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You can save the friendship they have by letting go of both. Yes No I need help Is it possible to love two girlfriends at the same time with equal love? This is like asking if it's possible to serve two masters at the same time. In reality, in this situation, you would likely end up serving one more than the other. Yes, while it may be possible to love two or several people at the same time, you will not be able to love them to exactly the same degree.

It's not physically, mentally, and emotionally feasible to love two girlfriends at the same time, in the same way. Empirical studies in Psychology do show that individuals are able to love and be attached to, or even have sex with many people at the same time. In the social realm, most couples believe that interactions based on friendship are non-exclusive and can be openly pursued with multiple individuals. But, sex and emotional intimacy should be considered exclusive.

Further, it states that although exclusivity is highly important in a committed romantic relationship, it is said to render limited value to the intellectual and social aspects of being human which should not stop one from developing close relationships with other people, while enjoying an enriching romantic relationship with a beloved. Yes No I need help Loving two girlfriends at the same time with equal intensity, contradicts what is logical because of these underlying reasons:.

It is wise to note that although some men tend to be involved in polygamous or polyamorous relationships, they still remain to be very conservative and jealous of their partners and might even want their girlfriends to be exclusively theirs.


He may be unable, or unwilling to allow his partner the same sexual freedom he enjoys, but these are contracts and agreements made in that situation, and are too complicated to go into here, although there is something to say about honesty. Yes No I need help It is possible to love two 2 girlfriends at the same time, but it is "NOT" possible to love two girlfriends at the same time with equal love.

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Yes, you can love two girlfriends, but you must choose the one who you really love. If you have two girlfriends, it also means that you are cheating and it doesn't mean you are cheating with one person only, you are also cheating your two girlfriends and you also cheat yourself. So as soon as possible, you must choose. Remember that there is only one heart, so you must choose one person who will take good care of it. Yes No I need help How can I deal with relationships? I just found myself in one and I am kind of confused.

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There's no set answer. Don't be verbally or physically abusive, and try your best to be a supporting influence in your partner's life. And always work at keeping fun in the relationship. I have two relationships with women.. I love both of them.. How can I choose one them?

Why did you decide to start the second relationship? Determining that will help you decide who to be with. Obviously, the longer relationship has more history but the second relationship was started on dishonesty. Even if she knew about the first woman, this relationship was still dishonest. You need to figure out who you see a future with and make a complete commitment to them.

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  4. Yes No I need help I am stuck in two relationships, how to come out from it? I was previously in a relationship and then it became a long distance relationship. In the meantime, I came close to another guy. You are not stuck because you have a choice. If you feel that being in the long distance relationship was too lonely then move to where the other guy lives and start a life with him. Otherwise, if you feel comfortable with the local guy and happy then end it with the long distance guy. What you did is not new. It happens in long distance relationships all the time.

    It is not fair to keep either one of them stringing along.

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    You also can't really move forward properly in a relationship until you make a decision. If the long distance relationship has no promise of a future then you should end it anyway. Yes No I need help Do I keep lying to 2 men? I currently live with my ex husband. He thinks we are dating and I do not. I have met another man. I was not honest with him and he does not know I live with my ex husband.

    I think I am in too deep. Do I move out? I don't know what to do! I have tried: Nothing. I'm scared that the one I want to be with will not want to be with me.

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    I think it was caused by: I have been lying the whole time. I thought I would be just a hook up Was this helpful? Yes No I need help You are correct in thinking that you are in way too deep. Since you have no true desire to be back with your ex husband, it is time to move out and cut ties.

    Regardless of if there is anyone else or not. All you are doing now is playing with your ex husband's emotions and that is not fair to him. Moving out will be scary and you do risk being alone for awhile but at least this gives you a chance to be in a healthy relationship. Yes No I need help Is it possible to carry on two relationship?

    I am already married 5 years and I have a son but now I feel in love with another person, he is unmarried. He is older than me by 16 years, but my husband is not too bad, but I am not happy with my husband, now what do I do? I have tried: No.. I have not tried anything. I feel happy in my second love. I couldn't understand my hubby. He also loves me, carrying me but we have a big distance. He also older by 14 years. I think it was caused by: My hubby behave.

    He's in trouble with me for anything, my work, me eating, me working, me walking, my everything he wants to be changed. I think he has a mental problem or nerve problem Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Before you make any decision, you should request marriage counseling. You are feeling trapped and monitored which can happen in a marriage and sometimes marriage counseling can improve communication to resolve these issues. You have a child which means that your husband will always be in your life. Also, a divorce will cause significant changes to your life and your child's life.

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    Does this other man know that you are married? If he does, this speaks volumes about his moral character. When enabling two-step verification, you'll receive ten backup codes. Each 8-digit code can be used once to access your Dropbox account in case of emergency. You can use a security key for two-step verification, rather than a 6-digit security code. Most importantly, security keys use authenticated communication to defend against phishing attacks. Once you have a security key, it can be enabled for both your personal and work Dropbox accounts. However, in the last few decades the trend has been very much in favor of people , rather than persons.

    Persons tends to be still be found in some formalized settings, such as legal writing, or when a writer wishes to appear extra fancy. But the tide of opinion has shifted enough that you should feel comfortable using people in most cases where you have a choice. And if your ear tells you that persons would work better, there are still enough writers who use this word that your choice will likely not be looked at askance.

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    Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! On Contractions of Multiple Words. Supreme Court: 'Gerrymandering' is Legal. Words for Summer: A Quiz. Usage Notes 'People' vs. Last Updated: 11 Jun