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Jahr Alter.

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I am beginning to feel my age. Context sentences for "Jahr". Ende Jahr. Mitte Jahr. Example sentences from external sources for "Jahr" not checked by the Langenscheidt editorial team. My second point, Commissioner, regards application in Source: Europarl. For eighteen long years the concept of additionality was not complied with by his government either.

Secondly, I do not support the lowering of the age of consent below 18 years of age. The same has happened in the rest of former Yugoslavia since the early nineties. Real newborns: man's legs, child's torso, woman's hair. I saw, from two who used to whore, something lying there, as from one womb. Die Messer dampfen. Der Bauch ist gepinselt. Als schnitte man Brot.

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Die Muskeln: feucht, funkelnd, frisch. Ist das Eiter, was da spritzt? Ist der Darm etwa angeritzt? Narkose, ich kann nicht operieren, der Mann geht mit seinem Bauch spazieren. Durch die Leere klirrt eine zu Boden geworfene Schere. Maske weg! Endlich: erwischt!

Das Ding stand kurz vor der Perforation. Haut zu. Guten Morgen, die Herrn. Everything white and sterile and gleaming. Under a sheet a moan and a stir. Abdomen painted. Scalpels are gleaming. Like cutting of bread. The muscles flaming and fresh, A garland of roses the vibrant flesh. Is this pus that started to spurt? Have the intestines perhaps been hurt?

Anesthetist, I cannot work, The guy is making his belly jerk. The patient nurse, with watchful eye, Keeps sterile tampons in supply. Blood starts to clot! Hey, Mister, please, a little more pressure upon the knees! Finally found. Boy, I should say you were fortunate. The thing was about to perforate. Three hours, I guess, and the mesentery would have been a mess.

German-English translation for "Jahr"

Jolly good show. They wash up and go.

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  • Raging, rattling her bony sword, Death sneaks off to the cancer ward. Bett stinkt bei Bett. Komm, hebe ruhig diese Decke auf. Komm, sieh auf diese Narbe an der Brust.

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    Das Fleisch ist weich und schmertz nicht. Kein Mensch hat so viel Blut. Tag und Nacht. Nahrung wird wenig noch verzehrt. Du siehst die Fliegen. Hier schwillt der Acker schon um jedes Bett. Fleisch ebnet sich zu Land. Glut gibt sich fort. Saft schickt sich an zu rinnen. Erde ruft. The man: Here in this row are wombs that have decayed, and in this row are breasts that have decayed.

    Bed beside stinking bed. Hourly the sisters change.

    Come, quietly lift up this coverlet. Look, this great mass of fat and ugly humours was precious to a man once, and meant ecstasy and home. Come, now look at the scars upon this breast. Do you feel the rosary of small soft knots? Feel it, no fear. The flesh yields and is numb. No one has so much blood. They had to cut a child from this one, from her cancerous womb. They let them sleep. All day, all night. They take a little nourishment. Their backs are sore. You see the flies.

    Sometimes the sisters wash them. As one washes benches. And flesh is leveled down to earth. The fire Burns out. And sap prepares to flow. Earth calls. Es wird nirgends so viel geschrien. Es wird nirgends Schmerzen und Leid so ganz und gar nicht wie hier beachtet, weil hier eben immer was schreit.

    Verstehn Sie, ja? Sie sind nicht da, um auszuruhn. Es kommt nicht selbst. Urin und Stuhlgang salben es ein. Nowhere else is there so much screaming. Nowhere else is suffering and pain something one so completely ignores because here something always screams. Bear down! You did not come here to have fun. Push even if you evacuate! You are not here to get a rest.