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I have learned a lot of Portuguese and I have written articles for blogs in Portuguese. I need someone to talk with verbally as my Spoken Portuguese is not good enough. Been learning Portuguese for almost 3 months now but my experience learning French taught me it is better to speak and be corrected. Will be nice to talk with you…though I do not speak much of it like yourself. Hi Jeff, I also am now living in Brazil. My husband is Brazilian and also speaks English to me in the house.

I have lived here 4 months and am struggling. I speak worse than a two year old. Any advice you have that may be helpful? If you have money go join clubs where you will be forced to do the same thing over and over that might have a limited vocab. I did kungfu in rio and it really helped make my counting more natural, i learned a lot of movement words and it forced me to talk and listen more.

I live in Haiti, over here we speak French and Creol but i always wished to speak portugues but i was running out of verbs and eventually when i discovered this website that was to me something marvelous that i ever found…. Muito obrigado!!! This is exactly what I was after, thank you very much for posting it!

Same issue here. How is tornar more common than voltar? Good idea but something has gone wrong i think. I spent about 10 years in Brazil, beginning about and returning to the USA in During that time, I was completely immersed in the language and culture of Brazil.

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I was also able to travel extensively to the interior and visited several Northern cities, notably Recife and Salvador. Here I am, an old lady, still in love with meu amado brasil, and having saudade to go there again. Talvez um dia…. Thank you for this wonderful page! I believe I have a good knowledge of English because I can hold a conversation face a face with no problem. Of course we have to consider the fact that to master a foreign language out of the country where it is spoken is not an easy task.

Anyway it is a challenge we do like to face. If you are interested in exchanging ideas both in English and Portuguese just e-mail me carlos oi. My God bless the world surrounded with so much violence. Im a native portuguese speaker Im brazillian and I like to see that there are so many people trying to learn portuguese. Thats not a easy task since portuguese is more difficult than english, but with determination and desire everything is possible.

If u want, you can send me an email to ask me some questions about the portuguese language, expressions or even slangs. You can also talk to me via Skype to practice your hearing and learn the brazillian accent. To skype with me send me an email before. It seems a bit odd to me that the verb beber is in the s and the verb desenvolver is in the 90s.

This list is based on a corpus of written documents, most of which are newspaper articles. So it will be skewed towards words found in written texts. I had the luck of being educated in both countries as a child and today I can speak both with the correct accents. Both my parents are Brazilian so we spoke Portuguese at home and English at school and with friends.

This man ventured into the jungle so that he could try to learn as much as he could about this language so that he could translate the Bible for them. In the first few months, he learned quite a few things and felt that he was going to be able to do this easily, since he had done it before with other languages.

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He got some basic stuff down, but there were so many words that were pronounced so similarly and that were used in different situations to mean different things depending on events and other variables. Nothing really made sense.

Soon after those 4 years, he gave up and another missionary went there to try to get this done. He also had the same results in the beginning and, after more than 2 years, he saw himself going nowhere. He never tried to live the language. He never really got involved in the life of the tribe. He was a bystander — always on the sidelines watching the community go about their lives. That was certainly why he was only able to learn superficial things about the language. So he decided to be as one of the tribe. He dressed as them, went hunting with them, celebrated and mourned with them, taught the kids and accepted the teachings of the elders and soon, in less than a year, everything about the language started to fall into place.

He started to understand that which he started to live. Try to live the language. Become friends with those who speak Portuguese. Cook the meals. Watch the movies. Play the games. Tell the jokes. Live the culture. Hey, make it a habit. Do it or die, kind of deal. Make a commitment to learn. Insist and persist. Brush up on the basics again and again.

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There is a lot to say about language learning and Lauren has already done a great job in make this website with tons of information for all those who are interested in learning Portuguese. If you need any additional help, feel free to contact me at nardyello. Nardyello, muito obrigada pelas suas palavras de encorajamento! Obrigada por dar um pulo no meu blog! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. The most common verbs in Portuguese You asked for it, and here it is.

August 6, at am.

Learn Portuguese ★ Sleep Learning ★ Learn Basic Portuguese With Binaural Beats.

Lauren says:. August 11, at pm. Cristina says:. November 16, at pm. I am going to brasilia next year, I am quite nervous. Bests, Cristina. Nate says:. January 25, at am. Lukas Cech says:. March 23, at pm. Thanks for the verbs Lauren! Jeff says:. You can reach me at: jcoinc at gmail Thanks. Brian Drury says:.

Any time I wanted to train my Portuguese I could just walk to the nearest snack bar, for example, and practice ordering a juice. There were limitless opportunities to train. In other words, they think I'm Brazilian, but sometimes can't tell from where. After years of hearing my brother talk about Brazil, the timing finally worked out and I was able to make it a reality.

Getting there was as simple as getting a visa and booking a few travel tickets. The real challenge only began once I arrived in Brazil. From a linguistic stand point, I was completely unprepared. I was constantly stuck, lost, confused trying to figure out the language. The logical thing to do , like many people before me had done, was to grab some books, seek out online resources and study Portuguese. Hours stacked up — vocab, categories and topics, grammar, finding quality explanations in English to fill in gaps in understanding.

Those early days were rough. Reading a phrase out of a book and speaking it to an actual human beings are two completely different skills. Even when I thought I knew the right words to say, there was all of these conflicting thoughts and emotions going through my head that made it incredibly difficult to open my mouth and speak. What the books and online guides taught me wasn't what people actually said.

And what people did say in the situations I commonly found myself in was pretty much the same each time. Let me explain. When getting on a bus or hailing down a taxi… we used the same language, just different locations. What do you do? I'm the same person each time, so my responses would be very similar as well. I focused on less in order to get more results. And guess what happened? I still made mistakes, of course. And at some point the conversation always lead to untrained dialogues and revealed new training opportunities. Each little success boosted my confidence, and it felt unbelievable.

So I kept going. My increased confidence boosted my motivation. I kept building on that foundation. Which gave me more motivation. Can you believe it? The guy who showed up to Brazil with a handful of words was now mistakenly assumed to be a native speaker! So I did what anyone who makes a breakthrough like this should do: I decided to share it with as many people as possible. I'd often meet other gringos who were struggling with Portuguese in Brazil.

I wanted to help them become a more effective speaker by focusing on less , plus show the cultural nuances I picked up — which made things way more effective than just words. What was strange to me was that most people had no concept of this idea of focusing on these common interactions. Most language programs didn't take into account how people actually spoke to each other in Brazil. And for the gringo that did want to learn using this approach, there was no readily available system that would only give them the precise language that they needed to use.

And then, one day a friend of mine made a comment that got me thinking. I was telling him how much I enjoyed the process of sharing my discoveries with gringos, but I also admitted that my free time was dwindling — it was getting harder to commit to people that needed my help with my growing responsibilities as a teacher and small business owner. His response changed everything….

Portuguese Language Learning Reviews

I swore to give more. I decided to record myself going around Brazilian cities actually engaging in the situations and interactions that made up the foundation of my Portuguese journey. I added all the cultural tips you'd want explained as you go through these situations that make you more effective than just a simple speaker.

What a waste! And most of all…. The days of hunting down the best pocket-sized phrasebook or dictionary to carry around with you while traveling are dead. Access all the course material straight from your phone with or without internet. With wifi, watch all of the videos as many times as you want — practice your heart out. Imagine that you're walking down the street in Rio de Janeiro, standing right there in front of a Brazilian and using the language as you watch it on the screen.

Print them out to study at night before you go to bed. Every effort has been made to make this course accessible and useable anywhere you might need it. By stripping the learning experience down to the essentials, then drilling those pieces one at a time, you'll be laser focused on learning how to interact in the situations that you will face every single day. But how long should it take to get through this material? You might learn a few words by doing this, but the main focus here would be understanding the culture you're about to enter into.

The more that you go out and use the language in real life situations, the more of the material that you will retain over the long term.

Ever asked yourself why Michel Thomas is endorsed by so many A-list celebrities?

But no matter how long it takes, the material is available forever. Anytime you need a review, it's there! As you get the hang of each one, it's time to move on to sparring — or speaking in live situations. Having this kind of support at the tip of your fingertips is a big advantage. Progressing through the language will happen with greater ease than you thought possible. No more having people ask you if you need help or want to order. Stop getting lost on the way to where you're going. You won't be completely reliant on Google's sometimes outdated maps, nor the ever-changing bus numbering system.

Brazilians will be delighted by your cultural awareness. With almost no knowledge of Portuguese — literally, just a few words — and the desire to experience a new country, I set out for Brazil. I thought I was just going to stay for 2 weeks Not too long after, a pattern became as clear as water. I stayed curious and asked Brazilian friends about the behavior I witnessed. All of this because I started by focusing on less. My deep interest in and connection to Brazil led me to create Brazilian Gringo , a website dedicated to helping foreigners find reliable information about Brazil, its culture, relocating there, and teaching English.

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The benefits of investing in this course — and speaking better Portuguese — are numerous. Here are just a few ways that this course will enrich your Brazil experience. The cultural tips were quite helpful.

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I took the course before going to Brazil and watching the videos made me feel like I was already there. It helped a ton. This was a lot better than the phrasebook that I was using to study. It was really helpful in letting me know exactly what to say to sound more Brazilian. I knew it was for me because I am a lazy guy and wanted to do the least amount of work to get the most benefit. Josh definitely delivered. I learned to do the most important things like a Brazilian, not like that formal book. Rhonnie T.

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything you will get in this course:. Asking which bus to take. Confirming which bus to take. Eating and Drinking. Ordering at a Restaurant. Ordering at a Lanchonete. Ordering at a Juice Bar. Getting Social. The conversation every gringo has. Survival Phrases.