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Bavarian Kupplerei f. Bavarian La d l n. Lager n.

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Luster m. Bavarian Malter n. Epenthetic -n-. Bavarian Manschettn f. Bavarian Maschn f.

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Bavarian Millirahm m. Bavarian Mundstick l n. Mutter f. Elision of h [x] is typically Serbian. Derivative ondulacija "undulation". Today hardly known; synonym frizirati se for which see above. Note the Bavarian characteristics, o- for German a-, and g- for German h-. In use; various synonyms depending on context. An Austriacism; in Germany Arztpraxis , in Italian ambulatorio. Palatschinke f. Panzer m. In Standard German Tomate f. Bauchfleisch n. Pelz m. Synonym krzno NB.

Shift in meaning. Bavarian Bichsl n. Pomade f. Not in use anymore. Portion f. The sound of c attests to German origin. Bavarian Brockerln n. Pumpe f. Butter f. Bavarian Radl n. Rampe f. In any case, change of meaning. Ranzen m. The vowels agree with Standard German, but the weak feminine ending n before Slavic a is Bavarian. Bavarian Restl n. Rindfleisch n. Presumably from the Viennese cuisine, where boiled beef plays a prominent role.

Used in Vojvodina and North Eastern Serbia.

“Streber” or what Germans think of pursuing happiness | my german diction

Presumably from Bavarian Ringl n. Presumably one of the concentrical cast-iron rings, of traditional hearths. Rostbraten m. Seil n. No exact Serbian synonym. Sakko, in Bavarian neuter; with the stress on o imitating the French , at least in Austria. Souffleur m.

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Bavarian Sulz n. Schalter m. Schanze f. Synonym rov. Schindel f. Mainly used in Vojvodina. Schlafrock m.

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Schlag obers m. Schlacke f. Schlosser m. Schneider m. Schnalle f. From the French, though probably through German Chauffeur m. However, the stress is on the first syllable, as in English. In Germany, however, "cup" is Tasse French tasse. This latter word has in Austria the original meaning of "saucer, tray", like Serbian tacna for which see below.

Spachtel f. In standard German Spitze f. Spion m. Spiritus m. Bavarian Schraufnziager m. Note Serbian g for Standard German h , Bavarian g. Stall m. Stab m. Bavarian Steckl schuach m. Stoff m. Not a composite noun, as in German: mebl is felt to be an attribute.

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Serbian derivation of Strampel-. Synonym kanura. Strumpf m. The ending -na often corresponds to the Bavarian weak feminine ending -n , which is not called for here.

The Simpsons - „Streber und Sportler“ - german

Stutzen m. Bavarian Schunkn m. Bavarian Schwartl n. Taschner m. Teppich m. Synonym sag. Tischlerei f. Synonym drvenarija drven "wooden". From the French, though probably through German Trottoir n.


Not much in use anymore. From Vojvodina. Derivative vagati "to weigh out. Walzer m. I basically finished just slightly above my friend averages and now comes the long run. He simply learned to always better himself. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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