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Milham, who formerly worked for the State Department of Health, conducted his own research on this basis. The number of cases is growing each year at a rate that can already be considered alarming. The factors that triggered this rapid growth and the reasons why these diseases have emerged over the last few decades are not accepted by academics.

A team of researchers from the EU-funded, 4-year REFLEX project [10] , carried out by 12 research groups in 7 European countries led by Franz Adlkofer [11] from Munich, has produced microscopic images of healthy cells and those that were exposed to radioactivity. These images clearly show that a single day of exposure to mobile phone radiation can cause damage equivalent to 1, x-ray scans.

Limited sperm motility and an increased levels of semen DNA fragmentation occurring just 4 hours after exposure to WiFi radiation show that it has a negative effect on fertility. Another argument used by the energy industry to convince us of the safety of smart meters is the claim that humanity has always been surrounded by electromagnetic radiation [14].

Does Electrosmog Contribute to the Development of Diseases?

However, the natural level of electromagnetic waves that accompanies us constantly in the environment is more than billion times weaker than the rays generated artificially and legally permitted for use by private industrial organizations. The influence of electromagnetic fields on the functioning of biological organisms could be one of the factors that contribute to the deterioration of our general health. Dietrich Klinghardt is a physician who has been specializing in the treatment of autoimmune diseases associated with autonomic dysfunction for more than 30 years [15].

In an accessible way, he presented how electrosmog negatively affects the biochemical functioning of our bodies. It turns out that the devices we use every day, especially wireless ones, are in no way inspected by manufacturers for long-term health effects.

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For several decades they have been advertised as completely safe for us. However, more than 6, independent and published academic papers indicate that this is not necessarily the case.

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The devices we use emit electrosmog which slowly, year in and year out, causes the progressive deregulation of our bodies, which catalyzes the development of chronic diseases. The first symptoms of exposure are often non-specific.

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Klinghardt [16] mentions the following symptoms of electrosmog exposure among others [17] :. In addition, his study also provides chemical markers for electrolysis exposure, which can be checked with available medical diagnostics, which are:. Finally, Dr.

Electrification caused “diseases of civilization”

Milham then calculated the percent urban excess for these deaths as follows: All deaths If this urban excess is due to electrification then we have a very serious health issue that needs to be addressed. This important paper needs to be taken seriously by government health departments. Other scientific studies confirm these findings although none of them shows such dramatic results. Doctors and scientists can readily understand how chemicals may either help or harm the body since we have a long history of chemicals and their biological effects both in terms of the healing effects of medication and the harmful effects of chemical pollutants.

Few take into consideration the impact that the electromagnetic environment has on our health. For some reason the only harmful aspects of electromagnetic energy that are widely accepted include excess UV radiation leading to melanoma, x-rays and cosmic radiation contributing to various types of cancers, the heating effect of microwaves, childhood leukemia and magnetic fields, and light at night reducing melatonin levels and possibly contributing to breast cancer.

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Apart from these, it is assumed that electricity and the wireless technology that surrounds us is totally benign. How absurd! The sooner we recognize that electromagnetic energy can both harm and heal the sooner we will be able to address many of the health issues we are facing today. This understanding will come.

Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization

My hope it that is comes sooner rather than later so that we can more effectively alleviate some of the causes of human suffering. Summary: The slow spread of residential electrification in the US in the first half of the 20th century from urban to rural areas resulted by in two large populations; urban populations, with nearly complete electrification and rural populations exposed to varying levels of electrification depending on the progress of electrification in their state.

It took until for US farms to reach urban and rural non-farm electrification levels. Both populations were covered by the US vital registration system.