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Scanning Electron Microscopes

Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. In the case of TEM, the specimen needs to be kept as stable as possible. In the case of SEM Image 2 , resolution is directly dependent on the position of the specimen. If the specimen is moved during the scan, then repeatability and the stability of the positioning stages are crucial for the quality of the images in addition to resolution.

Industrial Applications Of Electron Microscopy

Distortion of the images can only be avoided if no drift of the specimen occurs once the target position has been reached. Only then, moving to exact positions on the sample surface is possible with the highest precision and without any visible jitter when the EM image is monitored directly by the user. Piezo stepping drives are particularly suitable here. Piezo-based drive solutions are ideal for meeting all these requirements of electron microscopy. PI Physik Instrumente, see text in box , for example, offers a large range of drives, actuators and multi-axis positioning systems, all of which are lubrication-free and vacuum-compatible.

The piezo-based drive concepts developed in-house do not generate magnetic fields and are not influenced by them.

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This allows positioning systems to be assembled that are completely including the guiding or partly except for the guiding nonmagnetic. For positioning tasks, simple actuators or drives can, for example, be integrated directly at the electron beam, where they are used for correcting the beam guidance or for aligning apertures Image 3.

Linear and rotation stages are suitable for positioning of the specimen, either for preparation prior to examination, for rapid scans or for precise alignment in the beam path.

These stages can also easily be combined to multi-axis solutions. Rotary positioning of the sample is often required in sample preparation for SEM. Compact rotation stages Image 4 allow the specimen to be transported quickly, for example, in dual-beam installations from the electron beam path to FIB analysis and processing. The rotation stages can also be used for generating multi-axis sample scans in SEM or for adjusting the angles in crystallographic investigations Electron Backscatter Diffraction, EBSD. Linear stages with piezo-based drives Image 5 are particularly suited for scanning specimens.

In combination with a directly measuring high-resolution encoder, these stages allow very high-precision and repeatable positioning. What all piezo motor technologies have in common, is stable, drift-free holding of the position at rest, without further power consumption. Consequently no heat is generated, which is advantageous, especially in a vacuum environment. This makes piezomotors suitable for precise and stable positioning even during long downtimes.

At the same time, drives are particularly reliable because they work as direct drives without any additional mechanical transmission components, such as gearheads.


This rules out mechanical restrictions such as backlash, making the drive maintenance-free. For all systems, suitable control electronics and controllers are available which can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems thanks to their analog and digital interfaces and the extensive software support. A number of different piezo-based motor technologies are available as the requirements for drive and positioning solutions can vary considerably in the field of electron microscopy.

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Cyclical control thus induces a stepping motion of the actuators on the runner, and the runner is moved forwards and backwards. Ultrasonic piezomotors Image 7 are suitable for high feeding velocities and positioning tasks in the sub-micrometer range.

An Introduction to Electron Microscopy - Practical Applications | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Deformation of the actuator leads to a periodic diagonal motion of the coupling element, relative to the runner. PIShift drives are also of interest for use in and with electron microscopes Image 8. They are based on a single piezo actuator and utilize the stick-slip effect inertia effect. Here, the piezo element generates cyclic alternation between dynamic and static friction between the actuator and a moving runner.

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Due to the variety of piezo motor technologies, piezo-based drive and positioning solutions are well suited for all requirements in electron microscopy. Monospektra is a dedicated supplier of scientific equipment and industrial solutions to clients within the Baltic region. Address: Sauletekio ave.