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It was the only way for him to live.

Almost as Feared as their Prey

She knew the royals too well. They would do everything in their power to break the curse, including put themselves in danger. Darrius would risk his life for hers. Alaya closed her eyes and swallowed the knot clogging her throat. Even after seven decades, she felt the pain of that day, the day she let Darrius go—to save him. You must promise not to tell him about me. Alaya placed her gloved hand on his cheek.

What purpose would it serve now to tell him I live? Damian considered her words. She could tell by his expression that he was conflicted about keeping her secret. His instincts were no doubt screaming at him to be straight with his brother—and let his brother deal with her. She pulled off the veil and gloves, and tossed them onto the desk. Then she paced in front of the hearth. Alaya recognized the snide voice instantly.

Her sword lay against her thigh, her fingers draped over the hilt. The goddess of wrath was dressed in her usual outfit: a tight black leather vest and even tighter black leather pants, and shiny black boots. Her long dark hair was woven into a long braid, and her face was porcelain beauty—strangely expressionless except for her eyes. Her eyes were black and within, burned twin flames representing wrath and judgment..

Alaya rolled her eyes and turned toward the hearth. The price she paid to have his life restored—and no memory of his death—was to give him up. She thought about them every single day: The price for his life is his love. If he should ever see this face of yours again, his shall die. She turned and glared at the goddess. Nemesis laughed. Like kick puppies and take candy from children? And FYI? Fury curled through Alaya. Whatever the goddess had once been—daughter of justice, balancer of good and evil, punisher of the heartless—she had turned into a seething mass of bitterness and cruelty.

What did it matter? Alaya would gladly pay the price again for the life of her true love. She hated that he grieved from her loss. Yet, it was better he believed her dead than track her down and lose his own life. She grasped the locket around her neck and lifted it so she could unclasp the silver heart.

Inside was a grainy bla ck and white picture of Darrius: his smile wide; his eyes twinkling; his face oh-so-handsome. Toggle navigation FullEnglishBooks. Chapter One: Love Gone Wild. It is, however, a lie. So, for reasons unknown, Marchand lied, too. Then, years ago, when renowned prophet Astria Vedere was still very young, she made a prophecy: A vampire queen shall come forth from the place of broken hearts.

Alas, this, too, is a lie. Well … sorta. The story of their origin is not a lie. You do us a great honor. Was he okay? Had he found love? Was he a husband, a father?

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