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Ob meiner Macht erzitterten die Gewaltigen. Ich war ein Furst des Friedens und der Gerechtigkeit. dictionary :: Die Physiker [Friedrich Dürrenmatt] :: German-English translation

Aber meine Weisheit zerstorte meine Gottesfurcht, und als ich Gott nicht mehr furchtete, zerstorte meine Weisheit meinen Reichtum. Nun sind die Stadte tot, uber die ich regierte, mein Reich leer, das mir anvertraut worden war, eine blauschimmernde Wuse, und, irgendwo, um einen kleinen, gelben, namenlosen Stern, kreist, sinnlos, immerzue, die radioaktive Erde.

It is often recognized as his most impressive yet most easily understood work. The story is set in the drawing room of Les Cerisiers sanatorium , an idyllic home for the mentally ill, run by famed psychiatrist Mathilde von Zahnd. This drawing room connects to three rooms, each of which is inhabited by a mentally ill patient. These three men, all physicists by trade, are permitted use of the drawing room, where they are periodically monitored by the female nurses that are charged with their care.

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When the play begins, "Einstein" has just killed one of his nurses, and the police are examining the scene. It is revealed through their discussion that this is the second slaying of a nurse by one of these three patients in just three months, the first having been committed by "Newton". The motive behind these two murders becomes clear in the play's second act, when it is revealed with startling abruptness that none of the three patients are mad.

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They are all only faking insanity. He instead feigned madness, that he might be committed to a sanatorium and thus protected along with his knowledge. Each spy murdered a nurse to protect his secrets and to strengthen his simulation of madness. After much debate, the three men finally agree that they are content to protect humanity by living out the rest of their lives in captivity, while furthering and serving physics.

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However, these noble plans are thwarted by the play's final plot twist. The story ends with a sense of impending doom.

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Shifted the convincing effects in the play from the chaff of its thriller-comedy element. The light relief dialogue is there for the purpose of keeping a puzzled live audience amused, and on television this doubtful sprinkling of humour did not come through; similarly the two murders and police investigations range false in such unrealistic treatment.

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Christopher Muir As though seen under a magnifying glass, the gripping features of the play showed clear and sharp; the only real and understandable figure, fortunately one central to the play, was given a worthy portrayal by Wynn Roberts although one of his big scenes was cut.