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Transparency should be one of the main pillars of your organization. It lets this person know you have faith in his or her abilities and expect the outcome of the project to be a successful one. Every employee wants to be recognized and, to an extent, made to feel special. For example, every time I go to my Sioux Falls office, I try to buy lunch for the team. They work hard and lunch gives us time to take a break from the fast pace of work and relax.

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Making sure your people have the tools and knowledge to perform at a high level should be a priority. Showing employees they are a priority creates trust. And trust increases productivity, while productivity increases your bottom line.

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See Latest Videos. There are no Articles in your queue. See Latest Articles. There are no Podcasts in your queue. See Latest Podcasts. The Changers became extinct during the Idiran-Culture War. The Changer subspecies was the result of deliberate military engineering during the course of an ancient war.

Details of the conflict were lost or hidden by Idiran-Culture War. Changers were not tied to a single allegiance during the Idiran-Culture War.

In CE, the Culture employed one female [4] , but this was unknown to the Idirans. Others served as neutral caretakers on Dra'Azon Planets of the Dead.

The species became extinct in the final phase of space fighting during the Idiran-Culture War. Their venom-teeth poison affected the central nervous system and slowed the target. The glands under the fingernails secreted a poison which paralysed muscles sequentially from the point of entry. They could also acid-sweat to break bonds, but excessive acid-sweating could injure the Changer body through chemical imbalances.