with a woman. He swoops in and saves the day and does it in a kilt. There is not a whole lot of basis for their relationship other than mutual attraction and a need for the safety and security that love can bring.

The relationship progresses far too quickly for even a shade of emotional resonance, and I never really had a chance to care much for either characters. The cameos from the MacKenzies were gratuitous and added nothing to the story. And the hounding of the press felt more like a modern day paparazzi than something you would find in the s. It was ok. A quick afternoon read that helps bridge the gap until the next novel. She assumes Steven is a homeless drunkard and takes him home with herto sleep it off and for food.

The scribbers or newspaper reporters follow Rose around for any gossip they might write about her. Rose's deceased husband died of a heart attack on their honeymoon the previous year. He left Rose improvised as his son the new Duke doesn't want Rose to have her widows portion and tries to block it in the courts. Rose's husband liked to play games so he leaves Rose a game to play that results in her finding the property and income her husband wanted her to have. He knew his spiteful son Albert would make it hard for Rose to get what she deserved.

Steven tells the reporters they are betroth after spending the night with Rose and then he proceeds to help Rose solve the mystery of the game. He also has the family lawyer to help Rose get what she is due from the new Duke. That's how they found out about this game. Anyway the story was OK and I was glad it was short and not dragged out. I don't like stories with Dowagers, or Spinsters that much. What I didn't like in this story was it felt like a 3 party romance. Rose's late husband is constantly in the story and how much he loved her. Then their is Steven who is in lust and love with Rose.

I don't prefer that kind of conflict in characters becasue romance should be between 2 people and not 3. How does one compete with an excellent and love deceased spouse? The story moves fast and you get to meet up with all the old MacKenzies especially Ian my favorite character in the Mackenzie series.. The story was good but not great!! Jennifer Ashley's "Scandal and the Duchess" 6. Steven McBride is scrumptious as the hero and his heroine, Rose Barclay, the dowager Duchess of Southdown, is a delight. Their initial meeting, with Steven literally falling at her feet on the street in a drunken stupor, is priceless.

The next day, after spending the night in Rose's coachman's apartment and sleeping off his hangover, Steven decides he has Jennifer Ashley's "Scandal and the Duchess" 6. The next day, after spending the night in Rose's coachman's apartment and sleeping off his hangover, Steven decides he has to help Rose regain what she is rightfully owed as the widow of the Duke of Southdown, because her stepson, the new Duke of Southdown, detests her and wants to cut her out of what is owed to her entirely.

The dead duke set up his bequest to Rose as something of a scavenger hunt - this part is quite fun and interesting, and of course only Ian Mackenzie, with his extraordinary gifts for deduction and detail orientation, can solve the final piece of the puzzle it's actually not that hard, but I guess the author couldn't resist pulling her best character in this series into this story.

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  • Jennifer Ashley is a new author for me for Reading her books. Now this series written in a different time where no technology is about. Horse n buggy days ect. Love her books so far this year. Just read the Shifters Unbound series and it was excellent. Oct 24, Tanya Sridhar rated it really liked it Shelves: highlanders-baby , historical-romance-challenge , forced-arranged-marraige , historical-romance , novella , widow , three-and-a-half-stars.

    Overall a fun book. The writing is solid, the plot interesting enough and the characters fleshed out. However it lacks the emotional connect JA books usually have, a lot of it felt like insta-lust. Enjoyable, but nothing that'll stay with me. Mar 23, Elaine rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , 4-stars. Aug 04, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: literary-pickers-challenge , cliche-klatch-challenge. I imagine that falling for the drunken soldier who passes out in your cleavage shows a remarkably easy-going and charitable personality.

    This is one of those romances which are engaging, lovely and leave you with a sigh over a pleasant, sexy and highly unlikely plot. If you are looking for a realistic romance, this is not going to fill the bill. The ending felt a bit as if Ashley wrote herself into a corner and her character into a real pickle requiring a deus ex machina and an even less likely outcome.

    I found it to have about the same lack of realism in the story line and I did not enjoy the narration. I enjoyed reading this one more than I had enjoyed the audiobook. Ashley plays into all our feminine fantasies about love, romance, sex and history. This story even has a Simon Legree of a villainous son-in-law. I do have to love the idea of falling for the drunken soldier who turns out to be a gentleman of noble intent. She just needs physical, legal and financial rescue. I find these late Victorian romances to be more florid than their Regency counterparts; it makes sense they would be more reflective of the turmoil and passion hidden all those layers; all those rules.

    A couple of modern conveniences of the time play into the story: hotels and trains. That Regency-Victorian contrast highlights another feature of the story: the opposites attracting trope.

    Scandal and the Duchess

    He is bold, daring and unafraid and she is meek, deferential, and obedient. It could have just been the difference between the social norms for women and men, but I think it goes deeper into the fundamental nature of the characters. These contrasts are highlighted by Ashley throughout the book so much that I see it as a theme. Oct 10, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: arc , author-jennifer-ashley , novellas , review-requests , genre-historical-romance , ebooks , read-in , series-highland-pleasures.

    What did you think about Rose and Steven? I think Rose and Steven were very sweet together, I loved that they seemed to have no qualms about falling in love with each other and acted on those feeling fairly quickly.