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Safe even at the highest doses In animal tests so far, Reolysin has effectively cured implanted human cancers including brain, breast, prostate, ovarian and colorectal cancers. It all sounds too good to be true. It has to have severe and harmful side effects, right? To find out how amazing Reolysin really is and what kind of potential it has, look at the human clinical trial that was reported on last year, a study of 18 terminally-ill patients with actively growing cancers that had failed to respond to any conventional treatments.

The study examined the effects of injecting increasing dosages of Reolysin directly into a subcutaneous under-the-skin tumor. Not one of the patients receiving Reolysin experienced any serious adverse events related to the virus, nor were there any dose-limiting toxicities detected in any patient, even at the highest dosage, which was up to times the perceived therapeutic dose. There was no harmful effect on healthy cells or healthy tissue. Like everything else about Reolysin, this is exciting, considering that some very ill patients with compromised immune systems were treated with a massive live viral load.

Compare that to the harsh, debilitating effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Oncolytics Biotech heute TOP PERFORMER - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

Over the years, toxicity has kept a dismayingly large number of cancer treatments off the market. Not only can certain treatments cause lethal damage to tissues and organs, but they can cause such severe nausea, dizziness and lethargy, to name just a few side effects, that patients often refuse to continue treatment. As it stands now, toxicity simply is not a problem with Reolysin. The deadlier the cancer, the better it works The secondary outcome of the study was a surprisingly high tumor response. Astonishingly, researchers found remote tumor response with Reolysin: Every patient with multiple tumor sites showed that the virus worked not only in the injected tumor but in the remote tumors as well, which means Reolysin may have a role in the treatment of the metastases that characterize advanced cancers.

And every cancerous cell infected with the virus will release more virus particles that will go on tolook for the next cell to invade and destroy. At this point trying to determine a precise potential market valuation for Oncolytics is impossible. This is the math: Assume 1. Two-thirds of those cases, or ,, will be Ras activated.

Probably the first cancer Reolysin will be FDA-approved for is malignant glioblastoma, followed by prostate cancer and eventually pancreatic cancer. There are about 9, cases of malignant glioblastomas in the U. Add "off-label" use for conditions other than the approved indication , future approval for additional indications, and systemic delivery to metastatic cancers and the ultimate market for Reolysin is, quite simply, incalculable.

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A classic "story stock" Since the beginning of this year there has been an endless wave of exciting news about Reolysin: In February the company announced the successful completion of its program for developing a viable commercial process for manufacturing Reolysin easily, inexpensively, and in compliance with government guidelines. This "behind-the-scenes" process is critical to the success of any drug and a stumbling block through the years for many other cancer compounds.

As an example of the productivity of the manufacturing process, a liter of primary cell culture could produce to 1, doses of this purified final product. Naturally, the company has filed selective patent applications and in March was granted a patent on the manufacturing process. Last year the company was granted its first European patent for reovirus technology. Also in February Oncolytics announced the results of its animal toxicology program to examine the systemic delivery of Reolysin. Every method of drug administration -- oral, subcutaneous, intravenous -- has to be examined for toxicology in animals before starting the human clinical trials that count toward approval of the drug.

Oncolytics has now successfully completed nine toxicology studies examining three different routes of administration. Reolysin appears well-tolerated in all three animal species used. In one test, small primates received Reolysin daily via intravenous infusion for 28 days. At the maximum daily dose used in the study, each animal received from 10 to times the daily expected maximum single human dose per unit of body weight without a single product-related adverse event. In March Oncolytics made a particularly exciting announcement about a potential new use of Reolysin beyond what has already been explored: as a treatment to purge stem cell preparations of contaminating cancers.

Blood-derived stem-cell rescue treatments are commonly used after chemotherapy for both solid tumors and blood tumors. Two researchers published studies on the use of Reolysin to treat metastatic disease and kill pancreatic cancer cells. In late March, Oncolytics reported the results of a T2 prostate cancer trial in six human patients three weeks before prostate surgery.

And as usual, there were no side effects. Cancer of the prostate is one of the most common cancers in men, representing about one-third of all male cancers in western society. There were an estimated 18, new cases of prostate cancer in Canada in and the American Cancer Society estimates nearly , new cases in the U. But the company has had some bad luck of its own. First, for no apparent reason and in spite of its own excellent research results, drug-giant Pfizer terminated a smoothly-running veterinary partnership with Oncolytics, which panicked investors and sent the stock plunging -- it lost two-thirds of its market capitalization.

Oncolytics is still a local Canadian story with a mainly local investor base. The company has not reached the required "critical mass" for institutional involvement and few U. When trials are further along, especially after a successful Phase II, the media should pick up on Oncolytics and introduce it to a much broader potential investor base.

With the selling pressure largely dispersed, and good news coming steadily out of the company, alert investors are looking at a very rare buying opportunity. Reolysin stands a good chance of becoming the standard treatment for even something as deadly and fast-growing as glioblastoma. There are other potential applications. Beyond its use as a cancer therapy and now possibly as a decontaminant for stem-cell preparations, the reovirus may have still-unexplored uses against other proliferative diseases like some arthritic conditions and neurofibromatosis. Oncolytics already has patent protection on these potential applications; in fact, the company has carefully filed patents on every aspect of Reolysin, covering the manufacturing process, the administration of the drug, how the drug works, what it works on and dosage ranges, among others.

The company already has six U. Big pharmas rarely take casual chances on little research-stage drug companies. If they want to get their hands on Reolysin, you can bet they have a good reason. Wisely, Oncolytics is waiting for more results from the current clinical trials in order to get the best possible deal for itself and its shareholders.

Also very intelligently, Oncolytics asked two big pharmaceuticals to review its clinical protocols. Oncolytics holds minority positions in two other Canadian biopharmaceutical companies: BCY LifeSciences, which has license rights to technologies to treat certain diseases of the respiratory tract including cystic fibrosis; and Transition Therapeutics, which is developing innovative therapeutics focusing on the treatment of multiple sclerosis, diabetes and restenosis. Quietly and steadily, Oncolytics is laying the groundwork for the approval of a truly revolutionary and wildly profitable drug.

Reolysin could fail in advanced clinical trials. Oncolytics is so far a one-drug company so if Reolysin fails, Oncolytics fails. Oncolytics could run low on cash and be unable to secure financing, although we believe it expects a partnership soon and a sizeable upfront payment.

A few thousand, or even just a few hundred, shares purchased now will give you tremendous returns. We guarantee that like any promising biotech the stock will fluctuate crazily until it starts heading straight up after successful Phase III trials. Five years from now with the stock in the high double-digits, imagine telling people, "I bought Oncolyticis at a buck-three. Disclosure: Ich besitze Aktien des besprochenen Unternehmens. Ausserdem wird Ihnen die Partnerschaft mit dem U. Oncolytics auf der Titelseite Slashdot. National Cancer Institute has just decided to fund multiple human clinical studies to test the reovirus.

This naturally occuring virus has a remarkable ability to infect and kill cancer cells, without affecting normal, healthy cells. Here is a before and after picture of a terminal patient with an actively growing neck tumour that had failed to respond to conventional treatments. This tumour was eliminated with only a single injection of the Reovirus. Researchers at Oncolytics Biotech have shown that the Reovirus can kill many types of cancer, including breast, prostate, pancreatic and brain tumours.

Human clinical trial results indicate that there are no safety concerns and that the reovirus shrinks and even eliminates tumours injected with this virus. Fasten your seatbelts! Auf ArsTechnica. In addition to providing a target for a drug that would inhibit the spread of cancer, the finding also could lead to early screening tests for tumors most likely to metastasize. The results are significant because the leading cause of cancer deaths is metastasis, which is when cells from the original tumor travel to other parts of the body, forming new tumors.

Cancer is often fatal when it has progressed to this stage. The principal investigator of the study is Tian Xu, professor and vice chair of the Department of Genetics at Yale School of Medicine and an associate investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Since the genes in fruit flies are remarkably similar to those in humans, results from genetic experiments on fruit flies have direct implications toward understanding human development.

Tumors resulting from a mutation in a gene called Ras, also commonly disrupted in human tumors, did not metastasize in the fly. The researchers then screened a large number of additional mutations to see which could make these tumors spread. Only a small number of mutations from the initial test group caused tumors to metastasize. Each of the new mutations affect cell polarity maintenance, a process that is critical in allowing cells to communicate with their surroundings. But these mutations alone cannot cause metastases to form. Xu and Pagliarini then surveyed a number of different early tumor-initiating mutations and found that only Ras mutations could cooperate with the cell polarity gene mutations to make tumors spread.

It also implies that we may soon have a better ability to detect early on which tumors require the most intensive treatment to stop the progress of cancer. Denke wir sind genau auf dem richtigen Weg!!! These findings, from a report published in the May issue of Nature Genetics, suggest that therapeutic approaches for treatment of gliomas should attempt to disrupt both pathways.

Advances in human genetics and molecular and cellular biology have identified a collection of cell phenotypes — the main destinations in the subway map below — that are required for malignant transformation1. Specific molecular pathways subway lines are responsible for programming these behaviours. Although the connections between cancer-cell wiring and function remain incompletely explored and specified — hence the many lines under construction — the broad outlines of the molecular circuitry of the cancer cell can now be sketched.

Further advances in understanding these pathways and their interconnections will accelerate the development of molecularly targeted therapies that promise to change the practice of oncology. How to use this resource Click on any of the stations on the map to go to the LocusLink entry for that gene or group of genes. Click on the main stations Boxed text to go to a description of the pathway Anmerkung - funktioniert nur auf der originalen Webseite, siehe Link unten. Materials and Methods: The FDA granted marketing approval to 71 oncology drug applications between January 1, , and November 1, The end points used as the approval basis for each application are presented, and the rationale for each end point is discussed.

Results: The FDA grants either regular marketing approval or accelerated marketing approval for oncology drug applications. Regular approval is based on end points that demonstrate that the drug provides a longer life, a better life, or a favorable effect on an established surrogate for a longer life or a better life. Accelerated approval AA is based on a surrogate end point that is less well established but that is reasonably likely to predict a longer or a better life.

Tumor response was the approval basis in 26 of 57 regular approvals, supported by relief of tumor-specific symptoms in nine of these 26 regular approvals. Relief of tumor-specific symptoms provided critical support for approval in 13 of 57 regular approvals. Approval was based on tumor response in 12 of 14 AAs.

J Clin Oncol Clinical benefit is to be subsequently demonstrated in randomized trials after drug approval, usually in patients with less refractory tumors. Einfach in der liste der Firmen nach unten scrollen Stand ist der Sieht gut aus. This is believed to cause this virus to provide specificity in Ras activated cancer cells. They have also demonstrated successful results in a number of animal models. Mensch, da hat ja auch der Lehrerpensionsverein von Calgary The research is significant because more than half of women who develop recurrent breast cancer do so more than 5 years after their original diagnosis.

Prior to this research, there was no treatment to reduce the risk of recurrence after 5 years of tamoxifen. Just over half of women with breast cancer are potentially eligible for this new treatment. A good virus? In , a cancer biologist at the University of Calgary , now at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, discovered that a common and relatively harmless virus called a reovirus could kill a certain kind of cancer cell. Dr Patrick Lee and co-researcher Dr Peter Forsyth injected live reovirus into experimental mice carrying malignant gliomas and also into cells taken from patients with gliomas, the most common type of brain tumour affecting people.

The tumours either regressed completely or shrank significantly. Clinical trials in humans are now underway to see whether the reovirus could be an effective new treatment option for this invasive and aggressive type of cancer. Hey was soll das????? Coffey und Thompson verkaufen Ihre Shares. Coffey und Thompson ????? Ist was im Busch?????

Muycaro was sagst Du dazu??? Das waren zusammen nicht mal Vielleicht wollten die Weihnachten mal richtig auf den Putz hauen. Ich werde heute nochmal nachlegen. Nur Geduld I must say, when I started reading I thought it was a very different board than say Yahoo or Raging bull. Well, let the stock tank a bit, and here it comes, the bashing, the seasoned investors?

Think about it for a while. The truth of the matter is that this is comical at best and absurd at worst. You are at the ground floor of an opportunity in investing that comes once or maybe twice in a lifetime. The majority of you do not know it yet and posibly never will know how big this opportunity is. This is a long race, you do not develop a cure for most cancers overnight. There are seas of tests, trials, re-tests, more trials, more testing, evaluations, studies, confirmations, etc. THat is why ONC does not seem to most of you to be working fast enough. Now, if you feel 6 years is to long to wait for your money to become millions, to bad for you, you will loose much when you sell.

The people wanting a quick profit are probably suffering and waiting for news, and for the stock to go up a few bucks, etc. If all your money is tied up here on ONC, I understand your frustration but that only proves you are not a seasoned investor, you should either learn how to do it right or get out and put your money in a money market account or mutual funds! The longer you spend invested, the more chances to profit you have. Why worry!

Neuigkeiten zur Oncolytics Biotech Aktie

One day soon soon means 5 to 10 years you will be enjoying the rewards of your fortitude and patience. Hallo Muycaro, auch ich hab ne Menge von den Dingern. Gestern war ein guter Tag zum Nachlegen. Hab leider die Gelegenheit verpasst. Naja wir gehn ja nach dem Motto: " Short term pains for long term gains " Vergleiche unseren Wert mal mit Genentech. There are a number of viruses that either naturally, or through some minor genetic engineering can be directed towards selectively infecting and killing cancers in the body.

The virus we are using is called the reovirus. A: Yes it is. REO stands for respiratory, enteric, orphan virus. The reovirus actually will infect any cell in your body. Q: It is an elegant solution. Not all cancer cells are RAS activated. There are a number of other genetic changes that cause cancer, but a very large percentage of cancers are caused by that condition. It varies from cancer to cancer.

If you get the more aggressive cancers, ones that are more likely to metastasize or spread beyond the primary tumor to other parts of the body, they seem to have a much higher percentage of RAS activation. Pancreatic cancer is an example. So what you have is a potential anyway to treat a very large percentage of most cancers that occur. A: Well, the National Cancer Institute has been involved with an extremely high percentage of all the cancer products that have ever been approved. Their involvement in your product allows you generally to broaden out the things that you are looking at clinically.

With the National Cancer Institute it allows us to broaden out to a much bigger number of clinical studies. The whole lymphoma, sort of blood-born, non-solid-tumor cancer area is a pretty exciting part of cancer development today. Our hope is that sometime, I mean there are so many different cancers that you could focus your time and attention on, but certainly the lab work would justify us taking a serious look clinically at lymphomas.

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  • Q: The reason I bring that up is because those particular type of fluid based cancers, whether its lymph or blood, seem to be particularly intractable percentage wise versus the traditional treatments that are out there right now — chemo and things like that. A: Chemo and radiation and surgery certainly are very important parts of the tool bag in cancer and will continue to be. But their prime focus is more solid tumors.

    Q: Brad, do you have a timeline for publishing your phase 2 data for prostate cancer? A: Well, I keep annoying I think would be a minor word my investigator to get data so that we can publish it. And I think in the not too distant future, certainly sometime in , I think you can expect to see that data coming out. The prostate study that we are running is a very technical study.

    T2 prostate cancer, as background, is very early. When it metastasizes it goes on to T3 and higher. So this study is looking at very early stage cancer and it allows us to make sure that surrounding tissues are healthy. Q: You know, we bring up Calgary, Alberta, and we know you are involved in these clinical trials, how do you balance who you are speaking to in terms of the regulatory market? Are you pretty strictly aimed at the FDA and just hope that Canada comes along, or are there a different set of protocols and book keeping so you basically have to take your data and bifurcate it — one set for the FDA and one for the Canadian authorities?

    A: Well, it even gets a little more complicated than that. Our initial studies were, and are, being run in Canada. Health Canada is a very different organization than the FDA.

    This Side of Paradise (Webster's German Thesaurus Edition) - PDF Free Download

    And we are also in the early stages of getting some studies up and running in Europe. And so you have three very different regulatory environments. Try balancing accounting standards across two countries, or we got??????? It gets a little strange. How do you close the gap there for folks? A: People like to invest in things that they can touch and feel and that are close to home. Increasingly our shareholder base is in the United States. And we actually have a pretty significant European shareholder base too which puts a third leg on that confusion. We are in the process of doing that right now.

    We have our head quarters there and a number of our officers, but we have people in the United States and people sort of scattered around the planet now. We have Dr. George Gill, based down in the States, who actually came out of quasi retirement to work on this project. I have extremely good financial capability backup.

    My CFO worked actually in the transportation industry. He was CFO for an airline in Canada and is very broad based in that. So we have, I think, a pretty well-balance management team coming from a variety of different places. Try to extend that into your board of directors as well. So we have a very very strong, very interactive working board as a CEO often you wish they were a little less interactive.

    Q: Very briefly give us a recap of the financials for the company. A: Well we currently have a little over 20 million Canadian in the bank, accessible to us. So we have cash that takes us into Q2 06, which is nice. The key issue for us has been to ensure we had enough capital to reach all the critical milestones we are expecting in 04, and then having a cushion beyond that. The plan has always been to get five or six early studies done and then partner up with one of the tier one oncology programs in the big pharmas, and then work on the product together beyond that.

    We just wanted to make sure that we had the financial resources, that we had the financial strength behind us that enabled us to go into those kinds of negotiations and discussions from a secure base. Of course they will. Q: Can you tell us briefly some milestones anticipated for 04? A: I think in 04 people can expect to hear the conclusion of the data from our two ongoing studies — at least the T2 prostate cancer data should be out, and we should have the data from at least the phase 1 portion of the glioblastoma study, out and completed.

    The initiation of further clinical studies both in the United States and in Europe, and certainly much more texture on our NCI agreement and a real understanding of the number and types of studies we will be performing with the NCI. Wobei es eigentlich egal ist, ob es nun 22, 25 oder 30 sind, wenn langfristig das passiert woran wir beide offensichtlich glauben, dann spielt das eine relativ geringe Rolle. Gruss an alle! Wait and see Ein weiteres ausstehendes Patent neben ca. In the present invention, we demonstrate that virus administration resulted in diminished symptomsof direct tumour-associated pain.

    This lessening of pain occured both with and without actual tumour regression. Furthermore, there were no significant side effects or adverse effects related to the administration of the reovirus. Based on our recent findings that intratumoral injection of reovirus is capable of causing tumour regression in a variety of animal models in Ras activated cells, a Phase 1 clinical study was conducted to examine any oncolytic effect of the virus in human patients with metastatic cancer that had failed to respond to conventional therapies.

    The trial established that the virus promoted tumour regression in a variety of solid tumour indications when iadministered intratumourally. Surprisingly, it was also noted that virus administration can result in diminished symptoms of direct tumour associated pain in this patient population. This lessening of pain has occured with or without actual tumour regression.

    In one instance the reduction of pain was sufficient to permit the patient to discontinue narcotic intake. Further, there were no reports of significant side effects or adverse effects related to the administration of the virus in these patients. Humans also carry Ras genes, which have been implicated in many forms of cancer.

    If either the Ras or the polarity gene were normal, the cancer did not spread. Why mutations in the Ras and polarity genes make cancer cells mobile is not clear. However, researchers now have a potential target for drugs, he said. Normal cells have normal Ras. Cancer cells have mutated Ras. All we need to do is kill the mutated Ras," Xu said. Example 1 Combination of Reovirus and Radiation Therapies A 48 year old female patient had head and neck tumor nasopharyngeal. There were three large lesions in the neck area, one on the right side, one under the jaw, and the third on the left side.

    The one on the right side was the largest and covered almost from her ear to her shoulder. The patient had been treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy with either no effect or recurrence shortly after moderate response. After chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the patient was treated with reovirus therapy. Thus, 1x10 9 Dearing strain reovirus was injected into the left side lesion on Days 0,2,and 4 respectively.

    The reovirus was prepared as previously described U. Patent Application Publication No. The tumors were measured on Day 0 as the baseline level for each tumor. As shown in table 1, the left side lesion and the lesion under the jaw measured about 4cm2 and 19cm2 respectively. The right side lesion was not measured as it was too large to be measured meaningfully.

    For other baseline measurements, blood was obtained from the patient to determine the presence of reovirus by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction RTPCR using reovirus specific primers. In addition, the titer of anti-reovirus neutralizing antibodies in the patient serum was determined as well, which was performed by incubating diluted serum samples with a culture of l cells and reovirus.

    Whereas infection of L cells be reovirus results in cytopathic effect CPE in the infected cells, CPE can be inhibited by anti-reovirus neutralizing antibodies. As shown in table 1, reovirus could not be detected by RTPCR on Day 0, and the level of anti-reovirus neutralizing antibodies was negligibly low. Tumor size, reovirus and anti-reovirus antibodies were then measured periodically and the results are shown in Table 1.

    Both the left side tumor and the lesion under the jaw continued to enlarge for a few weeks. However, on day 28, tumor measurements revealed that the lesion on the left side the injected site decreased in size and was palpably softer. The lesion under the jaw was also reduced slightly. The lesion on the right side was too large to be measured accurately, but it appeared unchanged. Significant levels of anti-reovirus antibodies appeared in serum after reovirus injection, indicating that reovirus replicated in the patient and was recognized by the immune system.

    Therefore, reovirus had spread beyond the injection site. Surprisingly, visual assessment on Day 70 revealed that this tumor showed some shrinkage even though the irradiation had been initiated for only 20 days. Thus, reovirus is capable of sensitizing tumor cells to radiation therapy. This effect is not limited to the cells that have been contacted directly with the reovirus, as the cells in the right side tumor mass were not injected with the reovirus. This phenomenon is consistent with out previous observation that treating one tumor in a subject with reovirus can lead to reduction f another tumor in the same subject.

    Furthermore, the lesion on the left side, which was injected with the reovirus but not irradiated, shrank to a quarter of the baseline size 20 days after irradiation of the right side lesion Day 70 , indicating that radiation and reovirus administration may induce a bystander effect on each other.

    As another putative result of the bystander effect, the lesion under the jaw, which was neither in the radiation field nor injected with the reovirus, shrank to a quarter of the baseline size on Day In view of these results, the combination of reovirus therapy and radiation therapy is a surprisingly effective treatment regime, and its effect is not limited to the lesions that receive either reovirus or radiation.

    Instead, all tumors in the same subject, including metastatic tumors, are inhibited by the combination of reovirus and radiation. The patient was permanently on narcotics due to pain associated with the lesion of the left posterior neck. The patient received three intratumoral injections of pfu of the Dearing strain of reovirus serotype 3 into the lesion on the posterior neck. The Dearing strain of reovirus serotype 3 used in these studies was obtained by a method disclosed in U.

    Surprisingly, one week following injection, the patient reported diminished pain at the treatment site and was taken off narcotics. There was no pain at the treatment site during a week period after the injection. As shown by punch biopsy conducted from the left shoulder after 2 weeks following the injection, there were no significant side effects or adverse affects related to the administration of the virus in the patient.

    Histological results showed only some dermal fibrosis and mild perivascular chronic inflammation. One week following injection, the patient reported diminished pain at the injection site. There was no pain at the treatment site during the next several weeks after the injection. Matt Coffey, vice president, product development of Oncolytics. This is believed to cause this virus to provide specificity in Ras-activated cancer cells. Oncolytics is a Calgary-based biotechnology company focused on the development of Reolysin, its proprietary formulation of the human reovirus, as a potential cancer therapeutic.

    Merck launched a leukemia drug called Elspar in and a product called Cosmegen for rare types of cancer in And it introduced an anti-vomiting pill this April for patients on chemotherapy, which had negligible third-quarter sales. By contrast, rival U. Cancer is the second-biggest cause of death in the United States. The number of newly diagnosed cancer cases -- now about 1. VX Gleevec and Genentech Inc. And another cancer products are now in clinical development -- the most active area of pharmaceutical research.

    Sam Islay, managing partner of investment firm OrbiMed Advisors, said it would take Merck many years to develop its own cancer drugs. To become a significant player, he said Merck will have to pay ever-increasing fees to license or co-market cancer drugs developed by other companies. Many promising early-stage drugs have already been licensed to other companies, so competition for other desirable products will likely boost the price of future partnership deals, Isaly said. So its budget for cancer-drug partnerships could be limited.

    Skin cancer, or melanoma, is the fifth most common form of cancer. Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world, with one out of every two people likely to develop some form of the disease during their lifetime. A team led by Professor Darren Shafren at the University of Newcastle, about kilometers north of Sydney, have established that malignant melanoma cells can be destroyed by infecting them with coxsackievirus, the common cold virus. He said the results achieved so far using human cells and in animal studies had been "very exciting".

    Dr Shafren said the team believed the treatment could even be effective for people with advanced melanomas. Shafren believes the team has made a breakthrough in treating skin cancer. According to the university researchers, the projected process begins by injecting the common cold virus into a melanoma. The virus replicates itself and then, according to the projection, begins killing off the melanoma.

    Within weeks, there is a reduction in the size of the melanoma and it eventually disappears. When the secondary action begins, the team expects the virus to circulate through the body, finding and killing off melanomas. The effect is that the virus will seek and destroy melanomas that may be undetectable.

    Dr Shafren noted that the coxsackievirus was not a manufactured drug or a genetically altered virus. Instead, it was a virus that occurred in the community. About Australians die from melanoma each year, and about , visit a doctor to have a skin cancer removed. Tieren waren. ONCY ist ja bekanntlich schon einige Schritte weiter. That would involve stocks with a higher risk than, say, a blue-chip company like media giant BCE Inc. But guess what? They had something. B , down and out, nobody loves it. Health stocks are also worth investigating.

    Highly speculative. A Canadian resource mutual fund can balance your risk since if you have a basket of stocks. Ask yourself You own a stock and if this thing goes to zero, how am I going to feel? Wenn ich mir den Auszug aus der Patentschrift siehe Beitrag Nr. Vielleicht haben einige nochmal ihre alte Zeitung vom Naja, wenigstens ist etwas Volumen reingekommen und man hat nochmal die Chance sich zu positionieren. February 12, Oncolytic viruses as phenotyping agents for neoplasms Abstract The present invention provides a method of diagnosing neoplasms having a particular phenotype by using oncolytic viruses that selectively replicate in neoplasms having the particular phenotype.

    For example, reovirus does not replicate in normal cells. However, reovirus selectively replicate in cells with an activated ras pathway, which leads to death of these cells. Therefore, a cell which becomes neoplastic due to, at least in part, elevated ras pathway activities can be diagnosed by its susceptibility to reovirus replication. Kits useful in the diagnosis or treatment disclosed herein are also provided.

    Calgary CA Serial No. Treatments of cancers have relied heavily on chemicals, among others, that target fast growing cells. The key problem with that approach is the serious toxicities associated with these toxic compounds. Futhermore, this wholesale approach to the often heterogeneous cancer masses result in low overall success rates and high toxicities. With the advances in molecular biology and genomics, more are now known about the molecular causes and anomalies of different types of cancers.

    New approaches focusing on these specific molecular targets are being developed. The classical chemotherapy approach is like going to buy a suit at Sears off the rack.

    Related titles

    OTOH, the target-specific approach like Reolysin , is like going to a tailor to have your suit made to fit you. What this patent describes are the different ways to do such "measurements" for the cancer patients before the best decision can be made to treat the cancers. As an example, biopsie samples may be infected with Reolysin in the lab to see if they are susceptible to reovirus in an ex-vivo setting. If the answer is yes, then you would expect Reolysin would have similar lytic effect on the cancer patient.

    With a series of such tests, oncologists may then decide on what treatments, as mono- or combination therapies, would yield the best results. In short, physicians would try to understand more at the molecular level the cause of the cancers before applying the appropriate treatments. As a result, cancer treatments will become less toxic and more effective than the old one-size-fits-all chemotherapies. The shares recovered all the lost ground and then some from the still unexplained swift tumble the day before. But the day was not without controversy -- familiar territory for the biotechnology firm that has been at the center of an insider-trading scandal involving Martha Stewart.

    She called such a review "customary. Commercial potential Liang said he considered the Erbitux approval to be better than expected because the drug was cleared for use on its own, so-called monotherapy. Liang said approval for Erbitux may also ultimately be expanded to include the treatment of lung cancer.

    Liang said he expects Erbitux to have U. Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the United States, and about , Americans are diagnosed with the disease every year, according to statistics cited by ImClone and Bristol-Myers. Erbitux will face competition from drugs already on the market as well as others expected to be launched soon. Manufacturing snag? Manufacturing concerns may have cast a shadow on the approval. For the time being, ImClone and Bristol-Myers will sell a supply of the drug made by contract manufacturer Lonza.

    Kathy Baum, a spokeswoman for Bristol-Myers, said her company is optimistic that manufacturing will not be an obstacle. Shah said he holds shares of both companies. The FDA in late rejected the initial Erbitux application, sending ImClone shares plunging and triggering a major insider-trading scandal. Waksal later pleaded guilty to numerous charges of securities fraud and is serving a sentence of more than seven years in federal prison. Stewart has maintained her innocence. Erbitux is the first biotech antibody-based drug approved to treat this type of cancer.

    The drug, which grew out of research done more than 20 years ago by Dr. Mendelsohn has said in the past that using Erbitux on cancer is analogous to "sticking gum in a lock" because it inhibits cancerous cells from getting the growth signals. But Erbitux is by no means a cure for cancer. Indeed, FDA officials said there is no clear evidence yet that Erbitux extends the lives of patients. They did say the drug has been shown to shrink tumors, which can be an indicator that a medication will help cancer patients live longer.

    The agency said that rare cases of a serious lung condition had been reported in patients who received Erbitux. Ted Griffith is a reporter for CBS. Was meinst Du dazu???? Ich sehe das eigentlich eher positiv, denn diesen "Overhead" an zum Verkauf stehenden Aktien haben wir somit schon abgebaut. Auf der anderen Seite sehe ich die Institutionellen Anleger, die sehr!

    Holdings Summary von Monat zu Monat. II Results, Glioma Ph. Time will tell. Nichts zu danken. I said I would cut back. And I am. But there is news to great that NONE of you have latched on to friends need to know This may be a 2 prong post. It is indeed a new day at the FDA. Why I say this? Yesterday, the FDA approved Erbitux for colorectal cancer. Erbitux did NOT extend patient survival rates. You still DIED! In mono application, Erbitux showed a response rate of Do any of you grasp the significance?

    If not. I will re-phrase what the FDA approved. NOW do you all get it? Have you any grasp at what the FDA has done? What the FDA has done now is set the bar slow low that it could open the floodgates for many drugs that never would have tried to approve. My guess they will.

    Now, literally a year or so ago How did the FDA measure that? What was the result of Zadaxin in that supposed failed trial? Zadaxin got a mono response rate SVR Even though it appears that one of the three sites mixed up placebo vs Zadaxin. They will state why they should get approved because of the "Erbitux Decision". Just like courts may now quote decisions like "Miranda" or "Brown vs Board of Education". What is the FDA gonna say? The FDA has put themselves in a real bind now. That is what critics have hammered the FDA on.

    If the drug is safe and show some kind of efficacy, approve it and let the market decide if they buy it. Fabulous news for SCLN. So, as of yesterday Zadaxin just got approved. And they approved Erbitux! The Street and the fool analysts have yet to figure out what the FDA did yesterday. When they do, they will all "pundit-ize" at once, and all the lemmings will jump on board why it is such a good thing for the biotech inductry.

    Specifically for us SCLN! Phase 3 to end. At teh very worst? Small biotechs ALL got a lot more attractive yesterday ALL snmall biotechs That is how important this decision is. To SCLN and to all biotechs, large and small. You heard it here first. See ya. New York, NY. Am Brad Thompson Bild habe ich bei wallstreetreporter. I suspect that BT is close to expanding on the matter. When he does, many parts of the puzzle will come together all at once.

    I believe that once those implications are recognised for what they actually mean, you along with the biotech industry and the practicing oncology community as a whole will also be astounded. Hallo araucarius!

    Ενεργά Φίλτρα:

    A method of detecting ras-activated neoplastic cells in a biological sample, comprising contacting the sample with a reovirus and determining the ability of the reovirus to replicate in the sample, wherein the ability of the reovirus to replicate indicates the presence of ras-activated neoplastic cells in the sample. The method of claim 1 wherein the biological sample is from a mammal. The method of claim 2 wherein the mammal is human. The method of claim 1 wherein the reovirus is a mammalian reovirus. The method of claim 4 wherein the mammalian reovirus is a serotype 3 reovirus.

    The method of claim 5 wherein the serotype 3 reovirus is a Dearing strain reovirus. The method of claim 1 wherein the reovirus is an avian reovirus. The method of claim 1 wherein the biological sample is from an animal bearing a neoplasm selected from the group consisting of lung cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, renal cancer, adrenal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, hematopoietic cancer and central and peripheral nervous system cancer.

    A method of diagnosing a ras-activated neoplasm in an animal, comprising: a providing a biological sample from the animal, wherein the sample comprises cells; b contacting the sample with a reovirus under conditions which allow the reovirus to replicate in ras-activated cells; c determining the ability of the reovirus to replicate in the sample; and d identifying the animal as having a ras-activated neoplasm if the reovirus can replicate in the sample.

    The method of claim 9 wherein the animal is human. The method of claim 9 wherein the reovirus is a mammalian reovirus. The method of claim 11 wherein the mammalian reovirus is a serotype 3 reovirus. The method of claim 12 wherein the serotype 3 reovirus is a Dearing strain reovirus. The method of claim 9 wherein the virus is an avian reovirus.

    The method of claim 9 wherein the biological sample is from a neoplasm selected from the group consisting of lung cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, renal cancer, adrenal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, hematopoietic cancer and central and peripheral nervous system cancer.

    A method of treating or ameliorating a ras-activated neoplasm in an animal, comprising: a identifying a ras-activated neoplasm in the animal by providing a group of cells from the animal, contacting the cells with a reovirus under conditions which allow the reovirus to replicate in ras-activated cells, and identifying the cells as comprising ras-activated neoplastic cells if the reovirus can replicate in the cells; and b administering to the animal an effective amount of a therapeutic agent that is selective for ras-activated neoplasms. The method of claim 16 wherein the animal is a mammal.

    The method of claim 18 wherein the mammal is human. The method of claim 16 wherein the reovirus is a mammalian reovirus or avian reovirus. The method of claim 16 wherein the reovirus is a Dearing strain reovirus. The method of claim 16 wherein the biological sample is from a neoplasm selected from the group consisting of lung cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer, renal cancer, adrenal cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, hematopoietic cancer and central and peripheral nervous system cancer.

    A method of diagnosing the presence of a neoplasm in a mammal, comprising contacting a sample of cells from said mammal with an oncolytic virus, wherein the ability of said virus to replicate in said sample indicates the presence of neoplasm in said mammal. A method of detecting neoplastic cells having a particular phenotype in a biological sample, comprising contacting the sample with an oncolytic virus that selectively replicates in neoplastic cells having the particular phenotype, and determining the ability of the virus to replicate in the sample, wherein the ability of the virus to replicate indicates the presence of neoplastic cells having the particular phenotype in the sample.

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