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Sometimes it is hard to be on a front but I manage. The transition of my mom changed my life forever. I am grateful to be living but life is not the same. Ever since that Thursday, every Thursday has been hard for me. The last loving look she gave me before she shut her eyes and took her last breath are etched in my aching heart.

I miss her so very much. She was my best friend.

After 12 Years my Mother is Still Everywhere

For 20 years we were together enjoying our lives side by side. Now I have nothing but memories. I want to hug her, kiss her and tell her I love her. Today is Thursday, such a painful day. My heart is forever broken. She passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly August at the age of My Mum passed away on the 16th March , aged 88, following a brain haemorrhage. Fortunately I was with her at the time and also at the end so was able to hold her and give her a kiss goodbye.

I am missing her so much, more than I could ever have imagined but take comfort from other peoples comments and realise that my pain is normal, its what other people feel when their Mum dies. Ur words helps me alot I have gone another place for my higher studies The whole year i dnt feel the pain My studies over i returned home i cant do anything everyplace every little things make me brust out I dnt know when will i come out When will i smile agai.

I lost my mother three years ago, I still cry, I still feel the ache. She suffer from dementia before she died. Feel like I lost her twice. Still have really bad days. Day The promise of spring and the missingness of Mum were being a discord beyond words. Impossible antagonists. Then it clicked. All of nature is trying to tell us that the afterlife is another version of spring, even better than this one. Two weeks Now. Feel numb one minute then reality.

Thank You for Your article. Miss My Mom. It hasnt even been a week I feel like happiness is gone. Thank you for your article. I lost my mum 42 years ago. It doesnt get any easier! It's taken part of my life away! I find it hard to cope as ive never had any closure! Thanks for sharing. I lost my grandmother on then I lost my mother a week and a day later. The pain is unexplainable. I needed this so much. Its been 8 months since my mother's murder and its hurting more then ever. Thank you Jeanne for sharing. I lost and my mom and my best friend on April 3rd of this year. I feel for everyone who has posted here.

I loved my mom so much and it hurts so much to be without her. I am totally devastated by the loss of her company. But one thing that is helping me a lot is an audio tape called the Grace in Dying. I just wanted to post it here in case it helps anyone else. It is helping me to realize that this is not just a time of pain and grief, it is a time of Grace. And if we allow the pain to overwhelmed and overcome us, we miss that ever present Grace that connects us to the very person we want to be with most.

So I appeal to you, to give yourself one moment of reprieve from the pain, and open your heart and allow yourself to feel your mom's prescence there. You cannot be with her in body anymore, that is impossible, and is what causes us so much anguish. But you can be with her in spirit and she can and will be with you everywhere you go in every situation if you just open your heart and let her in. You may feel that opening your heart to your mom at this point is only going to cause you more pain, but I promise it will actually heal the pain and you will feel peace and comfort from her.

You have nothing to lose but to try it Someone suggested it to me, I didn't want to try it because I was afraid of the pain, but I did it anyway and it filled me with the most intense and beautiful peace. When the pain comes now as it inevitably will, I try to open my heart and feel the love and peace she's offering me. And I am here offering that same love and peace to all of you who lost your mom and are still hurting do badly Debbie my heart goes out to you in your recent loss, as well as all of us on this page.

I made my first year on March 31 on Good Friday. Their are no words but I did find and believe god and my family helped me through , even though at the time I felt like it was not enough. My mom died on nov 28 as time is going on i seem to be getting worse and worse there are days i feel like i cant go on i miss her so bad we were never apart it is so hard i cry all the time and go into panic i feel for all of us who have lost our moms. I just lost my mom a few hours ago. Every memory is just flashing through my mind. For me it hurts because I wasn't there when my mom died.

She died in Africa where she lives. My mom had me when she was 16 and she died aged I took care of my since when my dad died so it was very hard for me to accept she was gone. Believe me it gets better but you will have moments even days where your feeling of total sorrow come back in waves. Just do what you can to hold on until the feelings pass. Keep busy and live your life because your mom would be very upset if she knew you stopped living your life to the fullest.

That seems impossible now but you will feel emotionally better as time passes. There is no exact time frame for the grieving process. Just pray and thank God your mom is not suffering anymore. I just have to learn how to accept it and keep moving forward. Take care. My mummy passed away 4th March, and I am not able to accept she will never come back to me by my side.

I am an only child and since that day my life has changed completely. I am angry, sad, empty and hollow.. She was the most important person of my life, beyond all other people in my life and family, but a liever cancer dragged her away from me.. It is indescribable, only people who were so close to a person and lost they, can understand..

She was my best friend and raised me as a single mother. My father passed away in Oct last year, and I am an only child never married and no children. I lost my whole family within 5 months and dont know how to move on with my life. My mom is gone forever and i am finding it difficult to even wake up in the morning. I dont want to because all i have is emptiness. My family isnt talking to me and i never had friends. I am literally all alone now. My mom battled breast and lung cancer for 4 years now, and I was the only one there every step of the way.

I would do it all over again just to be able to give her a hug again. Thanks for your writing, it was slight relief to my huge grief after loss of my mother on 16th April. No one can imagine how hard the pain until you loose your mother. Even though I was a good son as I think, I am still thinking of what I could have done to make her comfortable and it hurts me a lot. I lost my mom on the 12th of april and it still hurts why does it not get any easier. Gary forgive me. Thank you for your message, that has been said to me too.

I recognised it was the perfect way, I even got there once. Trouble is we are rarely in charge of our thoughts now. They slip seamlessly from love into loss, from gratitude to deprival. We could catch it if we knew about heaven. Stay strong. Hi, I lost my mom last Friday and I am just starving to get relief. Somehow because of my son, I am able to gather myself. She passed away suddenly due to massive heart attack. No other ailment, no diseases, never admitted to hospital.

Just had a marginal BP problem but I suppose it slowly killed her. Its horrible to drag the day by day. I am not able to concentrate on my work. I have decided to take the help of a therapist who said that she will be definitely be helpful to me. She asked me to come back after 2 months and then therapy sessions will be started. Dear Sam I am so very sorry. I know what you are going through because I lost my darling mum two years ago this may and I.

I cry most. Grief is. Grieve the way you want dont let. Only mix. Express your. Talk cry. Dont swallow. I lost my mum on Tuesday and I feel like I'm drowning, nothing anyone says is giving me comfort, my mum was ill and was getting better then just died, I'm so angry, I miss her so much it physically hurts.

My 16 was a lil emotional but the other two seemed ok when we left I told her I loved her always and the 10 year old said love you nana. I will always remember mom and speak of her often more than my other family members. She truly was my rock, how was I going to go on , make her proud when I myself was torn and the only person to help me through it was gone. Seconds into minutes into hours into days months and now a year, how could I have made it without her, mayb I am stronger than I think and her love for me is still strong and in spirit.

I knew when I lost her I was either going left and give up or right. Im glad to say I chose right but I feel I did it more for her and I worked very hard which I received a raise and also a promotion. Motherless daughter. I lost my sweet mother 6months ago but it might has well been today my heart is aching thinking of her. My sisters and I took care of everything after she died the house etc. I live 2houses from hers and all that's left are her beautiful flowers I remember her in that yard gardening even when she could barely do it.

Life just seems so exhausting May 30, marked a year losing mom. I was very angry, torn and in spite of my kids and grandkids I felt I wanted to be with mom. Ive lost a husband a dad but nothing could compare to this type of loss. Is it enough , probably not but it has to be for my life to move forward. I think of the laughs we had and then their are days where I cry but those days believe it or not are fewer.

The first year I isolated myself from everyone, cried everyday all day sometimes, I took off 3 mos from work. But for me it helped and I feel that did me a world of good dealing with it in my own way.. I thank god for giving me mom. I love you always. My mom just died a few weeks ago. Mom was my best friend and I'm still trying to cope. Everything looks so gray. I go outside and I don't see color, if that makes any sense. The inner happy of my soul feels like it has been taken away.

Every breath feels harder and harder to take.

Coping With Grief

If I could describe the feeling it would be like someone is literally pulling my heart out of my chest and cutting it with a steak knife right down the middle, over and over each time I think of her. I break down frequently and I can't take this pain. The more someone says it will get better it just takes time, makes me want to scream. Mom was my best friend, she suffered her whole life with her illness, the day before she passed we talked for a little bit.

We were both happy. I spent most my younger years and my adult years taking care of her, I can't understand why it's so hard to heal or even get better from this. I lost my soul mate my one true person who understood me, she was my pal, my best friend and my heart. It has been 17 months since my mother died and they have bern the most grueling months I have ever spent.

She was under hospice at home for the last 6 weeks her life. I thought I was ready. But, my mom had dementia and the last weeks of her life, she kept seeing her dead siblings and my dad. She said they were there to pick her up. One day I walked in on her talking to somebody and when I asked who she was talking to, she pointed at the wall and said Jesus and those angels, as she smiled.

The day before she died, I asked if she wanted to join Papa. She nodded yes which was different from other times I asked in the past. I never left her side during thise times. On Thursday, Nov. My mother, my best friend and my companion since my father passed in was gone. Until now I remain devastated. Pain is unbearable. Mom and I would hug each every night and say I love you. I still say I love you to her but I can no longer hug and kiss her. I am a wreck. I attend group grief meetings which help and also therapy. Grief strikes whenever and wherever.

Still trying to figure out how to live without my beloved mother. My heart is broken. It was so unexpected and it still don't seem real. People may judge me on this but I could not go to her funeral, the first funeral in my life i couldn't attend and I lost my precious nephew years ago when he was 12 yrs old. I've gone to call her so many times and I wish I could tell her what a great mother she was and still is because everything she taught me growing up will always be with me.

She was my rock, my biggest fan and the only constant in my whole life and the only person who loved me unconditionally and supported and encouraged me no matter what. She was also my best friend and my inspiration, I wish I could be half the mother to my kids that she was to me. I know that out of the blue kicked in stomach feeling that literally put me to my knees and I'd break down but after couple hours I'd come out of it somewhat but last week it happened and I didn't even start to come out of it until a week later.

I know she'd tell me that I've got to be strong for my kids that they still love me and need me and not to worry about her that she's happy and in better place and even tho I know that, the pain and heartache of her being gone so suddenly and never even getting to say goodbye or hug her one more time is just unbearable and I've noticed I've starting withdrawing and not hardly talking to anybody much but she's constantly on my mind, her voice her face, I just miss her so much and i don't know how to handle this grief.

I just lost my mom five weeks ago, we were very close. Its felt surreal like a dream. Its the most paralyzing and painful thing Ive experienced in my life. Everything described in the article is right on the money. My emotions and state of mind are all over the place. I catch myself dreaming and reflecting on childhood all the time now.

These are unchartered waters for me, its gonna be one long and sobering voyage. I have some long nights ahead. I pray and meditate and talk to her a lot, that alleviates some of the pain and sadness. I yearn to kiss and hold her again and to tell her how much I love and miss her. I lost my mother 5 months ago. My relatives want nothing to do with me. Still very devastated over her loss. How can I. She was 97 and had a good life. Still miss her daily. I still cry a lot. My mom passed away hours ago.. I don't know what to think or feel or how to act.. I miss her so much..

I don't know what to do with myself anymore. She was my best friend and in ways she was like my child because I took care of her since I was My heart is absolutely broken. My mom turned 60 a day after my birthday on Jan Such beautiful memories of that night. After examining her she was given a letter for admission to hospital to have some tests done. We knew she wasnt healthy but was strong and survived heart attacks and other illnesses but nothing prepared us for what happened the next 2 weeks.

On 30 Jan she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Feb 1 the ct scan confirmed it had spread to her liver and bones. She was discharged same day and came home in a wheelchair. Cudnt believe this frail woman who was in agonising pain was the same woman who walked out the door 5 days before. My MOM, a beautiful,kind,strong independent woman cudnt sit up on her own anymore. A week later it spread to her brain and she cudnt talk or see anymore, and it was the worst feeling knowing there was nothing I cud do to make her better.

On the 10th Feb paramedics came to take her to hospital as she cudnt breathe but it was too late. They struggled to get her in the ambulance, and pretended to give her cpr. I kept asking them if she was breathing n they wudnt answer n i knew she was gone. They let us wait in an empty room and 30mins later the doctor said there was nothing they could do. I went to see her and just wanted to hold her and hear her say its a dream but that wasnt gona happen.

I watched the nurses cut her pyjamas off her body then wrap her in white plastic like she was a piece of meat. Since then my life has been a blur and all I do is cry. Im in so much pain and miss her and it doesnt get better.

Bazzi - Myself (Lyrics)

I hav 2 boys and know I have to be strong but just cant. I dont know what to do. Everyone says its normal to grieve but how can i believe that this is how its supposed to be. Dave i know exactly how you feel i feel the same way my mom passed on nov 28 my life has been hell iam so empty she was everything to me iam lost forever till i die. Love you mom. I lost my mom May 21st and it has been very difficult.

Grief for your mother is one of the hardest things we face in life

It's coming up on 1 year that she has been gone and it does not get easy. I can't sleep and I feel like I'm by myself in this world. But knowing that she had a relationship with God and I'm finding peace in that. I'm now trying to find and activity to fill that void even though I know nothing will. God Bless you and Thank you for this post. I am writing on this site after a long time. After seeing ur post,I couldn't help writing to you I have lost my sweetheart Mom on I was staying with her in the hospital, watching her screaming in pain Even today I am not able to forget even a single minute of those horrible days.

My normal life stopped.. America's Got Talent. Popular Movies 1. Sexy Beast 2. Into The Blue 3. John Wick 4. The Moon-Spinners 5. Toy Story 6. Popular Celebrities 1. Poppy Montgomery 2. Fred Rogers 3. Tyler Perry 4. Robin Givens 5. Kevin Costner 6. My first child was four months old at the time of her death and I had my second child two years later so I guess I just focused on them at the time.

Tonight I found myself unable to sleep and googling her manner and cause of death and wondering why her pain medication for serious disease was so mishandled she died from a prescribed fentalyn patch which is a really dumb use of time because what does any of that matter now? I finally got my act together as she would have said and focused on dealing with my grief a way more productive endeavor and I found your article.

It helped a lot. So thank you.

After 12 Years my Mother is Still Everywhere - What's Your Grief

My sister died on 27th oct, while she was just 16yrs old. Even though this article is about grief for mother, I felt that this is the same feelings I wanted to write for my sister. I miss her like crazy and time does not help. More than that no one can help you cope up with the grief except the immediate concerned family and not friends, not even close relatives. After some time they start saying that it happens, you should move forward only because they no more feel like talking about the grief.

It will be three years October 7th that my mom died unexpectedly. I think we all deal with it differently. I was very,very close with my mom. I am very grateful that I had so many wonderful years with her. But I think of her every day. And when I wake up at night I think of her then too. I feel so sorry she had to leave so suddenly. I do have a lot to be thankful for though. But every October 7th will be a replay of how I suddenly lost my mom.

It will be three years October 7th that I lost my mom unexpectedly. I think of her every day. I still wake up at night thinking of her. People keep telling my mom would not want me to be unhappy. Just remember the good times. Does time heal the pain? I just miss her so much. I miss my mom. Now I know I never felt sad and loss before her death. Because losing her is really the reality of the definition that no matter what I do, I cannot have her back. Sometimes I wish I could move on and forget a bit about it..

But this is different. You really cannot forget because the loss is very much in the present. My mother died 5 years ago last Monday , shortly after Mothers Day The loss was devastating. It was hard for me to watch her suffer before her death, I still miss her everyday and every mothers day it brings a sharpened ache of loss to my heart. The loss of my loving mother leaves a hole in the tapestry of my life.

My mother died 39 years ago, shortly before Christmas. I was The loss was devastating. It was hard to watch her suffer before her death, but it was harder learning to live without her. I still miss her everyday and every December brings a sharpened ache of loss. The loss of a loving mother leaves a hole in the tapestry of life.

We have to adjust to a new normal without their loving, physical presence. My sister and I often speak of the fact that we feel cheated. She will never know my husband or my children. I will always wonder if she would be proud of the woman I have become. I like to think so. This site has such wonderful, insightful articles. Thank you for your words, they perfectly describe the paradox emotions one feels when faced with grief.

I lost my mother not even a year ago, and even though waves of sorrow still wash over me quite frequently I am somehow also comforted by the fact that I still remember so much so clearly; her smell, her voice, things she said towards the end of her life. Although some of those memories are deeply painful, they give me something to hold onto while feeling so untethered. I am terrified of that distance you speak of, and the thought that time passing by means losing her just a little more every single day. Thank you for your words -they could be mine.

I cried while reading your entire blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this with all of us. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this piece. It resonates to my core. Monday will be 5 years for my mom. If you experience your mother everywhere and in everything…is it possible that she is there with you, in every breath you take?

This post was so timely for me as I pass the second anniversary of losing my dear mom. I ache for her and miss sharing the raising of my own children and her beloved grandchildren with her. The passage of time hurts in a different way than the acuteness of the initial loss — as her laugh and beautiful smile is not as imprinted in my mind as sharply as it once was and that hurts. I am adapting but only because one has too. I feel as though I am the one who wrote this post. It is ME. My mother passed away just 3 days after your mother, 3 years ago and I still feel as though I am a crumbling mess come September and October.

I want to hide under the covers until November, except that I love the beauty of autumn and so did my mother. My mother believed in the beauty of this world even when she was sick and knew she would not be okay, she just rejoiced in the healing nature of the sun and sky. I feel so untethered I also wonder how to raise my kids feeling safe the way I did growing up with so much family around. I have felt sadder as fall approached.

During the summer I had the interest to do activities outdoors that lifted my spirits. I wondered if my better mood would continue into the fall. I really hoped it would. I started to feel sad in mid-August as it was back to school time and the hint of fall, then when we turned the calendar to September I felt sad and apprehensive. I experienced a grief trigger mid-month and the grief felt heavy.

It just lasted three days but felt much longer. November will be the two year deathversary of his passing and the beginning of the 6 month period of multiple losses. I am grateful for the Whats Your Grief Site. I find comfort here and am glad its available whenever I need it. My father joined the host of ancestors 7 years ago, 27 days after his mother.

I am still learning to navigate this world where he is not a physical anchor, and I work on my relationship with my father in spirit on the daily. Last June my only brother was murdered. My mother and I grew closer than we had ever been, and we were always close. I could not imagine her torment and pain at losing her first born in such a brutal and gruesome way.

When she would visit me she would cry out his name in her sleep. Seeing her traumatic grief I never fully made her aware of the depth of mine. And then less than six months after his murder my mother died in her sleep the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This site, these articles have reminded me of my humanity when I am at my lowest.

Untethered, indeed. And I am clinging to the faith others have in their God and in the me I used to be that I will get through this with some modicum of sanity that will allow me to reach for joy again, at some point. Breath by breath a moment becomes tomorrow. My mother died also died on Oct. My sisters and I are coming on 15 years. It seems like such a long time. Yet somedays it feels like yesterday. Spot on. Wow, this resonated so deeply with me, I feel like I could have written parts of it myself.

First of all, my mother also died on October 23rd, however I am only just coming up on 3 years since losing her in I was telling my boyfriend that it feels like this time of year a switch goes on inside of me before my mind even catches up. Also, from the moment she died I came close to having panic attacks at the thought of time marching on and distancing me from her. I can still feel a rising dread if I allow myself to focus on this. And that thought set my blood running cold.

But the idea that someday, she may seem so distant breaks my heart in a million pieces. Thank you for this beautiful piece. I am so sorry to share this awful date with you, sending lots of love. Thank you for sharing that. It is somewhat comforting to know that someone else feels the same and is nice to know I am not alone in that.

I miss her terribly. She did not have an easy death and it was very hard to see her suffer. That haunts me at times. There are so many simple, seemingly mundane things that remind me of her — when I cook and remember her tips, setting a table like she used to when entertaining, cleaning the house or grocery shopping. So much of this was shared with my Mom over the years.

I am thankful for the time I was able to spend with her but it also makes the ache that much deeper. My daughter died on February 4, We still held her and expressed our love. She passed with her family holding hands with her. I stayed overnight on the guest bed placed in her room as many times as I could, and her boyfriend stayed on the nights I was too exhausted. Her sister opened up her home to her and we set up her hospital bed in a beautiful sun room with windows all around and a view of the ravine.

I have been overcome with grief, guilt, anger, you name it. She was at the helm. She knew we all loved her, and she expressed her love to us. Alcohol took her life. So senseless. So crewel. She worked for a Fortune HQ for 10 years, simultaneously completing classes for two masters degrees. We had become good friends in the past few years.

She would call me or dad first when she had accomplished something, and also when she was disappointed or angry about an event. I guess I seemed to have the right answers. I tried to, anyway, as far as my experience would allow. She tried to escape from her disease. She actually regained her health a few times, but this time was different. I miss her every day, and always will. I am thankful that I have so many good memories, and those are the ones that seem to stick.

In the end, we all have an expiration date. Make all the good memories that you can, right now, right here, so you will have those to carry you through until you have to leave this Earth. Be grateful for having that person in your life; many people live in misery and poverty and terror, with no hope for it to get better.

Be grateful for every person in your life; do not expect more than what that person has to give. I heard today that I was unsuccessful in applying for a job I was interviewed for yesterday — certainly not the end of the world, there will be other opportunities. However one of my first thoughts on hearing the news was that I could do with a visit home to my dad for a cheering up weekend, even though he has been dead for fourteen years now.

It is this sorrow that has followed me round all day, combined with a feeling of not having an anchor described in the text above. Dad would still only have been the same age as Tom Petty was if he had still been alive. Sad sad sad. No one has ever put into words what I feel until now. Thank you for writing this. My mother died 8 years ago and I have never been the same. Thank you for this. My mother died in There was grief when she passed, however, I knew someday I would be home with her and my father and other relatives as well.

It seem like the grief did not last that long and I can surely talk about her without being emotional. I recall writing a song for her and typing in my journal thoughts I was having about her at the time. I believe that help me to so call move on. Although my husband died 2 years ago, which is a lot shorter period of time than the article, it spoke to me. Within approximately a year, I moved from the town that I had shared with my husband for over 35 years.

But now, I long to return to the place where the most ordinary things will remind me of him and our life together, even if it brings tears. I feel that I have lost some of the continuing bond by living away. I am fortunate since the move was a chance for me to think about these things, and so I will be moving back after the upcoming holidays. Hopefully, the return will bring me comfort and happiness. Dad Dec , Mom Jan I will simply never be the same. Their house is still full of their belongings, due to my health.

Before the concept of passing time hit me, I was drowning in the pain from the realization that they were — no where. There was no place I could go, for the first time in my 62 years, where I could find them, touch them, hear their voice. That first concept was so powerful and painful that it made me physically ill. As the rawness of that concept subsided slightly, the new concept of passing time began to sink-in.

So, reading your thoughts about the time separating you from your Mom is to me very, very real. It is a comfort to know there are others out there experiencing the exact same emotional pain and anguish! So permanent. My mum died in 21 Sept, I lived with her for 59 yrs, we were soul buddies, I never felt inclined to marry. So now I pay the price. Just her memory and all her belongings I find it hard to sift through and toss.

How can I? They were her life? When she died it was pure shock, even though I knew it was coming, as I was primary carer for two years. She died of cancer. For me it is a truism that the loss of a mother is devastating, but I hate to say, struggling to carry on is harder. Forging a completely to new life without them is nigh impossible at Yet, my time has not come, and I must somehow, eat well, a little exercise, some sleep, and try, try to do something that has a modicum of meaning left.

Less than 2 months later my mom joined him and then two months after that my dad followed. It will be 8 years soon and this time of year never fails to affect me greatly. I miss them all so much. This is exactly how it feels. Fall was always family time and we had traditions. Other people celebrate the holidays and I just want to crawl into a ball and cry. I agree with you about time. I find myself getting sadder as time goes by when I realize how much I will miss. Experiences with my Mom that I will never have as well as slowly forgetting some of the details about some of our experiences.

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Betty's son June 5, at pm Reply. Mom died on May 24th, at home, with me holding her hand. I was very lucky to be her son. Mohammed Hasan May 28, at am Reply. A May 7, at pm Reply. Barbara May 10, at pm Reply. Holly W May 5, at pm Reply. Humann April 4, at pm Reply. Jada March 26, at am Reply. Ragna Read March 9, at pm Reply. Nina April 22, at pm Reply. Riekie March 7, at pm Reply. Chastity Brandon February 17, at pm Reply. Delyse Smith February 23, at pm Reply. Hello Chastity Your post reminded me so much of my mum, especially about when your mum used to always encourage you and seemed so strong and able to face any problem and so gave you strength, too.

Sarah April 2, at am Reply. Kathy Benneke March 10, at pm Reply. SelV February 11, at am Reply. Dear Mother, On 15 March You departed this world. Having nurtured me with love and care Unconditionally… For more than half a century Your absence makes me drown In an ocean of tears… You mattered most to me But now nothing matters…as much!

Grief comes in waves!!! Your loving daughter. Bryan January 18, at pm Reply. Claire February 13, at pm Reply. Frannie January 1, at pm Reply. Jacqueline December 22, at pm Reply. Loulou December 14, at pm Reply.