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Alderton will do anything to keep Isabella safe, including marrying her. But Isabella could never admit her feelings for her cousin's intended, and always hoped to marry for love. Can Alderton prove the accidental kiss was actually fate's intervention? The Viscount's Sweet Temptation Lady Harriet Thornhill knows the summons from her grandfather means he's decided whom she must marry.

Determined that she'd only marry a man of her choosing, she stows away in her friend's father's carriage, only to find herself alone with young Archibald Napier, Viscount Morley. Morley's plans for a quiet Christmas vanish when he discovers the sweet young lady hiding under the blankets in his carriage. As she claims an acquaintance with his sister, he feels duty-bound to see her safely back to her family. A broken carriage wheel leaves them stranded, and Harriet's reputation is at stake.

Morley's not ready to take a wife, until he's told he wouldn't be a suitable husband for her. With memories of her sweet, tempting kiss filling his thoughts, he prepares to fight for the hand of the woman he believes he could love.

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He had to return home, and the wedding plans would be already in motion by the time his ship saw the shores of England again. Their ages would not permit any more postponements, and so it was time for him to return and fulfill his duty to house and family. Only, his time away exposed a loneliness that he never knew was quite there. A loneliness that was only remedied by the regular letters from Marianne, which slowly turned his memory of her from the duty he was trying to avoid to the love he could not live without.

She has a special love for Regency romances and when she began writing, the Regency period was a natural place to start. Can Emily, a widow, help others find love, and have a chance at love herself? I hope you love the book! Happy Reading! All my love, Rose A New Beginning. I hope you love the books! My only true love is gone. I only wish he knew how much I loved him Arabella Marchmont was destroyed when she found out that Jacob died in the war. A simple life, free of heartache, might be just all that she could hope for.