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Here it is interesting to observe that,without changes to the Convair's tail surfaces, 3, h. Thus the engine will have a reserve of power for hot-day operation. The engine thrust-line differs by a mere 1. The familiar twin exhausts on the top of the Convair's nacellehave been replaced by the Eland's jet-pipe. The main nacelle firewall has been renewed in stainless steel, and a new vee-frametubular mounting picks up on it at four points, attaching to the engine at three.

Local strengthening of nacelle longerons wasnecessary, and most of the top of the nacelle has been re-skinned to fair-in the jet-pipe. In order to keep longeron bending loadsto a minimum the centre distances of the firewall attachment bolts have been increased slightly. There are no alterations to theundercarriage bay. A second steel firewall separates the com- pressor and turbine zones; it is not attached to the engine, whichmay be removed without its displacement.

Engines are fully inter- changeable. The engine cowling is of the "bonnet" type and thepanels are double-skinned, stainless steel inside in accordance with CAA requirements and light alloy outside. Flush N. The diagram below shows the comparative proportions of the existing Pratt and Whitney plant unbroken line. Generous accessibility of the Convair's new Hand installation is apparent in this view. A weight of 1, Ib per power plant has been saved. The airscrew is a D. The cowling panels yield an accessibility which, as may be seen from the photographs, is probably unsurpassed by any otheraircraft powerplant.

The jet-pipe incorporates a muff for hot-air supply to the air-frame de-icing system, incidentally at a flow 25 per cent higher than in the standard aircraft. The pipe is supported at two points,the forward adjacent to the front spar, giving both axial and transverse freedom of movement, and the rear support givingaxial freedom only for expansion purposes. Adequate ventilation ensures that temperature limits are not exceeded. No changes have been made to the undercarriage installation, although an additional mechanical door-latch may be necessaryfor the higher airspeeds.

The original accessories have been re- tained, with the exception of a new Rotax 40 kVA. On thestarboard nacelle a further shaft drives the AiResearch cabin blower which, because of the Eland's higher r. The oil system is contained in the compressor zone, and it isworthy of note that in comparison with the existing system some lb weight has been saved.

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Our company:. Safaris Chelet is a family company specialized in Western African Trophies. Owned and operated by Chelet family and supported by a great team. We are hunters and we offer an authentic hunting experience. We have an effective program of anti-poaching to preserve the areas, and also we work to make sustainable the areas.

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The hunting, also benefices the villages population located in our concession and we work to improve their life conditions. Anti-poaching and community-development program :. We have implemented these programs in all our hunting areas and have found that the results of direct funding for these necessary actions have been extremely beneficial in the overall quality of the hunting experience offered to our clients. These fees are paid at the conclusion of the safari, based on the final trophy fee amounts. Our hunting area:. Historical Cameroon's zone with magnific mountains views and valleys riches on vegetation for Lord Derby Eland.

We combine Kourouk with the Mana area This combination of territories is the best hunts in Cameroon. You and your companions will be one of the most iconic hunts of Africa, superbly equipped with traditional accommodation. The hunting method:. You will be hunting with your dedicated PH and his team of trackers and gun bearers, and will be using hunting with a Toyota SUV equipment vehicle to move in within the area. Our Phs are specialist with a great experience and international prestige.

Usual way to hunt is to walk or drive around looking for a fresh track, and to follow it up on foot until we find the specimen hunted that day.

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Sometimes the animal can be also spotted and stalked. Safari is tradition and prestige. Sport hunting where wins every trophy. Our Camp:. Base camp Kourouk, has a great location river side dining room, a nice terrace, lounge bar and rest, comfortable and the rooms, bungalows, traditional African style.

Each bungalow consists of a room with 1 or 2 beds, mosquito nets, desk closet, rack, fan and full bathroom. WIFI available in the rest area.

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The whole camp illuminated, with guards 24 hours. Room Service, daily Laundry, solar energy. Electricity generators with powerful groups. Area taxidermy and personnel. Safaris Rates do not Include:. Vaccination requirements and medicines:. In Cameroun the Fellow fever vaccination is obligatory and the preventive for malaria is necessary, you need to contact your doctor or the International health department in your country they will inform you about the vaccination in Cameroun.

Also you must take with you your Yellow card Vaccine, the border agents will request to you this document.

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Airport assistant:. The airport assistant includes: the booking your hotel in Douala, assistant in Doula Airport in the customs, transfer to the Hotel, next day transfer to the domestic flight and in your departure flight the assistant to transfer for the domestic flight to the international flight, please remember you are in Africa and specially in Cameroun, It is normal that people can request money, in your airport assistant is included tips and fee.

In case, someone demands any money at your arrival or departure, we beg to not give any money and please inform us because we will do the reclamation to Douala manager. Rifles and Ammunitions:. Depending on the animals to be hunted, we recommend:. The best option is the combination of two rifles: a light one like caliber and a bigger one like a or more. Or bigger can be useful.

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  • If you prefers do not take your rifle, we have a wide variety of rifles and the ammunition. Kourouk is located in the savanna; the weather is warm and dry during the day but cool nights from December to mid-March, heat increases progressively till the first rain of April's end. Don't forget your photo camera and your light-weight pair of binoculars. Remember you have daily laundry service in the camp. Export your trophies can be very problematic in this part of Africa where weather conditions combined to often poor logistics can have devastating effects on your trophies.

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    We proud ourselves to have this aspect of your safari well covered by offering you a much secured way to export your trophies anywhere in the world. All trophies from Cameroon normally transit first to France where they are shipped all over the world. Pretaxidermia as well as export preparation of all trophies. Packing, crating and deposit in Garoua Airpot. Not included in Trophy Export costs:. Custom Clearance in France, inspection, storage and shipping cost to final destination. When confirming your safari with us, we will put you in contact with our broker agent so no time will be wasted when forwarding your trophies to your final destination.

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    A full quote will then be sent to you. Typical Itinerary:. Last day departure from the camp to Ngaundere by road, domestic flight to Douala and departure at late night from Douala with international flight. Booking the flights:.